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{SWP 9} A Particular Purchase
January 14th, 1890; Night — Fox & Son, Knockturn Alley

Most people would hear about dangerous artifacts and run in the opposite direction. You, however, were intrigued. You don't have a death wish (probably), but surely there are more interesting pieces among the haul—a hat that makes you wiser or a purse that never empties. Or maybe you're just curious.

Whatever your reasoning, you've been 'round the block long enough to know that if it's stolen, you can probably find it in Knocturn Alley. Your first instinct sees you go to Borgin & Burkes, but on your way, the door of Fox & Son calls to you. Ordinarily, you'd not go into the shop at all—something about it always seemed too foreboding about the place (or maybe just too rich for your blood).

As you enter the shop, a small, tin bell jingles above the door. While it might be brighter during the day (unlikely), only a gaslight by the door and another upon the counter illuminate it at this late hour. You take a breath.

You approach the counter.

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Spryly had heard a rumor about some strange stolen artifacts and had listened around as much as he could to get a clue as to where they might be. It probably wasn't the smartest decision he'd ever made but times were tough and if he could just get a hold of one it might change his fortunes indefinitely for the better. The artifact itself might be incredibly useful or, more likely, it'd be incredibly valuable and he'd earn a handsome sum selling it onward.

As such he walked brazenly into the Knockturn Alley shop where he had a hunch he might find what he was looking for. He looked about and it suddenly occurred to him that he might not have enough money for the thing, what were the prices like in here? Would they know what it was? Would he know what he was looking for? Probably he should have thought about all of this a lot sooner, certainly before setting foot in the place. If nothing else he could try stealing it, not that he fancied his chances. He walked up to the counter apprehensively. Stealing anything would probably be impossible once he sought the shopkeeper's attention. "Hello?"

Jay appeared in the doorway from the back room at the sound of the bell and the following voice. He inclined his head in a brief nod of greeting at the young man, discerning from this perfunctory glance that this was not one of Fox’s closest business contacts whom he ought to know by sight. Not someone on the books.

A new customer, then. Jay regarded the fellow with his usual deference, despite the fact the dim light gave him an air of grubbiness. “How can I help?” He said mildly. “Looking to buy, or looking to sell?” One thing was for certain: people did not often wander into Fox & Son’s for some idle browsing.

[Image: 3HEmwct.png]
Spryly was hoping no one would show up and leave him to rummage through things undisturbed and unobserved. Disappointingly this was not the case. "I'm looking for somethin' specific, somethin' special." He gave the man a funny, knowing sort of look. He didn't actually know how else to describe what he sought, he was hoping he'd just happen across it and know when he found it. Now he wasn't so sure.

"Prob'ly only just came in." Merlin's beard this wasn't going to get him anywhere was it? He might as well just leave, it wasn't like he'd be able to afford it anyway which meant he'd have to use more risky means of getting it which didn't exactly fill him with confidence.

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