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26th January, 1890 — The Lady Morgana
"My dear you are simply too kind!" Harriet exclaimed sweetly with the sort of self-deprecating smile that implied the compliments should absolutely keep on coming and that no kindness was too much. She doubted she would be disappointed either - Miss Fawley was delightful and had an eagerness to please that Harriet could practically feel radiating from her. Unmarried, getting older every day, beautiful and without too many siblings to share her father's money with: Miss Fawley was a gift from the god's as far as Harriet was concerned.

"I should hate to keep you from your friends," Harriet glanced over towards where a gaggle of young ladies were laughing away cattily, having been moved as far into the corner of the club as the steward could manage so they didn't disturb the rest of the clientele. They were boisterous and barely out of school, ostentatiously dressed and clearly unaccompanied by anyone with sense. They were also, she would bet her jewellery box on, not Miss Fawley's friends, but it was worth making the gesture after she had hailed the younger woman over to her table.

"But my sister is running behind schedule, as usual, and I'd be very grateful for the company."

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Would that Mrs. Prewett had come upon her sooner, she would have been rid of her "friends" much sooner. Those very same friends that had twittered amongst themselves about the garishness of one society lady's gown behind her back before approaching her to compliment her on the very same thing. Diana had just been contemplating how instantly death might come were she to hurl herself out the window when the socialite gestured her over. Ultimately it was not worth it as she was squeamish of her own blood besides, so Mrs. Prewett was frankly a welcome if not better alternative.

One must not seem too eager at the prospect though, she knew. An advantage to enduring many seasons (though her mother loved to focus upon the disadvantages) was that the raven-haired debutante knew the proper strings to pull in the tapestry of societal pleasantries. It was with this in mind that she gracefully bowed her head in mild embarrassment, feeling a slight blush in her cheeks as she laughed. "and I should hate to leave them, Mrs. Prewett, but it would be with even greater regret if I were to reject your kind hospitality."

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Harriet’s smile grew as the young woman acquiesced so humbly, bringing her flawless complexion and sweet nature that little bit closer to Harriet’s table. It was a terribly tiring business finding appropriate prospects for her sons but she felt a warm sense of possibility with Miss Fawley and practically glowed with triumph of finding somebody who would require no polishing – honestly she was practically aflutter herself!

“Well my dear regrets certainly aren’t for the likes of us so do sit down,” she invited again, knowing this time Miss Fawley would take the seat offered. It was so very thrilling to find a fully-faceted diamond just waiting to dazzle that Harriet allowed herself a small smile, tapping the coin in her pocket inconspicuously to let Hermione know to take her time. “Are you looking forward to the new season?”

Was it her fifth? Sixth? Harriet was quite sure the young lady had been on the scene for a little while now but it was far from a detrimental state – in fact Harriet was rather giddy at the thought of a debutante honed to such perfection!

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It wasn't worth it to send word back to her former table that she was now more importantly occupied. They were all twittering about in their own special way that Diana knew her absence was not going to be greatly missed. She gratefully bowed her head again in a curtsey to Mrs. Prewett before the seat next to her scooted obligingly out to accomodate her.

Settling down, she assumed her usual proper sitting position, though she knew it was even more so now that she was under the scrutiny of one of society's socialites. Mrs. Prewett seemed happy enough though and Diana didn't feel too pressured to completely make up an answer. "I am, Mrs. Prewett," she said, lacing her hands together in her lap. "Though it's been quite a few seasons, I can say with confidence it's very much like coming home each summer."

Her mother would put it differently of course, but knowing that Mrs. Prewett had no doubt seen her at multiple balls for multiple seasons, she took solace in the fact that she didn't seem too bothered by that. "It's wonderful to see friends and of course nurture previous relationships."

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“Hmmm,” Harriet purred in agreement, taking a sip of her tea as she mentally added Miss Fawley to the guest list for a future dinner party and considered which of her sons it would be best to sit her next to. Frederick was out of the question so really it came down to whether Miss Fawley was more suited to life as a mother or as…well, one didn’t wish to be unkind about Fitz but Harriet had long suspected that the woman he needed ought to be forthright enough to whip him into shape in terms of respectability so either way it required a degree of backbone.

“Of course new relationships never hurt, I always found that expanding one’s social circle was the only way to find variety – after all, life would be fearfully dull if we only ever spoke to the same people,” she said smoothly, wilfully ignoring the fact that the vast majority of their kind never ventured much beyond the extension of their own families for company, let alone to horizons unknown. But her sons were different beasts: one reliable, structured, already a fixture and the other a freer spirit with a charmingly eclectic group of friends. “Do you agree?” Her smile reached her eyes as she leaned towards the younger woman. “Please feel free not to Miss Fawley, my sister disagrees with me frequently and we have always remained friends.”

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Diana couldn't help but laugh at Madame Prewett's addendum to her question, pleased that the elder woman did not seem to reject any objections. Of course a debutante disagreeing with a well established socialite was quite different than the sister of a well established socialite disagreeing with her, but she felt the sentiment all the same and her respect for Madame Prewett only grew.

After briefly calculating her answer, Diana responded evenly: "I would both agree and disagree." She smiled, shifting her weight in her chair to lean forward a fraction before continuing. "Life would be dreadfully mundane if we were only made to associate with a certain, pre-determined amount of people in our lives; how else would we exercise our minds and further our education?" She thought of her experience at finishing school, remembering those years fondly. "I attended Pendergast's School for Young Roses, which I credit to my knowledge of society, etiquette, and social order, however that is simply schooling. Where would I be if I didn't seek out new people?"

While she was confident in the beginning of her answer, Diana slightly worried her statement might be too bold; she knew the seasons inside and out and she'd just lauded her education of etiquette, however when it came to opinions perhaps she came on too strongly? Her mother always said she could get carried away with her thoughts when persuing a train of thought. She paused, before taking a breath and calming her tone. "Then again, in whom would we confide when seeking out advice if we did not have those we kept closest to our bosoms?"

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They were both sensible questions and Harriet smiled approvingly at the younger woman, immediately seating her next to Faustus in her mental dinner party. Miss Fawley was probably a little too thoughtful for Fitz but it was no matter – she had sons in abundance after all and what suited one did not necessarily need to suit the other.

“How wise you are for one so young,” Harriet replied, sipping her tea to conceal the delight in her eyes. Finding a girl who was thoughtful, attractive, rich and somehow unattached was like finding a four-leaf clover. “Tell me, have you met my son Faustus?”

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