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January 20th, 1890 — Hogsmeade Hospital

"I know it must be horribly uncomfortable," Allegra offered to her patient as she washed her hands in the basin. "I'll have you right as rain as quickly as I can..."

It was the healer's usual refrain. It was her goal to ensure her patients were at ease, even if their injuries left them ill-disposed to be.

"..but I am afraid I will have to cut your sleeve if you cannot remove it practically," she finished with a sympathetic smile. It was a hazard in her line of work; creature-induced injuries were so seldom restricted to hands, faces, and the few other exposed bits of flesh that their society were likely to sport.
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He'd pulled a Sterling. Honestly, that was not the wisest move on Faustus' part. A sense of cautioned recklessness was necessary to be an Auror, but curiosity was something to be warned about. Given Sterling's past, Faustus expected this type of foolishness on his behalf (the man had nerves of steel, but even Faustus felt he had to reign Sterling's energy in at times). It was with this in mind that he gave a sheepish grin before glancing at his aforementioned arm. "I er –" Could he move his arm? He attempted to move the muscles, however, he could feel they were getting steadily weaker.

His shirt, while by no means cheap, was one of his work shirts and thus a bit inconsequential to him. "I'd hate to give you more work, especially seeing as it was me who caused the chain of events to have me end up at your station," he began, an apologetic look on his face. "however it appears I might need to inconvenience you a bit more." He glanced down at his arm. "I seem to be losing feeling in it."

Though he had great faith in Hogsmeade Hospital's healers, it was more the pace at which the sensation was spreading - or rather decreasing - that gave Faustus pause.

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That was certainly less than ideal, and a flicker of concern passed over Allegra's features before she composed herself once again.

She pulled a small pair of copper sewing needles from her apron and moved to his side, deftly beginning to cut away at the fabric of his shirtsleeve as she asked, "Perhaps you might go over the details of what happened again, Mr. Prewett? I am certain," she added with a teasing smile, "that you know how to deliver a detailed report."

Even as she spoke, the healer's mind was running through a list (quite lengthy, unfortunately) of creatures and their own infections that might result in numbness, as well as further complications that numbness might lead to.

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She was right of course. One could easily see his stature straighten and the proverbial wheels turning in his mind as he mentally ran through the scenario in his head. "We'd received word of movement from someone we've been watching for a while – you'll forgive me if I omit the more delicate details –" he added amiably before continuing. "Unfortunately since we'd been waiting for a long time, I made the call to persue him before we'd gathered more information." In reality, the man they'd been persuing only surfaced once every few months. Difficult calls had to be made in his position, and it was ultimately one that he ended up paying for. Hopefully not paying for in the form of his limbs.

"Once we'd arrived at our location, we realized he'd been keeping much more than just higher intelligence." He smiled grimly down at his left arm where two rather large, deep puncture wounds were. "Acromantulas; baby acromantulas." He winced as he moved his arm. "Needless to say they attacked, and the Beast Divison couldn't be called in time for this to have been prevented." He gave a small shudder. Spiders didn't scare him, but a swarm of baby acromantulas was not exactly something one cooed over.

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