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Issue #226 - Why is Percival Adlard Jr. Still Unmarried?

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Ten Facts About Avril Nott
Many know of the scandals brought on by Mr. Ace Lukeson, but how much does one really know about the sister he grew up the closest to? Today we will give our readers a glimpse into the life of Mrs. Avril Nott, eldest daughter of Guinevere and the late Ryder Lukeson.

Mrs. Avril Morgan le Fay Nott née Lukeson.
1. She was thought to be an orphan for almost an entire year! Her mother, Mrs. Guinevere Lukeson, had been thought dead giving birth to the youngest Lukeson child of the family, only to have discovered to have been kidnapped. The person behind this terrible act has not yet been found by the Ministry.

2. Her maternal aunt, Mrs. Jade Operine, had arranged Mrs. Nott's marriage. Mrs. Nott's branch of the family is not known for the purist leanings that can be seen among the rest of the Rey family. During the time that Mrs. Lukeson was thought to be dead, Mrs. Operine had seen it fit to find a match that was suitable for one of purist views. The Nott's are also known for their purist values. One may wonder how well the marriage currently is given the fairly different upbringing of man and wife.

3. She was on the expedition to discover the source of the magic-stealing fog. While not among the members to actually succeed in her attempts to find answers, she was one of the victims of foreign illness while on the expedition. Sources have even brought to light that Mr. Ace Lukeson, her older brother, had even yelled at her at the train station not to attend said expedition. This demand was obviously ignored.

4. Her mother took her out of Hogwarts after the death of Leroy Lukeson, Mrs. Nott's younger brother. Some have even said that Mrs. Lukeson had planned to send her to the Pendergast School of Young Roses. Oddly enough, it seems that Mrs. Nott was denied entry into the finishing school.
5. Mrs. Nott is a seer. Not known for her active participation in predicting the futures of the public, it seems that Mrs. Nott would rather use her gifts for private practices. It does raise the question of how many visions she gets on average. Has she seen your fortune without your knowledge?

6. She is currently pregnant. Congratulations are in order for the new couple as Mrs. Nott is already expecting. Due to this, it is no surprise that Mrs. Nott has not been seen at many social functions as of recently. Mr. Nott has expressed wishes to make sure that Mrs. Nott does not bring herself unnecessary stress. Given Mrs. Nott's history of getting herself in dangerous situations, this seems to be a very wise decision.

7. During her years at Hogwarts, she was a Ravenclaw. The only other member of her living immediate family to be placed in this house is her older brother. Some might see this as a surprise given her tendency to make poor life choices, though some society ladies have said that she can be quite opinionated when she wishes to be.

Mr. Warwick Nott, husband of Mrs. Avril Nott.
8. She has six siblings. While only five are currently alive, her mother had managed to successfully give birth to six healthy children. One might assume that Mrs. Nott will likely end up being just as successful in her womanly duties.

9. During the expedition, she lost her wand. Though this happened in September of 1888, she did not purchase a new one until late December of the same year. Some may say it was likely due to Mr. Lukeson's anger at his sister's reckless actions.

10. She was friends with the late Regina Lacey. It has not been confirmed about whether this friendship also includes a friendly relationship with the ruined Miss Annabelle Scrimgeour, but both young women have not been known to spend time with one another.

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4 Valentines Day Gift Ideas
It can be rather difficult to come up with the proper way to show ones affection on Valentines Day. Overdoing it can make one come off as a hussy and too little could make your beau feel that you do not care for them as much as they would like you to. We have come up with four gifts that would be considered reasonable to send to ones beau.

A glove box is always a wonderful gift to give to ones fiancee or husband!
1. The Card.
For beau's that are still not quite officially of beau status, a card is a lovely, suitable gift to give. Even more so, if it is made by your own hand. On the flip side, Valentine's cards known as vinegar cards can also be sent to those that you despise! Be sure to send it anonymously lest you get a reputation for cruelty.

2. Flowers
Flowers are another gift one could give when in the beginning stages of courtship. Each flower known to man has some sort of message attached to them. If your man is well versed in the language of flowers, it can be a way to send a subtle message of fondness.
Handkerchiefs are much more suitable for those in the early stages of courting.
3. Handkerchiefs
Handkerchiefs are another gift that are suitable for any level of courting. They are especially made special if made by ones own hand. A small monogram or flower embroidered into it adds a nice, decorative touch that will have your beau thinking of you each time he uses it.
4. Decorative Glove Boxes

Decorative glove boxes are a gift more suited for those that are close to an engagement, already engaged or are married. It is a decorative box with some sort of handwritten inscription inside that holds your loved ones gloves when they aren't wearing them. Another version of this would be a similiar box except this one would be for handkerchiefs.

And there you are, four great ideas for differing levels of courtship. Of course, those in wedded bliss have a lot less restrictions when it comes to giving a gift to ones husband.

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Why Is Percival Adlard Jr. Still Unmarried?
For our readers who do not contend to bore themselves with the likes of the Daily Prophet, or who may have missed this week’s gossip, we are delighted to announce the promotion of Mr. Percival Adlard Jr. to Assistant Head of his department at the Ministry of Magic, in Regulation & Control of Magical Creatures. Mr. Adlard Jr., a thirty-two-year-old former Hufflepuff, has plenty of further assets in name and character, and yet remains unmarried. A tragedy, one might exclaim! But whyever could this be?

Mr. Adlard Jr. may be the very picture of an eligible bachelor on the surface — but what else is hiding beneath that handsomeness?
No one likes a cripple.
Having formerly come to the forefront of society for his valiant actions against the rampaging mountain troll down the High Street - during a time of no-magic, to boot! - one might think Mr. Aldard Jr. a hero deserving of any young lady’s attentions. But, far from helping his eligibility, his heroics may have hindered this: since his injuries that day, he has required the constant use of a cane. A mark of his selflessness, perhaps, but one that dashes his chances when it comes to the usual courting rituals of dancing! While it is said it is only his leg that is affected, there have been whispers that indeed a great deal more of Mr. Adlard Jr is now deformed. How devastating for any young woman who might have had her eye on him!

He is a werewolf.
Previously acknowledged in the pages of our publication, this rumour may not be the malicious hearsay it seems. It would explain why his injuries have never seemed to heal well, and indeed why he seems reluctant at social events. But one can see the logic: after all, where better placed to be than a former head of the Beast Division, and how else to blackmail the Werewolf Capture Unit into silence from inside the doors of a department in which you have a great deal of authority? He may have the eyes of a loveable puppy on the outside, but on the inside - or at least during the full moon - one suspects there might be a more grizzled, ferocious beast raring to be unleashed.

He is having an affair with his superior.
The alternative reason for the promotion that appears to be well-deserved, an employee of that very same department has caught the scent of a beastly scandal lurking in those halls. Current Head of the department, Mrs. Morwenna Skeeter has been a widow for nigh on thirty years, and who knows what might have befallen a woman so suitably placed to such temptations? One cannot say the precise terms of the affair, or who is benefiting most of it, but it cannot be denied that Mrs. Skeeter and Mr. Adlard Jr. cannot quite contain their cordiality even in public.

Hussies keep breaking his heart.
Fie on us, maybe, for coming to the worst conclusions, when perhaps a tragedy is simply a tragedy: one of the most agreeable men in our society, doomed to die alone because we cannot appreciate him properly. It does seem just his bad luck, what with the recent revelations that he did indeed get so far as proposing courtship to a young lady — only for her to then, shockingly, turn him down! From the mouth of one of her household’s former maids, Miss Elsie Beauregard may not be quite so innocent as she appears, but whatever her dark secrets, it does seem inexplicable that a young lady who deferred from the life of debutante immediately into librarianship should have the gall to refuse any offer she received — never mind one from a suitor so securely placed (on the surface) and fetching as Percival Adlard Jr.!
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Heard Around Town!

Mr. Evander Darrow took in his niece last month! I heard she's too much of a handful for him and he's desperately seeking a wife as we speak!

Apparently Minister Ross is looking to replace the Balthazar Urquart as Head of the Department of Mysteries after December's calamity. Could you imagine having to fire your friend? I could never do politics...

Someone told me Headmaster Black is considering retiring next year. I hope it's true!

Who thought it was a good idea to let that Eleanor Goyle run the Beast Division? I'd never trust a woman to deal with all the creatures. Soon enough we'll have a dragon problem, and then a werewolf problem, and then we'll all be doomed!

I wonder what's to come of the Mulciber family after Mr. Ernest Mulciber's accident. I heard his wife doesn't want him showing his face outside—says it might damage the family's image. The poor children!

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