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Ivor Gladstone
Full Name: Ivor Farwell Gladstone
Nicknames: None
Birthdate: September 15th, 1854
Current Age: 35 Years
Occupation: Combative Magic Instructor
Reputation:  6 – He has lived a 'decent' life, but married a woman that did not. A muggle woman, at that.
Residence: London
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Alder :: Unicorn Hair :: 11” :: Unyielding
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Social Class: Middle
Family: Mother: Ruby James Farwell, 52
Father: Donald Brewer Gladstone, 60, Ministry Worker (Magic Witch Watchers)
Siblings: Irene Phyllis Gladstone (31), Trevor Rein Gladstone (26), Hollis Ymir Gladstone (20)
Late Wife: Maisie Lyn Marotte, a muggle. Died at age 27.
Step-Daughter: Syrah Rose Marotte, 14, Hufflepuff
Appearance: Definitely looks like a bit of a dork with his untamed hair and his glasses, which is fitting because he is a bit of a dork. He is always hygienic and tries to dress nice, favoring suits that are just a touch too big for him. Try as he might to keep up he normally has the shadow of a beard on his face. He looks much more the part of a professor than law enforcement. He wears both his own wedding band (on his finger) and his wife's (on a necklace).

He stands at 6'2”, but when he isn't thinking about it he tends to hunch a bit. His right is his wand hand.

History: Basically, his mother and father had a steamy affair when his mother was barely of age, and it resulted in a pregnancy. They never married. Instead, Ruby Farwell happily accepted a very generous arrangement which meant a place to live and ongoing payments of (informal) child support. And Donald Gladstone was reassured that his line would be extant. He ended up having more children with more pure-bloods, which is good, because Ivor ended up being kind of a disappointment to him since he was so... normal?

The highlight of Ivor's life was his next-door neighbor, a sweet muggle girl named Maisie. She was the same age as Ivor, and they went to school together for a while at the nearby muggle elementary. Of course, he went to Hogwarts once he was old enough, and they had to part each term. They remained close friends, exchanging letters all through the school year. And each summer that went by, they spent just about every day together. Until at the dreaded age of sixteen, Maisie snapped a little bit. She had issues at home with her parents, and Ivor was not there when she needed someone. So she rather spiraled out of control, drinking and sleeping around, and really having the troubled teen experience. Which is, of course, especially bad given the time period!

Ivor, on the other hand, mostly dealt with bullies and didn't make many friends of his own. And dating? Ha! That was a good one. He longed for the day when he could just leave Hogwarts for the last time. And he was rather desperately in love with Maisie, envisioning a future that they could create together... Well, it didn't happen.

Leaving Hogwarts, he found that Maisie had found 'the love of her life', a no-good unemployed bum. But Ivor would never contradict her choices. While Maisie continued her rollercoaster life, Ivor made the most of his NEWTS and joined the Ministry. He was an auror for many years, doing his best to fight the good fight. And he was rather well-known at the Ministry for his non-verbal spells and ability to get people to spill their secrets.

Eventually, Maisie's mistakes caught up to her. She ended up pregnant from that 'perfect' boyfriend, who got scared and ran. Ivor and Maisie became close again with him out of the way, and things were like they once were. Ivor doted on little Syrah, and was honored when she started to call him daddy. Things were looking up, even if the relationship between the old friends was just that.

When Syrah was six, Maisie fell ill. She never got better, and she knew that she wouldn't. So she did what she thought the right thing would be. Seeing the signs that her daughter was different, she asked Ivor to take care of her, to make sure that she learned what she needed to. And to make sure that Syrah's biological father would have trouble stepping in if ever he decided to, Maisie and Ivor tied the knot in a private ceremony. Maisie died three months later, and Ivor and Syrah did their best to keep on.

Basically, Ivor is now training future aurors rather than directly hunting witches and wizards himself.  Syrah is attending Hogwarts and mostly a normal girl. But both of them have been affected by the past, and feel something is missing.

Personality:  Overall a pretty positive person. He likes to see the glass half-full. Well, that's how he appears on the outside, anyway. Even if he is depressed and stressed out, feeling rather hopeless, he'd rather other people not guess at it. Kind of a defense mechanism as well as a way to keep the mood light. In general, he really is usually in good spirits.

He makes a point of being immersed in both the muggle and wizarding worlds. He has developed a thick skin over the years, not being easily offended when people that he doesn't particularly care for have something negative to say about him. He is quite sensitive to what people close to him say, though, as he is accepting of the flaws of his loved ones and wants the same for himself.

Ivor is often mistaken for being a wuss because of his dorky appearance and attitude, but he didn't get the job that he has for no good reason. He is a tough wizard, and talented at non-verbal spell work. He also strongly believes in justice.
Other:  Boggart  :: Losing his adopted daughter to some slow-moving disease.
Erised  :: Something that can never be obtained – a life with his daughter and her mother, still alive and healthy, and in love with him instead of the men she had in life.
Amortentia :: Jasmine, coffee, and petrichor (doesn't everyone like that?)

Sample Roleplay Post:
“Remember to write! And keep out of trouble, won't you? But if they hit first, hit them back, of course...” He hugged his adoptive daughter tight despite her ongoing protests. “Remember everything that I taught you over the summer, and take care of yourself! Oh, you had best get on then. Go, hurry.”

It happened every year, but it never got easier. Seeing Syrah board the train and disappear from his life up until the summer brought a deep sense of loss to him. She only had three years left, if you didn't count this one, and then she would have to find her place in the world. It was one full of prejudice, and the odds were stacked against her due to her gender and mother's history. She was the only person in the world that Ivor still felt close to... And he felt it was rather one-sided. He remembered being that age and wanting nothing to do with his parents where he could avoid it. Maybe it was time that he found some hobbies outside of work...

Despite this thought, he ended up back in his small home, looking through old letters that he'd exchanged with Maisie. He wished that he could go back in time, and take notice earlier of the subtle hints she'd provided him about her life. It made him desperately sad. It was like a slow torture that would follow him through all his days. He couldn't afford to make more mistakes, to miss anything. He had to be alert every hour of every day.

Name: Shalie
Age: 30
Contact: PM, or Discord.
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