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The Son Returns
December 27, 1889 - Fudge Home
Her son was finally home. Missing Christmas and wandering for far too long without being able to return home. If this wand could not be fixed, a new one would have to be bought. And one thing was for certain, Winifred was not pleased with the Ministry. Weren't they supposed to be preventing these sorts of things from happening?

Nevertheless, she was hugging her son more often than he seemed to like, and fussed over him none stop. It would be a surprise if she let him leave the resort again. "You could have been robbed. You could have been killed. What exactly is the Ministry doing about all of these portkeys?" Not the first time that she has said something along these lines. But who could blame her?

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When Somersby had set off to buy Christmas presents for his family he had not intended to miss the holiday altogether. He’d never intended to take off on another adventure so soon. But it had left him wondering if really all he wanted to do for the rest of his life was work in an office. He wouldn’t tell his father that, hadn’t when he’d returned home, but his misadventure with Miss Ruskin had only really reinforced what he had begun to discover of himself. His mother’s reaction, however, had him wondering if she would agree with his thoughts when she heard them.

Yes, she was right, he could have been killed. Could have been robbed. Could have had any number of things happen to him. But they hadn’t. And had he been faced with them he was confident he could have handled them - now he was confident, in the moment he had been a bit more worried about it then when he had traveled by himself. After all Miss Ruskin had been depending on him. “It’s alright mother, I’m home now.” He said for what felt like the hundredth time since he’d come back through the resort’s doors.

How was he supposed to know what the Ministry was doing? His father had been quite clear that Somersby would be a disappointment to him if he were to ever be employed there. Even if Somersby did go through with his plan he was sure that there were so many departments that being involved with goblins wouldn’t mean he’d have the answer either. Besides, this wasn’t the first time his mother had mentioned this. “I don’t know, mother.” Irritation crept unbidden into his tone and instantly he felt bad. His mother had spent the last several days worrying for him. There was no need to treat her so. He sighed. “I’m sure they are working on it.” Besides, who would have ever expected mistletoe to be a portkey, really now?

Hoping to steer the conversation to something less frustrating and much safer Somersby asked, “How was Christmas? Did Paxton get up to any trouble?” Anything to keep the conversation from himself.
Would Winifred ever accept a career that could put any of her children in danger? No. What mother would? Quite frankly, she would rather her son be working in an office than out in the world. Putting himself into dangerous situations intentionally. The idea would certainly be quite unsettling. But she was starting to realize just how repetitive she was being when Somersby finally started to get annoyed with her. She gave a sheepish smile.

"Oh, it was fine. A bit empty without you. Paxton was no more trouble than usual. We all missed you." Part of her mind nagged at her that Somersby would end up being just like his uncle. On adventures and never around. Always in some kind of danger. That was never the life she wanted for him.

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I missed you as well.” Somersby told her sincerely. He had after all not intended to go away in the first place, let alone the second. Not that he was childish enough to admit to the first one. “It hardly felt like Christmas without you all around me.

I felt worse for Miss Ruskin, however.” Somersby added, eager to keep the attention from himself. “It seems horribly unfair thing to be caught up in, afterall.” Her reputation was on the line after all and ladies seemed to take things like such situations more difficultly, or so Somersby was inclined to believe.
"You had every right to worry about Miss Ruskin. Poor girl has never had a good light on her, given who her mother is. Things like that could make things for her far worse." Freddie said softly. It was hard to imagine being born into that sort of situation. Though her own parents were in a complicated situation, to be sure, it was nothing compared to being the child of a vampire. Many looked down upon that far more. While Freddie wasn't one to judge, she did have hesitations around vampires if she were to be honest.

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