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{SWP 9} The Wooden Monkey
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February 1st, 1890 — Hogwarts Library

It was on the last Hogsmeade day that you found it: a medallion with unfamiliar etchings upon it on the surface of the snow at Padmore Park. At first, you had thought it might be a foreign coin, though quickly determined it was too large, thick, and made of wood for that. You pocketed it, thinking it would do no harm (after all, it wasn't someone's money) and largely forgot about it until you returned to the castle.

In the days that followed, it was seldom far from your thoughts, though you could not pursue the vague hints of ideas that came to you. OWL year is a busy one, after all, and so it was not until today that you could fully devote your attentions to it.

Now, it sits on a library table before you, accompanied by a handful of books you pulled from the shelves in the hopes of identifying the medallion's markings.

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With his Astronomy homework finally complete, the slight Slytherin unleashed his attention on something that had dwelt at the back of his mind (and the back of his satchel) for days now. Clue recalled picking up the wooden medallion with a light frown, and running his thumb over its surface to shift aside a few snowflakes and reveal a most mysterious design.

Now the medallion lay on a desk in the library as he opened a heavy copy of Spellman's Syllabary. But for all his wits, Clue felt lost and dazed as he flicked through the pages. After twenty minutes of this, he sat back in his chair, tossed his white-gold hair out of his eyes and sighed in frustration; "why on Earth didn't I take Ancient Runes..."
By now, it was known to some of Narcissus's other friends that he had somehow befriended Clue Leverett. They thought him strange and said things that made Narcissus like them much less. He liked Clue, the boy was interesting and a welcome change to the bigotry that Narcissus often faced. Narcissus wasn't even sure if Clue even knew Narci's heritage considering Clue didn't seem to ever really talk to anyone from what he had observed.

As such, when he entered the library with fleeting thoughts of studying on his mind, he immediately went over to his dormmate when he noticed the smaller boys presence. "Because you didn't plan on breaking into any tombs in your lifetime?" He said in answer as he plopped down next to the other boy and eyed the medallion curiously.

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