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March 23rd, 1889 — Borgin and Burke's

Kanon sat at the front desk of Borgin and Burke's, doing her best to ignore the customers perusing the shops wares. A piece of parchment was laid out in front of her. She was doing her best to practice her letters, but it wasn't going well. She finally slammed her quill against the table, cracking it in half. Ink splattered across the front of her dress and onto various books stacked on the counter.

Kanon looked up, raising a cynical eyebrow at any customer who dared stare at her with blatant curiosity. She then stood up, pushing her stool back with a loud screeching sound. She started towards the door, ready to take a walk and be done with the day. Beatrice would scream at her later for leaving the store unattended, but Kanon decided it would be worth it for some fresh air.

She pushed on the latch and attempted to pull open the door, finding much to her surprise that it wouldn't budge. She pulled harder, hoping beyond reason that it would somehow open. It remained shut, as if someone had glued it closed. Kanon turned toward one of the windows, climbing over a table strewn with items to fling it open. The latch was sealed tight and wouldn't move. She spent several agonizing minutes trying to pry it open but remained unsuccessful.

Finally, she turned to the other patrons, still standing on the table like some sort of lunatic, and told them they were trapped. The words were dry and lifeless. They were also spoken in Japanese, so no one had a clue what she had said.

Kanon drifted back to her counter and sat down, pulling a fresh piece of parchment from a wooden drawer and beginning to tear it into strips.

Natsuko had been reliably informed that Borgin and Burkes in Knowturn alley had a few items come in from Japan and she was determined to get them. She had sent her maid to the store to buy them but Mister Burke had sent the girl packing and told her that if her mistress wanted the items she should present herself to buy them. Natsuko was pissed - how dare some shop keeper make demands of her like this. Still she had come to the shop intent to make this as quick as possible to get in and out of this grubby shop as quickly as she could.

As she waited for Mister Burke, she became aware of something happening in the front of the shop - it seemed the door was locked - or so a Japanese voice said. She had been about to return to waiting for Burke but the presence of another capable of speaking her mother tongue was too intriguing to pass up. 'Wait what did you say?' Natsuko asked in English, unsure if she had heard correctly, or if her brain was translating things into Japanese for her, which it did sometimes do. 'Did I hear you correctly?'

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