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March 17th, 1890 - Ross' Office
It was a day of one-on-ones with his lower-level office heads; barring incident, Ross would be able to make it through thirty-minute meetings with almost all of them by end of day. Mid-afternoon had brought him to his meeting with Mr. Prewett, and they had already made it through a five-minute rundown of salient cases; for once, the auror's office was not one of three things Ross was most concerned about in the Ministry.

Normally they could go deeper into cases, but Ross was not too worried about that today - he had other things he wanted to get through. And now he had a lot of time to go through it; excellent news for him.

"I have an opportunity for you," Ross said, "And you can say no without consequence, although I admittedly prefer for you to agree."

@Faustus Prewett
Though he'd recently fallen back into the role of Head Auror after years of being away, Faustus found – contrary to what he thought – that he rather liked the weekly schedule of meetings and paperwork. It gave him a sense of purpose (as well a sense of ease) knowing that he could get together with Ross and go over the past cases. The process provided a sense of closure as well as the security of having a second opinion.

Thankfully they had a light caseload this time, and the process went fairly quickly. He was just signing the last of the papers on the last one when Ross spoke. Faustus looked up from the folder. "Well!" he replied, closing the folder and placing it on top of the pile. "You know how much I aim to please." He quipped, grinning as he put his quill back into its pot. Something told him (call it years of being an auror or years of working alongside the Minister in one capacity or another) this meeting was about to divert itself. "Although I suppose in the interest of sounding level headed, I should ask what the opportunity is before I jump into it."

[Image: 3ojKV8.jpg]
Ross grinned. "Definitely the sort of thing you ask about before agreeing to," he admitted. Prewett was a good choice - he was level-headed, he came from a good family, and he didn't have any real political baggage.

"The short version is, I'm due to nominate someone new to the Wizengamot," Ross said. He had never been one to dance around the point, although he was prone to distraction. "Have you ever considered the position?"

Besides that, he had politics that Ross wanted in the Wizengamot - it was good to have decent rich purebloods to balance out the racist ones.

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The Wizengamot.

Faustus blinked, momentarily rendered speechless by the proposition. Though his family history concerning his father was thoroughly redeemed not only in the eyes of the public but the eyes of the Ministry, for some reason the Wizengamot had not seemed like a possibility for him, even years after he'd restored his family's reputation.

He opened his mouth, still contemplating his answer despite their previous joking. "I can't really say I have seriously considered it," he replied slowly, mulling over his thoughts. In all truth, his mother would certainly love this offer; not that Ross had outright made him the offer yet, but that seemed a logical place to where this conversation was going. "Though it certainly would not be a position I would balk at."

[Image: 3ojKV8.jpg]
Prewett didn't answer right away; Ross respected this.

"The nomination process is lengthy," Ross said. He wanted Prewett to agree, but he wasn't going to lie about it, either. "Lengthier if Lestrange wants to make it more difficult." It was hard to predict the whims of Lucius Lestrange, but he was more likely to be difficult than not.

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