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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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Let’s Hang Out
March 21st, 1888 - Elkmire Estate in Milford Haven, Wales
Married life felt nice, in Warwick’s opinion. He did love his wife, and she was a very proper with, in his eyes. It didn’t hurt that his best friend happened to now be his brother-in-law. Though, it did feel strange. Their friendship was certainly different now, not to mention his other friend was also somewhat related to him, and he somewhat had gained more nieces and a nephew (and of course the nephew was more preferable to interact with in his opinion).

There was a lot of things to think about, with married life. Of course he would prefer an heir sooner, rather than later. But they had just married, so he saw no need to put any pressure on the matter. However, he had not come to his friend’s estate to talk about children. That would be exceedingly awkward. No, he was more in the mood to chat about something far more casual. He felt as though he had been severely lacking in spending time with his own best friend, and did wish to correct this error.

Mathias Beaumont

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Mathias rarely had friends over, but that was partly because he was an asocial mess and partly because he saw no reason to drag them from England or Scotland to the boring coast of Wales. It wasn't the ideal location for hosting parties, nor was it a place many magical folk lived — which was okay, because if he ever left his property, it was through the floo.

One of the few friends he'd ever invited over was Warwick, who was now family. With a single brow cocked, Mathias stared down his friend. "You're not here to tell me you've gone and impregnated her already, are you?" he asked suddenly. The thought of Warwick and Oceane doing things was just - ugh, he couldn't.

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Despite the fact that Mathias did not have many parties at his home, that didn't mean that two best friends were unable to hang out together. It was nice to have some quality time with his friend. Perhaps he should have also suggested that Stephen should have joined them, but perhaps that would have been a bit much.

The sudden comment shocked him, then made him laugh. It took him a minute to calm himself. "Mathias, I'm fairly sure that we wouldn't know if such an occurrence had happened for a few months. And I am a gentleman, I would not have done such things with her before we married." He managed after a moment. How awkward... did Mathias really wish to know of such things about his sister?

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Mathias had little knowledge of the inner-workings of a woman's womb, though he'd always assumed women had internal knowledge of when a baby began to sprout inside it. They only waited to tell their husbands to make sure they didn't miscarry, right? Warwick seemed to have little knowledge of any pregnancy, however, so he doubted it really mattered.

"Don't worry, Warwick. I'm only teasing," he reassured, reaching across the space between them to offer his friend a cigar. "Will you and Mrs. Nott—" Oceane being anything except Miss Beaumont was new and foreign, but he needed to keep practicing; it had taken him a year and half to start calling Frannie Mrs. Flint. "—be attending events this season, or do you see it best to spend your first year of marriage cooped up at home?" That's what he would do, but Mathias had never been the kind of socializing.

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Of course Warwick would certainly want an heir soon, but the idea of being a father was a whole other thing. It sounded strange. What if they had only a girl? Would she receive his fortune? Would her husband? Or would he end up sending it all to his nephew? He wasn’t sure, but he would cross that bridge when he got to it.

‘Mrs. Nott’. Now that made him smile with pride. Oceane was his wife, he now had his last name. It was quite pleasing to know. He was a husband, it felt satisfying, in a way. “I would prefer we attend events. I’m very proud to be able to accompany my lovely wife to as many events as we can.” He stated. A way to show off what a wonderful woman he had chosen to marry. “Perhaps I will even host a few. I would be glad if you would attend.” He added after a bit of thought.

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As inclined as Mathias was towards romance (not that he would admit to such a thing), there was something about listening to his best friend speak of his sister with such endearing terms that made him feel a little squeamish.

"Events are not really my forte — you know that," he replied with an unassuming shrug. He would attend parties with purpose, and to see his sister host her first event, unfortunately, was not one that would see him there. He was more inclined towards public events, such as the ones held in Hogsmeade's park every now and then.

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Watching his friend's expression, it was slightly amusing. And now that he and Oceane were married, he had every right to talk this way. "I know, but I'm sure she would still want you to come. You wouldn't let her down, would you?" He stated. It felt like this conversation would continue like this for either some time, or until they both got bored. But it was just two friends spending some time together.

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