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Goodbye Old Friend
December 28, 1889 - Ollivander’s Wand Shop, London

Somersby still remembered the day his mother had bought him his wand. Willow. 11 inches. Kelpie Hair core. The wand had always seemed something of a friend, someone that was always by his side. Now it sat in the pocket of his robes, broken at an impossible angle, kelpie hair sticking out. It had survived the Irvingly venture and his trip abroad, but it had been a wayward portkey that had finally done it in. Or at least it appeared to have. Somersby was still hopeful that there might be a way to repair the wand. Which is why he was at Ollivander's.

The storefront seemed quiet, shelves of wands stacked as if Somersby had only just been here last year to get his first wand rather than almost eight years ago. “Hello?” Somersby called, peering around toward the back in hopes he might spot Mr. Ollivander. 

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"Good afternoon," Gervaise greeted the younger fellow as he emerged from a dead end in the maze created by his crowded shelves. "How might I help you?"

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