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Pies Are Quite Yummy
January 3rd, 1890 - Goshawk Household
Christmas was over and things felt as if they were beginning to return to normal – as normal as it ever got in the Goshawk household, at least – and Saxon was minding his own business meandering about the house. His mother and step-Satan were in their small garden drinking tea and Saxon didn’t know where everyone else was.

Running his hand across the wall as he trundled absent-mindedly into the kitchen, Saxon turned his head upward to nothing, stopping in front of one of the counters where there laid a small plate with one of Saxon’s favourite foods.

“Might I have a mince pie?” He asked the air. He then paused for a moment and nodded his head as if someone was talking to him before turning back to the counter and reaching to grab one, “I’m only going to have one,” Saxon continued and nodded with assurance at his words.

Just as he reached over and took one, he heard a noise in the kitchen and turned to see her. Ugh. Maxima. For some unknown reason, she always seemed to have it out for Saxon and he wasn’t sure why. But he knew better than to try and annoy her; she’d probably sooner hex him for breathing funny than taking a mince pie and not asking mother or step-Demon so he was going to nip that right in the bud.

“I asked father and he said it was okay,” He said with furrowed brows and a glare, hand still firmly wrapped around the pie.

Today had been like any other in the Goshawk house. Crowded and annoying. Maxie would be pleased once married and away from her little brother and the step-monster.

Even so, she had gotten some sewing done and was pleased with that. Valeria was impressed, making it all the better. But her twin was reading, and Maxima wanted to get a snack, having asked mother already.

Spotting her brother, Maxie's eyes narrowed and she made a fake little cough. It earned his attention sure enough. His words made her eyes blaze. "He's not here Saxon. Get your filthy hands off of that before I send for mother. I had the decency to ask before I came in here."

See this. This was why Saxon didn’t like Maxima one little ounce. She was mean, rude, a bully, and mean. It wasn’t what she was saying that hurt him – in truth none of it did. It angered him more than hurt – but it was the way she had decided to say it.

Saxon put down the pie feeling himself getting worked up and when he was annoyed he was going to either do one of two things; throw it at her or smash it against the counter. Both of those would make a mess and he wasn’t about to get in his step-Monster’s bad book.

Taking a step forward with his fists clenched into little balls, Saxon almost hissed at his sister.
“I did ask!” He exclaimed, flailing his arms off to his left – toward the door, “And yes he is! He’s a ghost! I keep telling you but you never listen. Maybe you just can’t see him because… erm…”

Because of what? There had to be some logical explanation as to why only he could see their father, “because you’ve forgotten him and so can’t see him anymore! All of you have! But I can still see him and I asked him and he said I can have one!” Saxon huffed and unclenched his fists – feeling himself calming now that he’d scorned his sister thoroughly so.

He then reached back up and grabbed the pie again before turning back to her and taking a smug bite out of it with a wide grin.

She hated him. Never had she ever been his biggest fan, but ever since father died.... Ever since their precious father died, she resented Saxon for how he acted. His childishness, his practically mocking their loss.

Watching him go on and on was upsetting, but his so called 'explanation' drove her through the roof. She had told herself that she wouldn't cry after the mourning period was over, but she already felt the tears.

Ripping the pie from his hands, she gave him a hard slap across the face. It was the first time she had done that. But by Merlin, it would not be the last if he ever said such terrible things such as that. "Get. Out." She snarled.

Saxon was a little taken aback by her sudden snatching of his snack but it kind of expected, though. The two didn’t get on. Even when their father was still alive they argued incessantly but since his death, things seemed to have gone from bad to worse with regard to their relationship and neither of them made any attempt to hide the fact.

What was unexpected was the sharp pain that ran from his cheek as her hand struck him. His face immediately dropped and he recoiled, his hand coming up to cover the reddened skin. He saw the tears in her eyes (and his own tears mirrored hers) but he couldn’t understand why she was so… sad? Angry? But when she told him to get out, he didn’t. He didn’t want to. She was lucky he didn’t have his wand and he was furious.

Saxon looked around to see if he could see his father – and of course he wasn’t around. He did that a lot. Whenever Saxon was angry, father would leave.

“No,” He said shakily and rubbed his eyes, “that hurt” Saxon sniffed.

He’d never been struck before (except on occasion by the step-beast) and for his own sister to strike him, that shook him to his very core. Saxon couldn’t understand why. He was only trying to explain why she couldn’t see their father!

After a moment of silence, Saxon took another step back, pushing slightly against the counter, as the pain began to throb against his cheek. He looked to the floor and sniffed.

“That really hurt,” Saxon mumbled.

There was a line one he scratched, poked, and spat at. But this had pushed it. It had him jumping over and doing a little dance. She was angry and hurt and tired of his acting of innocence. It wasn't appreciated. It hurt.

She wanted him to leave. For mother to send him away to where somone would fix him. But she would settle for him hiding in his bedroom for an hour or two. She put the pie on the counter for a maid to fetch.

"What do you think your words do, Saxon? They hurt. Of course I never forgot him. I knew him longer than you anyway. Mother would never forget him. We wouldn't do that. And for you to say such a thing?" She shook her head as she stared at the stupid pie.

Looking back at him, she shook her head. "This has to stop. He's not there. Remember that resort? The one with the ghost for an owner? Everyone sees him. Everyone sees the ghosts of Hogwarts. I just don't understand why you put the rest of us through this nonsense. Just go away Saxon."

Furrowing his brows at her words, his lip pursed, Saxon let out a big huff. He wasn’t going to listen to this. She didn’t know what she was talking about. You don’t always see ghosts, that would be silly. Saxon knew that.

“But not always,” Saxon mumbled under his breath before stepping toward his sister, a tear moving down his reddened cheek, “And it isn’t nonsense…!” Saxon’s voice almost rose – he could feel himself getting annoyed again.

Perhaps deep down he knew their father wasn’t a ghost. But that wasn’t the point, was it? If he was to admit that, it would be admitting that his father was gone and had been replaced by the horrible man that mother had decided to settle with and it would be admitting that she was willing to bring them all back to the place that took their family away. Every time he went around Hogsmeade, all he could think about was when his mother told him that their father had died. Here. For all he knew, it could have been in this house and Saxon did not want to – no, he refused to – accept that fact.

He did not want to accept that his father was dead. So maybe he did know their dad was gone and it was silly for him to be a ghost but he wasn’t going to stop. It made him feel better. And maybe, just maybe, if he thought hard enough his dad would return as a ghost.

But as Saxon stood there and saw the pain in his sister’s expression and he reflected on the hurt in her voice, he knew he should have felt bad but he didn’t. He felt… frustrated. He felt like nobody would listen to him and as he thought more on her words and how she – and the rest of the family – spoke to him (sometimes, not all the time), it made him less frustrated for not being listened to but angry. Livid.

Just go away Saxon

But he didn’t want to.
This was his house too and why wouldn’t she just listen to him and let him have his little story about their dad? It helped him.

Exhaling harshly, Saxon approached his sister and pushed her backward, “No, you go away. I was in here first! And I don’t care if you don’t believe me!” He hissed.

What came next out of his mouth, he didn’t want to say. It just sort of… came out. Something he thought he’d likely regret.

“And yes you all have forgotten about him! You never talk about him, you never think about him… You probably don’t even love him anymore. At least I still talk to him and actually want him here!”

By this point, Saxon was less than a few centimetres from his older sister and his breathing was heavy; spit was forming at the corners of his mouth.

The more he did this, the less patience she had for the nonsense. The fantasy of it all. This was not a book, or a painting, or whatever. This was her life he was ruining. The little freak that just couldn't help himself.

Being pushed caused a gasp, as she gripped the counter quickly. Teeth grinding, she had a hard time trying not to listen as he went on and on.

There were a billion things she wanted to yell, shout, scream at him. But what was the worst part was hearing the little gasp from the doorway. Turning her head quick enough that it hurt, her eyes widened as she watched the tears quickly forming in Valeria's eyes and falling even quicker.

Before she could speak, Valeria was running off quickly. Turning back to her brother, she was sneering like she had seen the most disgusting thing on earth. "You're an evil, wicked little boy who I hate! Never ever talk to me or Val again!" She shouted before grabbing two pies and running off to comfort her beloved twin.

Letting out an enraged breath, Saxon glared as she ran off. Saxon knew where Valeria went when she was upset and he knew that those two were inseparable. But how dare she call him wicked.

He didn’t know what to do and at this point he didn’t care what he did so he ran to a small cupboard in the hall as he ran after Maxima and opened it; it was never locked but they never went into it. The man who married their mother didn’t really allow them to practice magic outside of school but at this point, Saxon was beyond infuriated. He just wanted to make her pay for what she was saying and how she was acting. He grabbed his wand and ran up the stairs after Maxima; he could hear her footsteps running across the hall.

He managed to get to the top of the stairs just as she was about to go into where Valeria was. Pointing his wand at her, Saxon flicked it slightly and twisted it. It was a little jinx he’d learned in his first year – one he’d gotten in trouble for before. He didn’t care what kind of trouble he was going to get into for this. He just wanted her to say sorry. As he finished casting the tripping jinx at Maxima, he dashed toward her and hit her kind of lightly with his empty hand. He didn’t particularly have the energy for this.

“You’re the evil one!” He said shouting down at her, “You’re a bully and I’m glad you don’t get to see him! He would be disappointed in what you are! You’re not my sister, you’re not even a person! You’re a hag.”

One minute, she was running to comfort her twin. The next, she was on the floor by no fault of her own. The glimps of a wand and she knew it had been his magic. His doing. What he had just done was illegal and yet he didn't seem to care.

And he wouldn't until she did something about it.

Taking a deep breath, ignoring his rant, she waited for the right moment before, "MOTHER! MOTHER!" She was yelling as loud as she could. Footsteps were already coming over at a frantic pace by the fourth 'mother'. She thought she heard Val crying in front of her, but she wouldn't stop yelling until she heard her mother's voice.

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