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Samuel couldn't help the smile the tugged at the corner of his mouth at her disarming laugh, her whole face lighting up as she did so, a beam of sunlight on a dark evening. Samuels hands still at the keys, content to let her play, showing her skill, and allowing him to relax in the general warmth of her presence. This was...nice, a nice change, a nice lady, nice.

'Not yet, my sister may come soon, I should be glad to know someone like you to introduce her to.' he offered a warm smile. 'I should be glad to know someone like you.' he clarified his interest in continuing the acquaintance, but offering her the shield of properiety to tell him to buzz off and keep him as the mopey guy she had met once at a party.

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"I would be glad to meet and befriend your sister when she arrives," Hope said with an honest smile. She was sure the American girl would find their country strange and different. Hope would be more than happy to help her out and accompany her to the best parties.

"And of course, I should be glad to befriend you, too." He seemed like a nice a man so she didn't see any problem with developing an acquaintanceship beyond this first meeting with him.
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Her acknowledgment that she hadnt entirely hated sitting in a darkened room with him and found it to be completely intolerable quirked his lips in a smile. He should like to see her somewhere else, somewhere not here, not dark and sedate with him doing his best impression of the opera ghost trying to mope. Somewhere bright and fragrant, yes she seemed more of a lark than a nightingale.

The door to the room opened, and light flooded in from outside and other revellers entered the drawing room, some girls her age encouraging her to rejoin the dancing. He was loathed to see her leave but what could he do. Her dance card was likely full (how could it not be) and he didnt much like the idea of making a fool of himself by asking to be rebuffed. No, best not to press his luck. 'good evening Miss Crawford,' he stood and offered his hand to help her step around the piano stool but, deciding to be daring he placed a kiss on the back of her hand. 'It was a pleasure' he finished before swiftly making his own exit through the door into the room reserved for the men to smoke. It didnt do his ego any favours to admit just how flustered and ridiculous he felt after doing it ans beating a retreat to where she couldn't follow...seemed like a good idea at the time.

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