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uppity puffery
Bragi gently released Marian. She preened.

"May I try a healing spell on your scratches?"

WC: 15
Grateful - and wincing at the sting - Mahdi held out his injured arm.

"Please do."

WC: 14
Deep breath, shallow spell... success!

Then — "Bragi Holm", he introduced with a smile.

WC: 13
Ah, much better!

"Elrashidy," he offered his hand to the younger man.

WC: 12
A handshake as Marian nudged Elrashidy's ankle. "And she's Maid Marian...!"

WC: 11
"A fine feline."

At least now her claws were away!

WC: 10
"Do you live here in Pennyworth? Bragi asked conversationally.

WC: 9

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