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Forgiveness {OWL DADA}
December 16th, 1889 — Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom

"...but though they are widely considered to be unforgivable, as their name implies," the professor continued his lecture, "the very existence of these curses implies that there must have been a motive for their creation. As such, this shall be your challenge: to determine a situation in which the Unforgivable Curse of your choosing would be, in fact, if not forgivable, then at least justified. Your position will be defended in front of the class the day we return from the Christmas holidays, so if you will be returning home for the recess, I would encourage you to visit the library this week to ensure you have the materials you need."

Open to all students in years 3-5. 5-15HP for a completed oral essay, 50-100 words in length. An extra 15HP available if you complete a 7+ post thread where your student is working on this essay—please provide the link!

OOC Due Date: January 11th
IC Due Date: January 6th

set by soph!
Avada Kedavra, the killing curse, may have been created in order to give someone the chance of a quick death. Sometimes, when creatures, magical and mundane, are in excruciating pain, their lives are swiftly ended as a mercy. It is possible that the killing curse was created to achieve these ends. It might have even been used on people with terminal illnesses that wished to choose the timing of their own death, as well. A death that prevents endless suffering for anything living, is a justifiable mercy and use of the curse.

[Image: x8BBCc.png]
By the awesome MJ <3
January 6th, 1890 — Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom

"Regardless of modern sensibilities on the issue," the Slytherin began with a degree of smugness that was almost Elijah's trademark at this point, "executions have been, throughout history, a much-used form of punishment for the gravest of ills one can perform upon society. Though muggles have proved fond of methods such as hanging or beheading—and our own Nearly-Headless Nick serves as testament to the barbarity of the latter—we wizards had a greater tool at our disposal: the Killing Curse."

"The goal of execution, of course, is not to cause the victim pain but to remove them once and for all from a society in which they have no place. The use of the Killing Curse, though frowned upon in civil society, and rightly so, is a far more genteel, fool-proof, and efficient means to that end. As such, while it does not have a place in our day-to-day lives, it is certainly understandable why it might have been developed, and why it might even make a comeback some day—though of course, only as a part of our legal system."

Elijah has heterochromia. His right eye is green and his left is blue.

MJ is a graphics goddess ❤ —
January 6th, 1890 — Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom

"Imagine, if you will, a conquest without bloodshed," Idunn began grandly, having had the Christmas holidays to prepare her speech.

"Instead of crossed swords and flaming arrows, the battle is won with wands, quickly, quietly, as the losing side is subdued by the Imperious Curse. While many would argue that it is immoral to strip one of their free will, we must ask ourselves if it is not more immoral to perpetuate the large-scale loss of life on all sides."

"We can bring this notion, too, into the modern era. Young children are full of energy and curiosity, both of which must be cultivated. However, they lack the sense and forethought that keeps them from trouble. If a child's life is endangered and they will not listen to reason, what other option does a good parent have than the momentary taking of free will to preserve decades of life?"

"In essence, one must way cost and reward against one another when making any decisions of morality, and the use of the Imperious Curse is, I would insist, no exception."

Graphics by MJ ♡

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