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New Year, New Beginnings
December 31st, 1889 - Arizona Territory, USA
@Conall MacKay

The four months she'd been here had been both the longest and shortest months of her life, for vastly different reasons. It was her dream job that she was here pursuing and therefore it felt like it was going by incredibly fast.  Her six month update and check in with the first set of her research was due in just a couple of short months and that would determine if she extended the trip or not. Eavan had never wanted anything more than to study Thunderbirds, her Ilvermorny house mascot, every since she'd started at school. Life had led her in a wildly different direction and just when she thought she'd had everything figured out, everything fell apart, simply crumbled around here again and so Eva did what MacKays best; she ran.

It wasn't exactly running, more like avoiding, but here she was yet again. After her mother's death, she and her father had attempted to run from the sorrow to the Amazon. That had only worked for him, the climate making her disgustingly ill and she'd landed in Scotland with extended family in a completely foreign place. However, she'd fallen in love with the region, its people, the creatures, the zoo and with Fletcher. Unfortunately the last one was what had driven her to where she currently was. The argument had shattered her to the point where she hadn't known what else to do but take the offered position and get away.

Having her father come to visit left her feeling both delighted and a little hesitant. While she was certainly happy to have him, he brought a little of Scotland with him and that hit her harder than she would like to admit. In any matter, she needed to just suck it up and be happy that her father would be here for part of the holiday. Hopefully he'd be proud of the work she was doing. They hadn't been on the best of terms back in Scotland, but now that Fletcher was really no longer in the picture, she highly doubted Conall had much to hold against her anymore.

With the sleeves of her light linen shirt rolled up to her elbows, Eva was missing the winter temperatures of Scotland, but still enjoyed the sunshine, even if she burned instantly under its belligerent rays. Thankfully the nursery where they were housing the eggs of the latest batch of Thunderbirds was under cover and as she checked the room's temperature and recorded it, she heard the familiar grumble that could only belong to her father outside the tent. Dusting off her hands, she wiped them off on her trousers and put her hat back on her head as she left the room. "Hello Da," She smiled warmly as she laid eyes on him.

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“It started out as a feeling
which then grew into a hope.”

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The Arizona landscape almost reminded him more of his days in Australia than the half his life he’d spent in North America, but being this side of the Atlantic again after the surprising move to Scotland was more disorienting than he had expected.

Disorienting but refreshing. He was thrilled to be here, to put it plainly; he would be thrilled to see Eavan again. He had been happier than he supposed most parents might be to have been left behind in Scotland while she set off halfway across the world again to study thunderbirds - happier than he had liked to show, considering the hard circumstances in which she’d come to accept it. Conall hadn’t asked over the details, but what he could see well enough was that she’d chosen her life’s work above the expectations of her fancy man, bloody Mr. Langley. She might not have, but he had resented the thought on her behalf that she would give up everything simply to stay at his side - but this turn of events had proven that she was his daughter after all, and would not desert her own dreams so easily.

If there was a seed of guilt somewhere in him at the fact he had been so disagreeable about her fellow and was so triumphant now, Conall certainly didn’t know what to do with it. He did feel bad that she’d had to make a sacrifice of any kind to come, that it felt like an uprooting. He would feel bad if he came and found her rueful about it, or not enjoying herself here as he had to believe she would.

But he wouldn’t find out until he saw her, and he was more impatient than he could say about it - only once he’d gotten to the camp he’d been from one team to another, one of her expedition colleagues clearly giving him false information about where she was today... so that by the time he arrived at the nursery camp he’d been tramping about in the sun for far too long already. The freckles must be sprouting like damned mushrooms.

But there she was and all his grumbling subsided as he swept her into a hug, trying not to knock off her hat with the force of it. “Eavan! There’s my girl,” he exclaimed, with a rare wave of ebullience. “How are you? Is it everything you’d hoped?”

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