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This would have been very disturbing anyway but then Pet's eye popped out and started rolling along the bottom of the boat. Great. Maybe she would be so fortunate as to have a kraken surface nearby and pluck her off the ship with one of its tentacles and kindly drown her. Petra Sleptova in Land, Ho!
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February 14th, 1890 — Sweethearts & Sunsets Ball, Wellingtonshire

Another evening, another party to attend. While part of Bellona worried that Father and his new wife might conceive her brother's replacement any time she left the house, for the most part, the debutante was eager to be out of her new stepmother's presence as much as possible. Of course, being around Calliope had its advantages (such as opportunity to make the woman uncomfortable), but not all the time.

"...though I suppose, if pressed, I would say I support the Harpies," the witch concluded, "though I fear that's dreadfully predictable, as answers go!"

She had never much taken to quidditch, nor did she pretend to, but had enough knowledge of the league to at least converse relatively intelligently about it when faced with a handsome, eligible sponsor. (It was quite miraculous, the things one could converse about when given the right incentive!)

"Besides, that must be rather sacrilegious to you, given your sponsorship of Montrose."
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William had one purpose and one purpose only at tonight's ball: avoid Diana. Having noticed her immediately upon arrival, he has thus far found every excuse to remain farfrom her. It was an impossible task - one he was slowly reconsidering with every glass of champagne. Though, for now, he was still resolved to keep his distance.

The easy conversation with Ms. Zabini was a welcome distraction. "Ah, the Harpies." He shook his head with a laugh. "I, too, might have supported them were it not for obvious reasons." He wasn't a woman, and as such could never play on that team. Not to say he didn't admire those who did play on Holyhead, as those women were fierce and undeniably attractive. Will always looked forward to playing them, if only for the victor's party afterwards.

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