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DUELING '90: Chrysanta Ruskin vs. Archelaus Abney
January 4th, 1890 — Headquarters of the London Society for the Practice of Combative Magic
@Chrysanta Ruskin
@Archelaus Abney
Perhaps a bit more interesting round, but certainly not the most amusing of the day. They were still young, but nonetheless the ministry worker found himself excited to see what the day held. With the rules read, he gestured to the young woman. "Miss Ruskin whenever you're ready,"
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Crystal really didn't want to lose this duel. It would be a blow to her pride if she lost. She aimed her wand at Mr. Abney and attempted to melt his shoes to the ground.

MJ made the pretties
As Miss Ruskin began the duel, Archelaus cast a shield spell. "Protego!"

[Image: xNGLmb.png]
At first, the effect didn't seem to work. But then smoke started to rise, first slowly, then rapidly as the soles of Mr. Abney's shoes started to melt into the ground. A glimmer of an amused smile, before he announced the winner and repaired the male student's shoes. "This first round goes to Miss Ruskin. Mr. Abney, if you would start the next round, please."
@Chrysanta Ruskin - 12.5
@Archelaus Abney - 8

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Archelaus began his next turn with the conjectivus curse, a jinx that would have her eyes swelling shut.
Chrysanta responded by attempting to summon his wand.

MJ made the pretties
This time, Mr. Abney's spell hit Miss Ruskin square in the eyes, while her own spell seemed to do very little. After righting Miss Ruskin and making sure she was alright, the ministry worker announced, "This round to Mr. Abney. Miss Ruskin if you'd like to begin to decide our tiebreaker, please!"
@Chrysanta Ruskin - 7.5
@Archelaus Abney - 13

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Chrysanta attempted to make his eye twitch uncontrollably.

MJ made the pretties
Archelaus cast a shield spell.

[Image: xNGLmb.png]
How close! While it was a shaky spell to begin with, it managed to break through Mr Abney's shield and hit its target. "Congratulations, Ms. Ruskin, you will be the one to advance to the next round."

@Chrysanta Ruskin - 8.5
@Archelaus Abney - 8

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