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It was a pity he wasn't a woman, so then he might have had a chance of seducing his friend and marrying into his pocket, as it happened in the scandalous, poorly written novels that Christobal sometimes painted covers for. Christobal Vainart in Jackie & Wilson
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Meserimus did a last pass of the cauldrons and was pleased to see that most of the students were progressing rather well with their potions.

'well done Miss Slughorn, Mister Backus and Mister Urqaurt, 15 points each for your efforts, and Mister Ramsey 10 points, better luck next time Mister Selwynn, and an additional 10 points to Mister Urquart for the best potion' he explained as the quill which was poised over his grade book noted their respective scores. 'For those preparing for end of term exams it would be worth revising the process for this potion, it might come in handy.' he waved his hand, and their stations cleared

@Cane Backus 15(+3) - 18
@Alcyone Slughorn 17 (+4) - 21
@Elijah Urquart 13 (+3) - 16

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