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Name: Miri
Contact: PM @Charlotte Beauregard, or simply post down below!

  • Threads/Posts
    ~ My word count in posts typically ranges between 200-500 words, though I do try to match post length when I can.
    ~ I don't mind "meet and greet" threads as long as it serves some purpose, the same with "tea and talking" threads.
  • Subject Matter
    ~ Violence: I'm open to it, but please talk to me first!
    ~ Smut: Only if it's relevant to the plot at hand, and even then, I'd prefer to fade to black!
  • Plots
    ~ Hurling: I'm not a big fan of "winging it" — hurling is hard and I would prefer to have some kind of end-goal in mind with drama thrown in-between. xD

@Cassia Fawley
15 (b. 1875) | MCPB | Hufflepuff Class of '93 | REP 9
Fifth Year Student; Prefect
  • Friends/Classmates! This little lady needs some established/potential friends! She's your typical non-discriminatory Hufflepuff, so she'll likely befriend anyone regardless of class or blood status, though I do see her as the type to have a close group of friends as opposed to a wide range of acquaintances.
  • The Best Friend! I would love for Cassia to have a best friend! This person would likely be around her age (so 14-15), and while I'm not picky on gender, they'll likely be female!
  • Crush(es)! Cassia is a bit of a hopeless romantic, and I could see her developing a crush on someone at some point, so send your male students my way if you're interested!
  • Enemies! Not enemies so much as someone who'd take advantage of her kindness? Cassia can be incredibly trusting and people-pleasing, so I could see her being occasionally taken advantage of - within reason, of course - and not knowing it, thinking that she's simply being helpful. For example, your student gives some sob story/lie about why they can't be in class and asks her to take notes for them - what was supposed to be a one-time thing turns into her writing their notes for the entire year.
  • Prefect-ing! Cassia was made Prefect over the summer, and I'd like to put her in some scenarios where she has to carry out her new duties!

  • @Veronica Gallivan
    31 (B. 1859) | MCPB | Hufflepuff Class of '77 | REP 8
    Owner of QQS; Charity Organizer
  • Friends/other wives/herbology nerds! Veronica needs some established/potential friends! Despite not being a social butterfly, she is involved in various charities and I imagine that she belongs to Daughters of Demeters and a Herbology/gardening club of some sort, so she doesn't lack for places to socialize! She also often chaperones her step-daughter @Cecily Gallivan around to different events and such. She's also the eldest sister of the Scamander sibs, so your character could know her through Eugene, Marlena, or Helga too.
  • Quidditch sponsors/Chudley Cannons players! Less of a need, and more of a JSYK: Veronica is the widow of the "late" Nathaniel Gallivan, so she's likely known within the Quidditch sphere, as well.
  • Hurls! Veronica isn't technically out of "mourning" until the fall, but already, she is starting to get attention from other gentlemen, and she's not... very comfortable with it, to be honest. xD Knowing as she does that Nathaniel is alive and well, she can't - in good conscience - consider re-marrying and putting her family through further strife; however, I do invite (emotional) affairs!

  • [Image: YgvKjb9.jpg]
    avatar & signature created by the talented lady
    Hiii, posting here to say that I exist! These past few months have been hectic with school and such, but I'm looking to get back into the swing of things again! Currently, I have two active characters, but I could use some help getting started!

    -- The Best Friend: I've always had it in my head that she has a best friend, but never got around to establishing who that is! Likely to be another female around her age (14-16) and probably MC/UC, but house is open as is blood status!
    -- Prefecting: Cassia was made Prefect over the summer. I'm looking to throw her in situations where she has to carry out her new duties. #PerfectPrefect2k23
    -- Waltzing: Would love for her to partner up with someone in the etiquette thread! Can be male or female!

    -- Gallivans: Did I miss anything with @Cecily Gallivan and @Theodore Gallivan?
    -- Scamander Sibs: I would love to thread with you all — and also, did I miss anything? - @Eugene Scamander, @Helga Scamander, @Marlena Scamander

    [Image: YgvKjb9.jpg]
    avatar & signature created by the talented lady
    Drive by to say Sisse would definitely be friendly or friends with Cassia :)
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       Cassia Fawley

    [Image: Fvrksn.png]
    ANOTHER amazing signature from Bee <3
    Nothing on the Scamander front from me, he's been woefully quiet lately, trying to fix that asap! Would love as Scamsibs thread!
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       Cassia Fawley

    [Image: B4ojiA.jpg]
    bask in the glory of this Lady set
    Definitely up for some Scamander sibling time! Lena's been a bit quiet too so I need to get a few things rolling with her.

    fabulous set by Lady <3
    popping by to say that I'd also love a Scamander sibs thread <3

    #Hustling: Debutante Style
    set by MJ! <3
    If she still needs a partner @Edison Moony (a fellow prefect, except he's working class) could be an option!

    [Image: gSiiwYS.png]
    Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
    Nothing too new on the Gallivan front except in Cannons news: their beater was responsible for the bludger incident and they also took on a Moroccan chaser after the QWC, and interestingly enough both of these are Bree. xD
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       Cameron Gillenwater

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