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March 24th, 1890 — Great Hall

Atticus stepped up to the staff table and took a seat, immediately recognizing the fair haired woman sitting next to him. The Great Hall was alive with conversation, everyone already forgetting the introduction of their latest staff member. The Slytherin table had seemed eager for another alumni to join the ranks. There were quite a few former Slytherins at the head table. Atticus had heard that even Headmaster Black had been part of the house in his Hogwarts days.

The man felt himself blush as he poured a cup of tea and added three lumps of sugar and a dash of cream. He wanted desperately to speak to the female next to him, but he wasn't sure how.

Finally he turned in his seat.

"Lovely evening, isn't it? The air is quite warm."

Atticus flinched at the slight stutter in his voice. His tone wasn't nearly as confident as he would have liked. Altogether he sounded like a bumbling idiot.

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@Noelle Trembley
Noelle turned to the man that took the seat next to her. Was he nervous?

"Yes, the weather is quite warm for this time of year. Will you please pass the sugar, sir?" She had poured her self a cup of tea and quite frankly didn't want to get up and grab the sugar from where it sat. Where it sat of course was on the other side of the man. "Also will you pass the cream as well please?"

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"Of course!" Atticus exclaimed.

He reached for the sugar, managing to knock it over, spilling small white crystals across the surface of the table.

"I'm so sorry," he said, even more flustered than before.

He reached for the cream, managing to knock it off the table entirely. The small ceramic jar made a crashing sound as it split into several pieces upon impact with the floor. Atticus was red as an apple at this point. Every eye in the Great Hall had turned to him, trying to see what the commotion was.

Atticus sat frozen, his hand still poised to reach for the creamer.

What a mess.
Noelle watched in quiet awe at the destruction of the cream and the spilling of the sugar. The entire great hall was silent except for her quiet laughter, as she covered her mouth with her hand. Once the student body realized nothing interesting was going on at the head table they went back to their dinners.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be laughing. It's quite alright," She got a grip on herself and with a wave of her wand, restored the shattered ceramic back to its original condition, and tipped the sugar container back to upright. She went to the professor on her left, and was passed the cream from farther down the table. She poured in a generous amount of cream, then added five lumps of sugar from the remaining sugar in the sugar container.

"Thank you for that valiant attempt, though. I appreciate it." She gave him a small, shy smile, before returning to her meal. "I haven't laughed like that for a while." She murmured.

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It was not often that faculty members knocked things off the table, perhaps after one too many spiked pumpkin juices at the Halloween Feast, but not on days like today. However, looking at Professor Delphinium it was clear the young man was rather nervous. Ellsworth couldn't blame him, first day on the job and all was nerve wrecking. Why, he remembered his first day well enough, young thing he'd been then.

Beside Professor Delphinium Professor Trembley laughed, the chiming sound of it the only sound for a moment in the Great Hall, but enough to encourage the students to return to their meals. Ellsworth leaned past Professor Delphinium on left to look at Professor Trembley, "Now, now, don't scare the poor man off, Professor Trembly. I rather think the headmaster would be happier if he didn't need to replace Professor Delphinium so soon." Ellsworth chided, humor in his tone, his eyes twinkling as he looked between the pair. Ellsworth certainly couldn't blame Professor Delphinium for his actions, Noelle Trembley was an attractive and young lady, not to mention the nerves of his first day.

Then he turned his attention to the man in question. "Ellsworth Ruskin, Charms." He introduced, holding out his hand in a friendly manner. He knew he'd taught Delphinium a decade or so ago, but he'd found that often it was better to gloss over that this new faculty members and treat them as if it was their first introduction, made them feel more a part of the staff.
Atticus gratefully took the hand offered to him. "Atticus Delphinium, divination."

The two men shook on the introduction and Atticus felt his nerves calm a bit. He of course recognized Professor Ruskin from his own Hogwarts days. He hadn't been very adept at charms, it was one of the classes he most often slept through, but he hoped the man didn't remember that small detail.

Thankfully, Professor Ruskin provided an adequate distraction from the woman seated beside him. He would have likely ended up injuring someone if their interactions had continued.

"I feel as if I should apologize,"
Atticus said suddenly. "I can't seem to remember which staff member I predicted would choke on a chicken wing during the feast in my first year."

Atticus didn't know why he was mentioning it. The topic wasn't at all conducive to his plans not to be remembered as a student. He simply felt guilty about the unfortunate incident. He'd never apologized to the affected Professor like he should have.

"I don't suppose that was you?" Atticus asked in a tone that was mournfully awkward. "Or perhaps it was Professor Darrow..."
Noelle blushed at Professor Ruskin, saying not to scare off the new professor. She hadn't realized that might happen.

"It's nice to meet you, Professor Delphinium. I'm Nova Trembley. Nova's short for Noelle. I teach Astronomy." She held out her hand in order for him to shake her hand. The hand she held out was her left hand, as that tended to be her main hand. "I don't think I've heard the story of a professor choking on a chicken wing at a welcome feast. I'd like to know sometime."

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