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14th March, 1890 — Slytherin Common Room
Being part of the Lestrange family came with certain expectations – if one couldn’t manage notoriety then it was important to at least be accomplished. So far she had achieved neither but preparations were being made for the future and Seneca was a far more committed partner in crime than Frida. It simply wasn’t fair that she was saddled with a Hufflepuff and Kris for siblings when there were far superior beings in their gene pool!

“When I’m an animagus we could go anywhere without anybody knowing. You can change your face and I’ll transform and no one will see us coming,” she smirked, underlining a passage in her book for future consideration. “Apart from your father, I doubt we’ll ever confound him.”

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As a child, Seneca had flirted with the idea of becoming an animagus, like Papa, so she would then be both an animagus and a metamorphmagus. Then she went to Hogwarts and she saw that her talents didn't lie in Transfiguration. Perhaps that was only fair, for her natural abilities in the subject. Even Seneca, who loved being special compared to the general population, thought that it would be slightly insufferable if she was great at everything. Jack of all trades, master of none, said the muggles. All great men were remembered for one area of expertise and one certain accomplishment, even if they had other interests and talents as well.

She supported Gretchen's goal of becoming an animagus. It was a useful skill to have if you were lucky enough to get a practical animal. Not much use in being an elephant animagus, unless you were left wandless in a dark alley and someone tried to murder you.

"I wish to be as introspective as Papa is," Seneca agreed. No one could fool Lucius Lestrange. Seneca suspected it was due to his legilimency abilities. That had to explain why he always seemed to know what to gift her for Christmas and her birthday.

"Have you made any progress in your studies? When do you think you will be ready to make your first attempt?"
In all honesty Gretchen was absolutely petrified of what would happen when she tried to transform for the first time. What if she got stuck forever? What if she was something utterly dull or worse ugly and it was an embarrassment to be seen? It would be just her stupid luck to end up turning into an earthworm.

“Soon,” she assured her cousin airily, though really she had no idea. It certainly wouldn’t be in the next few months, though she had high hopes of being a prodigy and achieving a successful transformation before her schooling finished. It was possible. She might just have to call in a favour or two.

“I know Frida and Kris are older than me but I still think I’ll manage it before them.” She rolled her eyes. “Especially Kris. Even if he didn’t have all the time in the world I doubt he’d manage to concentrate for more than five minutes. Why couldn’t I have had your brother? At least he does something.”

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Frida and Kristoffer wanted to become animagi too? Let's take them up seperately.

Frida: Was she even capable of having ambitions? The only thing going for her was that she had pureblood and that she had a womb, so she would give birth to as many new purebloods as possible. At least she wasn't like some of their cousins, who were more likely to run off with a muggle, just to prove something.

Kristoffer: Wasn't he dumb like an animal already? He was lucky to be taken under Papa's wing, because Uncle Orestes had spoiled him way too much.

Of course Gretchen would manage to turn into an animagus before them.

Then, her cousin brought up Seneca's brothers. "Which one are you referring to?" she asked in bemusement. Claudius, she assumed. He hadn't done something overly significant, but he wasn't a failure either. Unlike Cash, who hadn't used his potential and his bright mind yet. That being said, Seneca had a blindspot for her "failure" brother. If Cash wasn't her brother, she'd consider him a failure who deserved to be stripped off his free will and be imperio'd into doing something useful. With Cash, she even excused his Quidditch career a bit. At least he had a passion for a magical sport, unlike some wizards who had as many muggle hobbies as they could find. And she was sure that Cash, with his bright mind, would take up some research position after his Quidditch career was over and he'd do good for the wizarding community that way. Then, he would marry a good pureblooded girl and bring as many pureblooded wizards into the world, so their kind wouldn't die off.

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