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Faustus Cicero Prewett
Full Name: Faustus Cicero Prewett
Nicknames: Faust [a nickname Jane gave him when she was stern with him; anyone to call him by this name would immediately wish to expire on the spot]
Birthdate: March 31, 1850
Current Age: 39
Occupation: Head Auror
Reputation: 9
Though perfectly respectable, there is that matter of his father accused being a dark wizard; while certainly redeeming himself and his family's name since, people might whisper about how he has not re-married yet, as the children need a mother figure to look up to.
Residence: Kensington, London
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Cherry, 12 in, Phoenix Feather, Reasonably Pliant
Blood Status: Pureblood
Social Class: Upper Class

Jane Prewett née Pettigrew| Wife| 1856-1883
Edelweiss Prewett | Daughter | 1877
Iris Prewett | Daughter | 1882
Mezereon Prewett | Son | 1883

Harriet Prewett née Potter | Mother | 1828
Gideon Prewett | Father | 1820-1868

Frances Crabbe née Prewett | Sister | 1856
Felix Prewett | Brother | 1860
Fitzroy Prewett | Brother | 1860
Florence Greene née Prewett | Sister | 1861
— Corey Greene | Nephew | 1857-1886
— Chloe Greene | Niece |1883
— Corinne Greene | Niece | 1886
Felicity Riley née Prewett | Sister | 1863
— James Riley | Nephew | 1855-1886
— Gideon James Riley | Nephew | 1883
— Grace Florence Riley | Niece | 1885
Frederick Prewett | Brother | 1864

A once young and handsome face, Faustus' appearance takes after his mother; flaxen blonde hair, azure eyes, and porcelain (although not nearly as porcelain as Harriet's) complexion. Given his color, his cheeks can easily be tinted rosy - a trait he often despises, as the color deepens when he is feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed.

While possessing features that align well with the standard of male attractiveness, it's easy to see the stress the death of his wife put on him. As physically fit as he is for a man of his occupation (though would otherwise be rather ordinary for a well-fed member of the upper crust), an occasional grey streak of hair can be seen in his hair from time to time, and there are slight lines remaining from the stressed induced during his mourning period.

When not wearing his work robes, he prefers wearing earth tones; simple in style, but by no means skimping on quality. Coming from a privileged background, it's easy to see Faustus dresses as a man of his station and class. His wand arm is his right.


1850 | Faustus Cicero Prewett is born to Harriet and Gideon Prewett; the first of many! He is a quiet child, though perhaps a bit clingy to his mother. The next few years pass with little consequence, which is to say - perfectly amiably for a family of their status. For the next 6 years, Faustus is a paragon of the Upper-Class Pureblood Son to Gideon and Harriet. He takes up learning languages, and bless him he tries but his French is abysmal; a quality that he would do his darndest to hide from his peers in the future.

1856 | Frances is born, and Faustus is rather ecstatic to have a baby sister. A role that he (at the time) felt he was perfect for, he attempts to help wherever he can, though he proves to be more work for the nannies than anything. When attempting to get Frances a bottle, he climbs too high, falls and breaks his arm. 1 healer and 1 week later, he breaks his leg trying to go get Frances some new food to eat. He ends up colliding with a horse on the street, thus solidifying his phobia of the animals. He'd never admit it to anyone except Jane.

1860 | Fitzroy and Felix are born; the 2nd and 3rd children of the Prewett Family respectively. Faustus has learned by now to calm down his attempts to help; after realizing his last attempts with Frances were rather fruitless, he resorted to quietly helping where he could - holding a bottle here, a step ladder there. Plus, with the two twins, Faustus is contented with watching after Frances. Just before his 10th birthday, he's walking with Frances and their chaperone in London when they all narrowly miss yet another rogue horse.

Not to be run over a second time, Faustus grabs his sister and immediately discovers them levitated away from the animal - his first sign of magic, unwittingly done in front of a few muggles. After the incident, Faustus finds himself in the middle of the Ministry, being talked to about what happened with the muggles and why they needed their memory wiped. Ever the serious soul – despite being told repeatedly he is not in trouble – Faustus takes this very seriously perhaps a bit too seriously for a 10-year-old. This event marks the moment his interest is piqued in Magical Law Enforcement.


1861 | A second daughter is born to the Prewetts! With all this copulating on his parents, Faustus has gotten in his fare share of being a big brother. Insisting upon rectifying his former atrocities against the nannies, Faustus manages to succeed in swaddling little Florence multiple times. One such night is when an owl arrives for him from Hogwarts. Faustus is incredibly excited, and once in the Great Hall doors, finds himself immediately sorted into Gryffindor with the hat almost barely touching the red hair on his head.

1863 | Much like the beginning of his childhood to when Frances is born, Faustus' first few years at Hogwarts pass with little consequence, save for the fact that in his 2nd year he makes Beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. In addition to practices, Faustus does well to excel in his classes; due to some extra studying and help from his family tutor, he finds himself quickly at the top of the class. In addition to having an already bright young student in the family, the Prewetts welcome a 3rd daughter - Felicity.

1864 | Frederick is born; though no less welcome, Faustus is well versed on taking care of his siblings at this point and jumps in immediately to help the nannies and his parents when he can.

1865 | In his fifth year, Faustus is made Prefect! While elated and proud of this bestowed honor, he starts to feel a bit more pressure than usual to be a good example for his siblings - and further, an example for his family.

1867 | His 7th and final year, Faustus is made Head Boy, as well as Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. It seems to be his year because Gryffindor ends up winning the House Cup. Unfortunately, they lose the Quidditch Cup. Faustus ultimately forgives this, as they'd won the house cup during his sixth year - to this day, however, he won't admit that he still feels a little bit of resentment towards this loss.


1868 | Graduation seems to catapult him into a world that he thought he was prepared for. His career path seems undecided, however, he's made all the grades necessary to set him up for all the success he could want. Again, the pressure to make the right choice seems to weigh down on him significantly, as much as he tries to hide the insecurity from his family.

Life seems to decide this for him – his father is killed by Aurors, accused of being a Dark Wizard. The family is severely fractured, with Faustus doing his best to keep everyone together. While perhaps not the best decision in retrospect, in an attempt to do something about it, Faustus joins the Auror training program.

1875 | Now a full-fledged Auror, Faustus is deeply involved in the DMLE department – it is not long before he finds himself married to Jane Pettigrew, a perfectly lovely Upper-Class Pureblood from a respectable family. While perhaps arranged, Faustus is quite enamored with her, and soon the pair discover they're rather well matched.

1877 | Edelweiss is born – a girl, but Faustus dotes on both Jane and Edelweiss to no end. Jane seems to be weakened by the pregnancy, though with the help of their staff, she makes a full recovery. Upon introducing Harriet to his firstborn, Faustus is relieved that his mother seems to be in her element as a grandmother. The family receives word that Fitzroy has been made Quidditch Captain. Faustus is happy for his brother, however, is slightly worried Fitz might be a deal more enamored with the sport than he was.

1880 | This year sees him made Head Auror – after clearing his father's name, Faustus accepts the title with pride, knowing that he redeemed his family name in society.

1882 | Iris is born - 2nd of their children and a spitting image of Jane. Edelweiss is five years old, and much like Faustus performs her first bit of magic by attempting to help swaddle Iris. Things don't go exactly as planned, and Edelweiss ends up tripping and causing Iris' feeding bottle to float in the air just above everyone's heads. A summoning spell quickly remedies this, though Edelweiss is distraught over the difficulty she's caused.

1883 | Tragedy strikes. After a blissful 9 months of pregnancy, Jane experiences complications during labor. Soon after, Mezereon is born. In a cruel twist, the light of his life extinguishes before he can say goodbye to her. Faustus is devastated and finds himself leaning on the rest of his family for support.

1885 | After two years of mourning, Faustus is not ready to come out. Ultimately he decides to make a departmental switch. The loss of his wife has made him realize he needs to be in a less dangerous position – the possibility of his children losing not one but two parents is not something he wants to put upon them. He waits until the end of the year to make this transition

1889 | Faustus - expecting to not return to the Auror Department - is made Head Auror. While not the move he'd expected to make, he finds he's more physically and mentally fit to take on the role again. He steps back into it like a duck to water.

1890 | After settling back into his role as Head Auror, Faustus is made constantly aware that (for the sake of at least his children) he must re-marry again.



Born the first of the family, it's natural that Faustus is a bit more reserved. Growing up this became more and more apparent as the personalities of the rest of his siblings came into light. In attempts to be more manageable, Faustus has always done his best to be mindful of his parents and not get into trouble. Always worrying about others before himself, more often than not he's a noble soul; far from perfect, however, there are times when he fails to realize he can be a bit selfish, as he is used to being independent and a self-starter.

As a young adolescent, Faustus was a studious fellow, always turning in assignments on time and doing his best to be an example for his younger siblings. This responsibility has never really faded from him and has seen him described as quiet and reserved on occasion. If Fitzroy was the impatient one, Faustus was the one who could sit and watch paint dry with little to no irritation; while not the most enthralling of activities, this quality has been honed by years of being an Auror that has enveloped him with a certain air of calm and patience.

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