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March 8th, 1890 — Some random underused bathroom

When Ruby entered the bathroom, she broke down in tears. She had been holding on to tension for the duration of her Transfiguration tutoring. She shouldn't have continued with that class. She found Transfiguration difficult before her OWLs, but she managed to get a passing score so she kept it, so her classes wouldn't be Art, Divination and Charms. Fluffy classes.

She was finding sixth year Transfiguration very difficult. She really wanted to drop the class, but she felt obliged not to. Poor Topaz would want to be in her place so badly! And she would have gotten straight Os in all of her classes!

Maybe the werewolf should have bitten her. She was average and useless, whereas a genius like Topaz could have become a healer, or a researcher and found the cure for some incurable magical illness, or something.

@Winslow Ramsay @Adrienne Selwyn

Winslow was well aware that he really should not be in a girl's bathroom. But he was also well aware that said bathroom was so rarely used so he hardly worried of getting in trouble. Not to mention the things he did do in said bathroom would likely get him more in trouble than just his presence. But that was neither here no there as he offered fellow Slytherin and friend-ish Adrienne Selwyn a cigarette from his own little paper packet.

Once she'd taken her own and he'd settled one in between his lips, he flipped the playing card out from the pack to get a good look at it. Piercing blue eyes narrowed as he shook his head at the sight of a queen of hearts. "I've already got her," he said with a groan before moving to light his own cigarette.

You'll get..." he paused what he was saying at the sound of the door opening. He was too distracted in the moment to notice any sound more than that as he shrunk back into the corner in hopes of going unnoticed. Well, if a plume of smoke hadn't been drifting lazily from the end of his lit cigarette.

@Adrienne Selwyn @Ruby Urquart
Adrienne's own little lighter fluttered between her fingers like a silverfish as she perched atop one of the sinks. In the transition from 4th to 5th year, classes had gotten even tougher as the year went on. Teachers seemed to be piling on even more work than usual. With the addition of Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Runes, it was a wonder they thought she had enough time to breathe. Care of Magical Creatures was her only solace - every animal she seemed to encounter behaved the best when in her presence, which only boosted her grade and put her in great favor with the professor.

Once she'd put a cigarette between her lips and lit it, she inhaled slowly. A cloud of smoke billowed around her as she looked at the card. "Queen of Hearts," she muttered between drags. "Tien –" Here. "I'll take her, I told Aristide I'd give him a set as well." Mid-sentence, the door to the girl's bathroom burst open and she hopped down to cover Winslow, snatching the cigarette out of her mouth and extinguishing it in the sink as she did so. Adrienne recognized the girl - Topaz. No, Ruby.

While Winslow had reason to hide, she didn't – well, if it weren't for the fact that she was still standing under a cloud of dissipating smoke. She fluttered her hand above her head to get rid of the smoke. Though, after a quick look at the girl, she wasn't too concerned about getting in trouble. Adrienne knew the girl wasn't a prefect and if she'd been looking to get people in trouble, bursting into tears wasn't exactly the best way to preface the situation. The blonde put a hand on the sink and another on her hip as she looked at the girl. "Are you alright, Miss Urquart?" she asked, her eyes scanning for any sign of physical harm. It didn't really occur to her that anyone who came in crying to a bathroom likely would want to be left alone.

[Image: 3m5DUW.jpg]
Like most people, Ruby didn't want to have company when she was at her most vulnerable. Especially if the other person was a rich, pureblooded Slytherin girl. Ruby didn't know much about Miss Selwyn, but she put her in the same bag as all the other wealthy purebloods. She had to be prejudiced and mean spirited.

"It is a personal matter, Miss Selwyn," Ruby replied and hastily wiped her tears. She did her best to gather her composure and regarded the Slytherin as calmly as possible. "It's nothing you could help me with, but I thank you for your concern."

Hopefully, the Slytherin would leave it there and let her be.

The girl's response was enough to clue Adrienne in on the fact that she wanted to be alone. Still, she was content in the fact that Urquart was perhaps too focused on her crying to realize there was a boy in the girl's bathroom crouched just low enough that Adrienne's skirts hid him. She was not interested in making the girl more uncomfortable by further questioning, however, she felt the urge to help make the girl feel better.

Leaning against the sink again, she fluttered the silver lighter between her fingers before flicking the light again. Inhaling deeply, she clicked the light off and pocketed it. She brought the hand closest to Ramsay and fluttered it, motioning for him to hand her another cigarette from his box. She'd pay him back for one later.

She heard him fumble with the box, sure that the other girl wouldn't notice due to her sniffling. Once she'd procured an extra cigarette, she handed it to the Gryffindor. "Tien," Here. She wiggled the cigarette between her fingers, regarding Urquart with a frank gaze.
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[Image: 3m5DUW.jpg]
Ruby had noticed that Miss Selwyn had been smoking, but she was so focused on her sadness that she didn't make much of that information. She really didn't care what Miss Selwyn did, as long as she left her alone to cry in peace.

Instead, the Slytherin offered her a cigarette.

The proper thing to do was to decline the offered cigarette, perhaps even say something about how she would never put such a thing in her mouth, because she was raised better than that. Instead, Ruby felt curious about the cigarette. Smoking supposedly helped some people deal with their problems.

"I-I don't know how to smoke," she replied, taking the cigarette in her fingers. "I've never smoked before."

Adrienne blinked as the Gryffindor fumbled over the offering. A small smile appeared on her face and she gave a small shrug. "Doesn't matter," she responded, putting a hand on the sink and hoisting herself on top of it. It was a simple enough concept, really, though it hadn't really occurred to Adrienne how to go about explaining it.

So instead of explaining it to Miss Urquart, she simply went through the actions slowly. The light in her own had gone out, and so she put it to her lips, flicked her lighter on and inhaled slowly to ignite the end. "You can get some that ignite on their own, you know." she said, exhaling as a cloud of smoke engulfed her and nearly hid her from sight. "And some, where the smoke forms different types of things. Animals and such." Unfortunately this wasn't something she had on hand.
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[Image: 3m5DUW.jpg]
Ruby watched carefully as Miss Selwyn lit the tip of her cigarette and inhaled through it. It was easy enough to recreate. As the all-knowing writer, I would say that she'd struggle to get the smoke down to her lungs properly, the first time she tried.

"That's interesting. Didn't know that" Ruby commented. It would make sense that even cigarettes in the magical world would have a twist.

She was given the lighter, she placed the cigarette in her mouth and lit it. Then, she generously inhaled. The smoke hit her in the back of her throat and she started coughing violently.

Of course she wouldn't have known that, seeing as she was acting like she'd never seen one in person before. Adrienne supposed she shouldn't underestimate the Gryffindor, though so far she was proving to be a bit more naïve than she figured a sister of a werewolf would act.

Unsurprisingly, Miss Urquart dissolved into fits of coughing and Adrienne waited patiently for her to stop. "Perhaps a bit too eager, though." She commented not unkindly as she herself took another drag. "Next time try to draw a little less so, your lungs will thank you in the long run."

[Image: 3m5DUW.jpg]

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