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Street School
February 10th, 1890 — Street Nearish The Leaky Cauldron, Muggle London
@Hestia /@Amelia Evans

The street they'd happened upon was rather well traveled.  People of all sorts zizagged in and out of shops or up to small carts, engrossed in their daily tasks and errands.  Their chatter was at a a volume that alternated between a constant buzz and mere minutes from shouting.  Eli stood, hands crushed into his pockets, silently observing the hullabaloo.  Muggles really weren't much different than they were, when it all came down to it, but he would never mention that to magical folk. He'd listen in on the rantings of purists, and he didn't want to end up in their line of fire.

When Hestia had urged him out of the shop, he hadn't expected they would end up in Muggle London.  Then again, the lack of witches and wizards was likely for the best.  If they got into trouble, it wouldn't be the aurors they'd be answering to.  Nor would they run into any spelled purses or enchanted items.

The boy nudged his cap up a bit allow himself to see a bit more easily.  His face was relatively clean as he hadn't gone out on the job today, but it was smudged in the usual way young boys' faces were, around the nose and near his chin.  He tilted his head back to gaze at Hestia curiously, a question tugging at his eyebrows, though he didn't voice it aloud.  What were they doing there?

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Had she wanted to be less conspicuous, Hestia would have clapped her hands together and said "Let's get started!". Though she was wont to do, she resisted the urge, and settled for letting a small mischevious smile flicker across her features. Her eyes flicked back down to the boy at her side and she put a hand at his back.

Since she'd acquired so many charges, she'd discovered an odd sort of maternal side to herself. She knew it was natural to feel protective over the lads that she sent out to case places for her since technically they were her assets in the field. However, the feeling that she would not hesitate to take a knife to someone's throat if she knew someone had hurt them was not something she was accustomed to feeling. On one hand, it made her feel uneasy; she was used to not having to worry about others except for herself. It's what made her take risks. On the other hand, they were quite useful when they wanted to be.

Eli had always been a quiet soul, though Hestia was smart enough to know that didn't mean he was timid. If she wanted a piece of information without anyone finding out she knew, Eli was the kid for the job and she knew he was damn good at it. As she peered down at him, she resisted reaching out to wipe away the dirt on his face. The more inconspicuous he looked the better. His inquisitive gaze up at her triggered Hestia to bend down to his level. "You and I both know you have a gift," she said conspiratorially, her eyes flicking from side to side, keeping an eye out for anyone that might be suspicious of them. "And I don't mean a gift for keeping secrets, though you're damn good at that one as well." She added with a smirk. "I think it's high time you learned to refine that pickpocketing skill even more." Don't you?

It wasn't a phrased question, but she knew he would get the implication.

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While he stood with Hestia, Eli kept an ear open to the people milling about. It was habit, really. One could never be too careful, and sometimes a passing whisper was enough for him to realize he should be on his way.

His gaze drifted to Hestia as she explained why they were there, his eyebrows raised in understanding. So that's why they were out and about on a seemingly random street in muggle London. Practice. He'd been incredibly curious since it didn't seem like the typical neighborhood the Fox family sent him to scout houses out in.

Eli wasn't quite sure he had any sort of gift for pickpocketing, but he didn't make any indication to his feelings either way. He was, however, very motivated to improve upon his skills. He desperately wanted to be of more use than he currently was. He watched the others head off on dangerous jobs, and he was typically left behind.

The boy dipped his head into a single nod his unruly, brown hair tumbling toward his eyes. Yes, he was interested.

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"So you agree then," she said brusquely, a smile creeping onto her face again as she surveyed the crowd. It was a fairly low-risk situation, and Hestia knew she wasn't about to let Eli get caught. Her contacts had told her some police were already preoccupied with a protest 10 blocks west of them; it was unlikely they'd get caught. And if Eli managed to lift something of actual value, she might take it back to the Fox.

Hestia reached out and pushed the boy's hair out of his eyes. "Best if you can actually see what you're doing." Even with the current situation, Eli had always been quiet. Hestia had no trouble in believing that he'd excel at it given that there had often been times when Hestia visited the shop and took a while to realize he was there, and that was with her sharp eye.

"There's a small handkerchief sticking out of this man's pocket on the right." She said quietly, adjusting his shirt as if she were fussing over him more. "Why don't you go see how easy it is for you to lift it."

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Eli tried not to react to Hestia's fussing, though he very much wanted to toss his hair back where it belonged. While it wouldn't be strange for most children to protest in such a situation, it would likely draw attention to him since it was so out of character. If he seemed obedient and mute, he didn't appear to pose a threat.

While she spoke, he listened carefully to her instructions, glancing at the man in question out of the corner of his eye. Once she was done adjusting his shirt, Eli inclined his head in agreement and slipped off to mill about the crowd of people.

Although eager, he didn't head straight for the man. Instead, he kept on the outskirts, appearing as if he were just loitering or browsing the various carts. Slowly, Hestia would notice he kept growing closer, possibly losing him in the sea of people from time to time. It was like an elaborate dance, one he used to gather information from others.

Soon, he found himself right next to the gentleman, and that's when he struck. Quickly, he reached out and attempted to pluck the handkerchief out of his pocket and squirrel it away up one of his sleeves.

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Hestia watched from her position as the boy disappeared into the crowd. She knew his target and kept her eyes trained on the man, knowing any movement of disruption on his part meant trouble for Eli. Through the crowd of people moving, she could see the small figure of the boy bobbing and weaving.

It was then that Hestia heard someone shout. Immediately she moved forward, plunging into the crowd, praying as she did so that the shout did not come from the man. "Eli..."

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The shout came from near his target; a rather large, boisterous fellow seemed to be bellowing his greetings to another who stood across the square. The initial "'Ey" had been startling, but it offered Eli a rather unique opportunity to fade away since the man whose pocket he picked had turned his attention in the direction of the noise.

As was his way, the small boy took a round about route, sliding in next to Hestia with barely a scuffle of his boots. She'd changed her location. Eli allowed himself to make a noise that was somewhere between the clearing of a throat and a light cough, his way of alerting her to his presence. He lifted one of his arms to show her a small bit of handkerchief peeking out of his sleeve. The serious boy's lips curled up on one side, the only indication that he seemed pleased with himself. His eyes, flicked up toward Hestia's, earnestly hoping he'd completed the task to her liking.

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