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Auld Lang Syne
December 31st, 1889 — The Three Broomsticks
The unlit pipe in the wizard's hand was more a prop than anything, but the glass of whiskey (half empty not because of Hamish's outlook on life, but because he had consumed half of it) before him was very much not. Into his cups, but not so much so that he ran the risk of becoming a blithering old mess, Hamish had been telling tales of past December 31st in far off places—after all, he had seen enough of them!

True, there were better spirits back at the house, but the company could not compare—for the first year in his life, Hamish's horde of children were all old enough to have better things to do than spend the evening at home with their father—they were off ice skating, visiting friends or, in Mercutio's case, hard at work. No, he had had to leave Bartonburg for a bit of companionship, but that did not bother the jovial wizard in the slightest.

"Of course, to hear my cousin speak of it, the Americas have very little indeed on Egypt," he concluded before moving to finish his present drink.

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It was no secret to the Ruskin family that Ellsworth preferred to find as much of his time beyond the confines of his home then within it, afterall it had prodded him to find a post at Hogwarts decades ago. It was, therefore, no surprise that Ellsworth would have found company on New Years Eve at The Three Broomsticks rather than with Rosie nagging at him.

I should certainly think not!” Ellsworth chuckled, several cups of whiskey fueling his good humor this evening. “I once hear of an Egyptian wizard who managed to cast a charm to see scenes of the past.” He admitted conspiratorially taking a sip of his quickly emptying glass. See if Darrow could top that tidbit!
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   Hamish Darrow
Following a rather slow day at the apothecary, Toby had decided to part with a few galleons in the name of good food and better company. Upon arriving at the Three Broomsticks, he had quickly placed an order for his favorite dish and a large mug of ale.  While he waited, he glanced around the room at the various occupants, trying to find someone he knew. Unfortunately, he was rather new to the area, and a bit shy, so the list was fairly small. He caught various bits of chatter here and there, but nothing stood out as interesting until he overheard  his former professors exchanging tales of adventure and attempting to outdo one another with each new story. Upon hearing Prof. Ruskin's latest claim, he could contain himself no longer.

"Excuse me, gentlemen. I couldn't help but overhear you mention that a certain Egyptian wizard was able to charm various scenes from history into existence! Please, were these scenes only visible to the caster similar to a vision, or were they projected onto a wall, like one of those Muggle Magic Lanterns?"
"To that, sir," Hamish replied jovially, "I am afraid I must defer to my colleague!"

He had never been the sort to mind a friendly intrusion, and a whiskey (or two) only amplified the professor's welcoming nature.

"Well, Ruskin?"

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Another man joined the conversation and Ellsworth certainly could not begrudge him such a thing. Such conversations, afterall, were better with a captive audience.

Ah.” He took a sip of his whiskey before continuing, “To my understanding it was as if ghosts took to the stage. Walking around him, conversing as if he weren’t there. But his surroundings stayed entirely modern.” He finished with a dramatic flare.

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