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    Murder In The ForÛt Morgue
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    Inspired by Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morgue."

    Grand Tag: Open; anyone who wishes to be involved should chat about it in the corresponding plot thread.

    Next post: Sheena only, please.

    You're As Cold As Ice

    His entire family thought he was in Bulgaria at the moment; well, the family he cared enough about to tell, which had, in the end, just been Lucius. He hadn't told them why he was going to Bulgaria, but that wasn't really anyone's business but his own. He'd picked up one or two things while there, including the object he'd been going after, and a spare wand.

    Tiberius would be heading back to Bulgaria after this, just to kill time, so there was no question of his possibly having been in the Forbidden Forest this afternoon, and the wand he was using today, the spare wand, would be sold in Bulgaria. Not that Tib was at all worried about being caught, but what he was studying today was a forbidden spell, so it couldn't hurt to be just a little bit cautious.

    Imperio was the subject of today's self-taught lesson. It occurred to Tiberius that there might be a time, later in life, when it would be useful to use such a spell, unforgiveable or not, and he wanted to know exactly what he was dealing with long before the need arose. He needed to know, plainly, what the limits on such a spell might be.

    Not that he would force someone to do something terrible just for his curiosity's sake. Tiberius wasn't completely inhuman--but the subject he was looking for was. A centaur going crazy and perhaps killing another centaur was something no one of any import would notice or mind, and Tiberius would have his answers, and it would be so much cleaner than having to find a human subject.

    He didn't have to wait long; he'd positioned himself not terribly far from the centaur herd, hidden beneath a second-rate invisibility cloak he'd picked up earlier during his travels. It wasn't long before one of them appeared at the corner of his vision, a female. Now, to make his move.

    [Image: mZROQz.png]
    Set by Tiff!

    Sheena was enjoying being in the middle of the herd for a short while, but only for a short while. She was always the one to go out without the rest of the herd knowing where she was going. She quickly walked away from the rest of the herd, wanting to spend some hours alone and explore the forest some more. She usually spent a lot of time in the forest, trying to find new herbs and their places. She needed to know where all the herbs were growing.

    She had her basket, her small knife and some long fibers so she could wrap her long hair so it would not be hanging in the way when she was collecting. Her tail was flowing with the wind and so was her long blonde hair. She enjoyed spending time alone and even though she was used to spending time alone, she could not feel anything different about this time. Everything seemed to be normal, the birds were whistling, the leaves were turning color and she could hear the wind rustle through the leaves.

    (Short, I know)
    [Image: Sheena.png]
    <style type="text/css">.notes { opacity:0.0; font-family: 'Open Sans Condensed', sans-serif; font-size:14px; color: white;text-align: right; height: 120px; width: 300px; padding: 50px; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 130%; background-color:#000; -webkit-transition: opacity .6s linear; -moz-transition: opacity .6s linear; -o-transition: opacity .6s linear; }.notes:hover { opacity: .78 }</style>;">

    Inspired by Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morgue."

    Grand Tag: Open; anyone who wishes to be involved should chat about it in the corresponding plot thread.

    Next post: Sheena or Josephine.

    You're As Cold As Ice

    She smelled of livestock. The odor was strong enough that he could sense it from his hiding place beneath the invisibility cloak. She was getting closer to him and apparently hadn't even noticed his presence yet, which might have made him chuckled if he hadn't been trying for some degree of stealth. This was becoming just really too easy.

    Extending his wand hand and pointing the instrument steadily at the horse-girl, Tiberius called out Imperio in a cold, clear voice, a relished the feeling that it gave him. It was a powerful spell, and he could almost feel it taking effect. Which was a relief; he hadn't read specific case studies of the effects of Imperio on non-humans, so it had been a slight risk to pick out a centaur for his little experiment...

    "Come with me," he commanded, throwing the hood of his invisibility cloak back so that his head became visible. Now, to find some likely... activities.

    [Image: mZROQz.png]
    Set by Tiff!

    Sheena smiled and thought about how easy and good a day this was going to be, it seemed to become a good day full of good things in her life. At least that was what she was thinking until she felt her mind go blank. She had not noticed anyone around her, even though she usually was one to feel when something different was around her. When she heard this male voice telling her to come with him, she could not stop herself from following him.

    She was unsure of why she did it, but she could not see any reason why to not follow him. It was like she had no control of her own actions, but there was a small part of her that was still herself. She followed the now visible head through the forest, not thinking about where they were going and how far away from the herd they would end.

    (I am giving Lynn permission to use Sheena as NPC until she is out of the imperio-curse)
    [Image: Sheena.png]
    One would've thought that due to Josephine's torment on the trail (and truly, that's what it was: torment. She and her group were held hostage for a month in some muggle basement) she would've hated going on walks. She did enough walking, nearly died because of it. However, one of the professors was sick and there were students whom had to serve detention, and well who better to send out late at night than the newest professor to the bunch?

    The group of students were broken up into pairs and had wandered hopefully not too far from where she was. Was she supposed to be keeping a careful eye on them? Probably, but the mushrooms they were supposed to be collecting were few and sparse inbetween and they'd be done with this detention that much faster if they wandered a bit.

    Though, Jo would be lying if she said she wasn't nervous about being alone in the Forbidden Forest at this hour. What would Jed do? Well, for one he wouldn't be in the forest by himself this late at night. That much she was certain of. He also would've kept the students closer, maybe he would've arranged them in a line and walked straight together (avoiding the trees of course) Who knew what Jed would've thought? He was off in the middle of nowhere, his thoughts shouldn't of mattered. But, of course, they did.

    Turning around in a complete circle, Jo tried to count all the distant lights coming from her students' wands. There were three pairs of them out there, six students. Was she missing a pair? She could only see four lights. By Merlin's beard, it was only her second month on the job and she was already losing students.

    A snap of a twig not too far behind her made her turn even faster around, her senses heightened by the prospect of missing children. Was that a floating head? "Merlin, Jo." She muttered so only she could hear herself, "You're truly losing your mind."
    <style type="text/css">.notes { opacity:0.0; font-family: 'Open Sans Condensed', sans-serif; font-size:14px; color: white;text-align: right; height: 120px; width: 300px; padding: 50px; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 130%; background-color:#000; -webkit-transition: opacity .6s linear; -moz-transition: opacity .6s linear; -o-transition: opacity .6s linear; }.notes:hover { opacity: .78 }</style>;">

    Inspired by Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morgue."

    Grand Tag: Open; anyone who wishes to be involved should chat about it in the corresponding plot thread.

    Next post: Josephine.

    You're As Cold As Ice

    The sun was just starting to go down, which was a shame. Tiberius had thought it had been earlier, but he hadn't accounted for the time difference when Apparating. Well, no matter; he had no other plans for the day, and it shouldn't take too much longer to find some other centaur... or any sort of creature, really. Centaurs were generally so gentle by nature that doing anything to just about anything would tell him what he wanted to know. In the meantime, he gave her little commands as they walked, and enjoyed seeing her complete them without pause. Tib liked being in control.

    A noise made him turn, and he hurriedly drew his cloak back up over his head. There was a woman just through the trees, and from the look on her face, it appeared that she had seen... something. The centaur? Such a thing would not have been unusual for anyone who frequented the Forbidden Forest, and the look on her face said that she was startled.

    Me. She saw me, he thought, mouth twisting into a frown. That was lamentable; he hadn't meant to be seen at all. Clearly, he couldn't let that pass; the woman didn't look familiar, but that didn't mean she wouldn't be able to recognize him, later. And he really had meant for this to be a casualty-free experiment--well, at least, free of human casualties, which were the only kinds that mattered.

    "Kill her," he told his little pet centaur, and without even the slightest hesitation the beast jumped through the trees towards the woman, her knife already flashing in the light of the dying sun. He could have helped, he could have stunned the woman who'd seen him, but where was the fun in that?

    [Image: mZROQz.png]
    Set by Tiff!

    For a moment, time stood completely still. There was no dying sun. There were no children to concern herself with. There was just Josephine Lovelace (should have been Aesalon) and the trees surrounding her. It was perhaps one of the most serene moments in her life, excluding those in which she spent lying with Jed after their lovemaking sessions.

    But serene moments never truly last. And just as fast as it came, it fled with an exhausting speed. Then, Jo was left with immobilizing fear as a centaur ran full force towards her.

    Instincts told her to remain perfectly still. Maybe if she didn't attract attention the demonic centaur wouldn't see her. Jo's head though, told her to apparate to safety, but she couldn't leave the children. The centaur would kill one of them, she could never allow that. So she did the only viable option she had given the few seconds she had to make a choice-Josephine started running.

    She ran faster than she had ever moved before. Why was this thing chasing her? What had she done to provoke such a reaction out of the centaur. And then it hit her, the floating head. Was that a person? Had a person hexed the centaur to attack her? The ministry would be in an uproar when they found out who it was. Would Jed care if she ended up not surviving this?

    "Run!" She screamed, though she was certain the children were now too far out of reach to hear her. "Run!" She shouted again, please God. Please don't let any of them get hurt.
    <style type="text/css">.notes { opacity:0.0; font-family: 'Open Sans Condensed', sans-serif; font-size:14px; color: white;text-align: right; height: 120px; width: 300px; padding: 50px; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 130%; background-color:#000; -webkit-transition: opacity .6s linear; -moz-transition: opacity .6s linear; -o-transition: opacity .6s linear; }.notes:hover { opacity: .78 }</style>;">

    Inspired by Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morgue."

    Grand Tag: Open; anyone who wishes to be involved should chat about it in the corresponding plot thread.

    Next post: Sheena and Josephine.

    You're As Cold As Ice

    The woman had begun to run, but it was obvious from the start that she would have no chance of escaping the centaur. She was half horse, after all, and the woman was burdened down by a dress, stockings, heeled shoes; all things that centaurs had never bothered with.

    Tiberius almost wanted to use leglimency to try and slip into the centaur's head as she caught up with her prey, but the obvious paradox of getting into a mind which one had just rendered helpless due to the Imperio curse made him rethink the impulse. Still, he followed the few footsteps it was necessary to go to stay in view of the pair--the chase didn't last long.

    The knife came down in a quick flash and Tiberius realized he was smiling. This is bad, he reminded himself. With a human casualty there would doubtless be an investigation, which meant he might need to take some extra precautions. Then again, it was obviously the centaur who had done it--there were stray hoofprints, and the horse-woman would still be carrying the bloody knife--and somehow Tiberius doubted that the Wizengamot would jump to the conclusion that she had been placed under the Imperius curse, much less pinpoint him as the culprit in that case. He had no connection to this woman, no reason to want her dead...

    "Get out of here," he told the centaur tersely. "Go far, far away. Don't talk to anyone." He would undo the spell, but only when he was sure she was very much out of the area; he didn't want her confessing to anything on the off chance that she did remember. On second thought, he'd probably have to hunt her down, later, and use a memory charm on her, but for now, the best thing she could do would be to get far, far away.

    Tiberius turned to the dying woman, trusting that the centaur would be on the run by now. He still had his hood drawn up, but he needed to make sure she was really dying. She had seen him, after all.

    [Image: mZROQz.png]
    Set by Tiff!

    By the time that Sheena heard someone telling her to run she had not noticed the bloody knife in her hand or anything else that was happening. She just started running, she was unsure where she was running but she needed to get away from this place. At least she was able to find her way around in most of the forest. She just kept running, trying not to think about what had happened just before. It was all so scary and unusual that she just had to run until she was far enough from it all that she could stop and think about it all. She had to get it all on a distance.

    (Sheena is out?)
    [Image: Sheena.png]
    A high pitched yelp of pain escaped her lips as the centaur's blade found it's way in her back. She tried to apparate to the hospital but found she couldn't concentrate enough on the building. This was bad, this was very, very bad, and this pain...someone had to help her with the pain.

    She couldn't speak. She couldn't breathe. All she could manage to do was drag herself further and further towards the children. Blood was everywhere, her gown was soaked with it, it was coming out of her mouth, her hands became covered with the substance as she tried to pull the knife out. Josephine coughed, trying to get rid of whatever it was that was caught in her lungs, but found she was only coughing up more blood. More, and more, and more blood.

    Would Jedidiah miss her? Would he mourn her? Would he even ever know? Eze would, the way gossip was in this town everyone would know by the morning. But would the love of her life know how much she loved him? Would he know how much she regretted the way things ended between them? "Jed." She coughed, tears streaking her face. Was this it? Was this what Valentina had felt a year ago when she had bled to death? "Jed." She coughed again, wishing one of the students would come to find her.

    Minutes went by at an alarming rate, though to Josephine they felt much slower. Each breath she took hurt all the more, and she started to 'see the light'. The light, however, wasn't much of a light at all. In fact, it was dark. Josephine felt the darkness pressing on her skin as though it was going to consume her alive. She could feel her heart slowing, her eyes closing, her breathing becoming more and more labored.

    Then, at once, all the pain fled from her body and she closed her eyes for the last time. The name of her former lover still on her lips.

    So this is what it's like to die.
    <style type="text/css">.notes { opacity:0.0; font-family: 'Open Sans Condensed', sans-serif; font-size:14px; color: white;text-align: right; height: 120px; width: 300px; padding: 50px; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 130%; background-color:#000; -webkit-transition: opacity .6s linear; -moz-transition: opacity .6s linear; -o-transition: opacity .6s linear; }.notes:hover { opacity: .78 }</style>;">

    Inspired by Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morgue."

    Grand Tag: Open; anyone who wishes to be involved should chat about it in the corresponding plot thread.

    Next post: The Students are now UNLEASHED!

    You're As Cold As Ice

    Tiberius couldn't help but smile as he watched her trying to claw around her back for a knife that was no longer there. The centaur had run away with it, and apparently the dying woman hadn't even noticed. There was blood everywhere. She was certainly a goner; no one could lose that much blood, he reasoned, a live to tell the tale. Still, he lingered a second, to be sure.

    Seized by a sudden thought, Tiberius knelt next to the body, careful not to let his footprints make impressions in the soft ground of the forest floor, and tried to catch her gaze--which was difficult enough, since he was still clad in the invisibility cloak. Still, he could get a clear enough shot of her eyes to slip in, to see what she was thinking, to see what it felt like to die...

    Would Jedidiah miss her? Would he mourn her? Would he even ever know? Tiberius broke off with a shake of his head, disgusted. Females! This was the last moment on earth for one particular woman, and that was what she chose to fill her head with?

    Emotions are such a nuisance, he thought as he rose and stepped away from the body. He was finished here--he'd gotten what he wanted from his little experiment and it was time to distance himself from this bloody mess. He'd deal with the centaur later, if the need ever arose; for the moment he simple released the spell with some irritation and Apparated out of the Forbidden Forest.

    [Image: mZROQz.png]
    Set by Tiff!


    from black dust ,

    Although she knew that she was at least partially to blame, Tabitha grumbled the entire way out to the Forbidden Forest. She and Cash had been caught by one of the prefects getting high in the astronomy tower, and the stupid little prefect had run off and told on them. Prefects sucked. For years at that point, Tabs and Cash had been using the astronomy tower as a place to get high at night, nights when they couldn't sleep or when they just wanted to get away from everything, nights when they wanted to talk or nights when they didn't want to talk at all. That's what friends were for, right? It had been years and they hadn't been caught once. Not once. Not until several nights ago, that is. She felt somewhat guilty that she had dragged Cash into the whole thing, even though he hadn't been getting high with her, but he was really the only person she could call a friend at that bloody school anymore.

    Professor Lovelace was the woman who was overseeing detention that night, and she knew what each of the kids were in for. Cash and Tabs had been assigned seats on opposite sides of the room, and then were paired up with totally different people and given different areas of the forest to survey. They were picking mushrooms for the herbology professor. Tabs thought that was beyond stupid, and that the herbology professor might as well pick the stupid mushrooms herself. Mushroom picking wasn't a detention, it was just stupid. Tabitha would've preferred writing lines to mushroom picking, especially if she couldn't be paired up with anyone she liked, and other than Cash she didn't particularly care for anyone serving detention.

    Not only did she not particularly care for anyone she was serving detention with, she didn't like the kid she was paired up with- Declan Wood. He was a second year Slytherin and just for the fact that he was a Slytherin, Tabitha decided she didn't like him. She did the best she could to stay away from him, keep quiet and just pick the stupid mushrooms off of the tree roots and from the ground, piling into the basket they were given for that purpose.

    She heard a noise, and despite her resolve not to speak to the Slytherin boy, Tabitha stood up straight and looked around. "Hear that?" She raised an eyebrow and hushed the boy to make sure he wasn't making any sounds. There was a gruff voice somewhere in the forest, close by to where they were. Tabs wondered if they had perhaps wandered too far away from the professor. On a normal day, Tabs wouldn't have cared, but she felt like this was no ordinary day. Something feltà different. Within a moment's time, she heard the professor screaming to run. Whom she was screaming to, Tabs wasn't sure. She cocked her head to one side and looked at the boy. "So, what do you think? Do we run?" She had no plans on running, but if he wanted to go, he could. Tabitha's gut told her that not running would probably be the better of the two options. A crack ripped through the air and Tabitha felt as though her feet had been glued to the forest floor. She looked at Declan and her brows knitted together. What could all of this be?

    TAG: murder mystery people

    WORDS: 583

    outfit: n/a


    Declan was rather irritated. The girl he'd been paired up with as a detention partner was not only a Gryffindor, but an older girl who he found to be rather stuck up as well. Normally, he didn't mind detention. Being in the Forbidden Forest was supposed to frighten him into good behavior, but he found it rather thrilling instead. He couldn't understand the logic of allowing students to go where they normally aren't allowed as punishment - it really should have been a reward.

    He grumbled under his breath as he shuffled through the forest picking stupid mushrooms, not really caring if he did it properly or not. He froze just as his hand wrapped around the wrong kind of mushroom - a scream echoed around them. The third year glanced over at his partner. It hadn't come from her, she seemed fine.

    It sounded like the scream had said 'Run', but he couldn't have been sure. As far as he could see, there was nothing to run from.

    His green eyes wide and heart pounding, he looked at his partner, "Don't see a need to." It was a few moments more before he heard the scream again, this one much quieter than before. Something bad was happening. He needed to get out of here.

    "We need ta find the others," He told her, forgetting about the mushroom in his hand and striding back the way that they had come. He wouldn't admit it to anyone, but he was incredibly frightened. The Forest held dark things, things he had only heard about from his friends. He'd lived near to the forest in the slums, but the people he had lived around had been more frightening than that. Never had heard a scream so eery as that.

    His speed picked up and he started to run - not paying attention to whether or not the girl was keeping up with him - and dodged trees, bushes and boulders to get back to where they had originally started. He stopped short as a motionless form lying on the ground came into view. The hair looked to be the same color as the music professor's, though it was hard to see in the quickly darkening forest. His lit wand outstretched, he padded closer to the figure. There was a lot of blood. Her eyes were still open and she wasn't breathing. Declan knew a dead person when he saw it.

    "Oh bollocks. Buntlings. Nancy. Tallywags," He swore under his breath, his eyes wide and his breath short as he looked down at her and his hands began to shake. He glanced up as the other students began to arrive.

    Edited because I shadowposted Lexi
    Please tag Barnabas Skeeter in replies.

    [Image: declanop2_zpsrhj0houv.png]
    Very grown up set by Tiffany!
    [Image: CC2_zps9514a57c.png] [Image: 2mi26tj.png]
    In her opinion, Connie should not have been forced into detention. So she what if she skipped a few classes and stayed by the lake after curfew? Why did everyone have to get so particular? It's not like anything worse could happen to her that hadn't already. Well...there was one thing, but that was death and she had no intentions anymore of dying anytime soon. Harper needed her, and Con swore to stand by Harper.

    Throughout the course of the detention (and as far as Connie knew, they were nearing the end-she could hardly fit any more mushrooms in her basket) she and her partner were idly chatting. Nothing of any importance, nothing that she'd remember come tomorrow morning, but they both fell completely still at the distant cries of 'run'.

    Connie looked over at her partner and then back towards the general direction in which the screams originated from. Even from the first yell Connie knew she had to somehow get over there. No one was there to save Dianna if Dianna even screamed. No one saved Kenneth and Calumina. No one would offer themselves up to be the heroes anymore. Well, she wasn't having that. If the hero had to morph into a heroine, then so be it.

    With a gesture and a calm statement of "Let's go!", Connie took off running. She could hear the footfalls of some of the other students, though it'd gotten so dark now that she could barely see ten feet in front of her much less the other kids. She forgot about her partner, he'd know to keep up, and focused more on being brave. That was what being a Gryffindor was about, wasn't it? Bravery? Dianna would've wanted her to be brave.

    She got there right as two of the other detentionees got there. Connie first eyed Declan, everyone knew him to be a troublemaker-was he somehow behind this? Her eyes glazed over Tabitha, too alike Connie in her ways of self destruction to be much harm to anyone. And then...and then she saw their professor lying on the ground covered in blood. "Miss Lovelace!" She screamed with fright. "Oh bloody hell!"

    from black dust,

    Tabs sighed and watched as her mushroom picking partner ran off. Without much resolve to leave her spot, she sprinted after him, mushroom basket swinging dangerously from the crook of her left arm. She had completely forgotten about the basket until she nearly dropped it with Declan in sight. She skidded to a stop next to the boy and looked around. She swore under her breath when she saw the body laying on the forest floor and lit her wand, following Declan. She idly realized she was following a Slytnerin of all people, but she was too curious to hang back. Behind her a scream of 'Miss Lovelace' rang out and Tabitha shook her head.

    "Oh yeah, brilliant Connie," Tabs said, looking over her shoulder to the girl who screamed- a Gryffindor a year Tabs's senior. "Someone just died and you're going to go and attract more attention. Bloody brilliant." Tabs turned back to Declan and rolled her eyes. She couldn't believe that after seeing a murdered body, someone would scream like that. "What d'you think killed her," she asked, surveying the wounds that Professor Lovelace had acquired, or rather the singular wound as Tabs would discover. It looked likea knife wound, but she couldn't be so sure.

    Tabitha walked around the body, getting every angle of it. She saw hoofprints on the ground, along with human foot prints larger than her own. "Hey, look at the ground," she said, pointing to the hoof marks. "A.... a centaur?" Centaurs didn't have knives, did they? They didn't kill humans, did they? Tabs bit her bottom lip and looked around. The knife wound in their professor's back was scary, but there was something decisively more terrifying about the mass centaur prints around the body. Ugh, where was Cash when you needed him? He was the one who read the detective novels; he'd know what to do. Not to mention he was Tabs's only friend, only real acquaintence even, serving in detention out in the Forbidden Forest.

    TAG: murder mystery people

    WORDS: 328

    outfit: n/a


    Declan's blood rushed to his ears. He'd seen dead bodies before - they were all over the slums, but they had never been anyone he had known nor had they been an authority figure that he had respected. They'd happened due to illness or dodginess in an alley at night - never on school grounds! It was difficult to pay attention to the other students. He ignored the conversation between the two girls and only returned his attention to them once the hoof marks on the ground were pointed out.

    "Could'a been there from earlier. Centaurs are all over tha place," He commented logically. The boy squatted down to get closer to the body so that he could survey her wounds a bit better. There was only one wound. A knife would have done something like that. He'd seen it before on some of the glutton drunks.

    "Sides, centaurs don' have knives," He added as he pointed to the wound on the woman's back, "An that is definitely from a knife." Declan had only just started his Care of Magical Creatures class, but the creatures having weapons other than bow and arrows had not been mentioned - at least, not when he'd been paying attention.

    "Bet it was a vampire," Declan said decisively, "He killed her so he could suck out all her blood but he didn' get a chance to 'cause he heard us comin' and ran away. I saw a cloak when I was runnin' - jus' thought it was one o' you lot but now I ain't so sure. Prolly was the murderer."
    Please tag Barnabas Skeeter in replies.

    [Image: declanop2_zpsrhj0houv.png]
    Very grown up set by Tiffany!
    [Image: CC2_zps9514a57c.png] [Image: 2mi26tj.png]

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