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Lucina Rune
Full Name: [ Lucina Estelle Rune]
Nicknames: [Lucy or Lu]
Birthdate: [January 1, 1875]
Current Age: [ 15 Years]
Occupation: [4th year Hogwarts Student]
Reputation: [10 because Lucy hasn’t done anything weird in her entire life]
Residence: [Hogwarts]
Hogwarts House:[Slytherin]
Wand: [Holly, Phoenix Feather Core 12 inches, somewhat flexible]
Blood Status: [Pureblood]
Social Class: [Middle Class]
Family: [

Axel Izaak Rune – Father
Elizabeth Poppy Rune nee Stratton – Mother
Emery Lillian Rune – Older Twin Sister]
Appearance: [Lucina has long pale hair that goes down to her waist and she wears her hair in a updo with a strand dangling down her neck that is curly. She has blue green eyes that appear in some lights blue and other lighting green. She has very pale skin unlike her sister who tends to spend time in the sun. Her nose is pleasant and isn’t overly large for her face. Her brows are slightly smaller than her twin’s but similar in color. She is 5’2” and unlike her sister wears bright colors with plain shoes and white stockings. Her cloaks tend to be vibrant in color.]
History: [

Lucina’s older twin sister Emery is born on December 31st at 11:31 pm.


Lucina is born on January 1st at 12:16 am.


Lucy and her twin start to play a game called “Who is me” where they would pretend to be each other in order to confuse their parents. This was made easier by the fact that the two of them were dressed the same and had the same hair cut, as well as the same likes and dislikes.


While Emery is starting to get into Quidditch, Lucina starts to turn to her studies. While her sister is outside, Lucy is sitting in the shade reading romance books.


Both twins are sorted into Slytherin. Their parents are confused as to why Lucy is sorted into Slytherin and not Ravenclaw. Lucy pulls her sister away to take breaks from her practices when she became obsessed with making the Slytherin Quidditch team as a chaser.


Lucy decides to spend time on her studies as she wishes to become prefect her 5th year. She and Emery begin to separate from each other and end up with their own friend groups


Lucy continues to talk her sister into taking breaks, despite the fact that they have separated quite far at this point in their lives. They still are confused for each other making Lucy angry as she is somewhat frustrated with her twin.
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