Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Imogen R. MacFusty (née Van Helsing)
    In Character
    Full Name: Imogen Roslyn MacFusty (née Van Helsing)
    Nicknames: Immie
    Birthdate: 9th April 1860
    Current Age: 27
    Occupation: Wife of Malcolm MacFusty
    Reputation: 3
    Residence: The Hebrides, Scotland
    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumna
    Chestnut, 11", Dragon Heartstring, Bendy; broken 1874
    Dogwood, 12", Dragon Heartstring, Whippy; broken 1887
    Dogwood, 13 ¾”, Dragon Heartstring, Whippy
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Upper
    Malcolm "Mac" MacFusty, Husband [b. 1/3/1858]
    Isobel "Izzie" MacFusty, Stepdaughter [b. 12/3/1882]
    Findlay "Finny" MacFusty, Son [b. 6/1/1885]; twin
    Finella "Fia" MacFusty, Daughter [b. 6/1/1885]; twin
    Brendan "Brenny" MacFusty, Son [b. 8/12/1886]
    Galahad, German Shepherd
    Gareth & Gryfflet, Dutch Shepherds
    Puck, Little Owl

    Edmond Crewe, Ex-fiancé (b. 1859)
    Leonard "Leo" Van Helsing, Son (b. 1879); twin
    Leroy "Roy" Van Helsing, Son (b. 1879; twin

    Marit Van Houten (née Trengove née Van Helsing), Mother (b. 1844)
    Theodorus Van Helsing, "Father" (1835-1866)
    ---- Augustus Van Helsing, Half-brother (b. 1863)
    ---- Brigitta Van Helsing, Half-sister (b. 1866)
    Cornelius Trengove, Stepfather (1836-1875)
    ---- Christian Trengove, Half-brother (1869-1887)
    ---- Theresa Trengove, Half-sister (b. 1872); twin
    ---- Theodora Trengove, Half-sister (b. 1872); twin
    ---- Nicholas Trengove, Half-brother (b. 1869-1887)
    Baldemar Van Houten, Stepfather (b. 1814)
    ---- Helena Van Houten, Half-sister (b. 1878)
    ---- Baastian Van Houten, Half-brother (b. 1881)
    ---- Cornelia Van Houten, Half-sister (b. 1883)

    Various aunts, uncles, and cousins, the most notable of these relations being her cousins @Sophronia Van Helsing and @Persephone Van Helsing.

    Standing a height of 5'8", a rather tall (and unfashionable) for a woman in this era, Immie favors the Van Helsing side of the family in appearance, retaining the signature chestnut brown hair and eyes of her ancestors. She has a willowy frame, and while her hips and stomach have never been the same since the birth of her twins the year prior (especially so after her most recent pregnancy with her youngest son), it's nothing she can't hide beneath a layer of clothing and some stays for good measure. In terms of style, Immie comes across as neither fashionable nor unfashionable as she tends to alternate between the clothing of the era and traditional wizards garb -- which she often wears around the house because she considers them much more comfortable than bustle dresses. And lastly, she wields a wand with her right hand.
    YEAR OF 1859 | Sixteen-year-old Marit Van Helsing finds herself unexpectedly pregnant after a tryst with her household's gardener in late summer. When her parents had gotten wind of the situation, she was immediately withdrawn from school and quickly married off to a distant cousin on her father's side -- a one Mr. Theodorus Van Helsing, who was nine years her senior.

    Theodorus promised to accept the child as his own on the conditions that, should the child be a boy, he would not be allowed to inherit, and that Marit would remain faithful and not stray. An Unbreakable Vow had been performed to ensure that she kept her end of the bargain.

    SPRING OF 1860 | Imogen Roslyn is born as the first of Marit's ten children. Both parents had been incredibly relieved that the child was a girl. Marit because, she'd had a boy, it would have been grievously unfair for him to be passed over in favor of his more legitimate brother. And Theodorus because now all he had to do was provide his "daughter" with a small dowry for appearances' sake, and that would be that.

    YEARS 1860 - 1862 | Although the circumstances surrounding her birth were hardly normal, the protection of her "father's" name and his willingness to accept her as his own genetic product (which wasn't hard, considering that she took mostly after their Van Helsing side of the family), ensured that Immie never needed to know the difficulties often faced by illegitimate children in that day and age. Oh certainly, there were speculations by the staff who'd been a bit skeptical of their masters' hasty marriage from the start, but as nothing could be proven, Immie had lived out her first two years of life in relative peace.

    As with most children of her station, she'd been largely confined to her nursery where she'd been attended to by a rather efficient Nanny who adhered to a strict schedule. There was rarely day that Immie's routine had not gone as planned, though impromptu visits from her mother (and occasionally, even her "father" -- though more for the purpose of ensure that she was being properly taken care of and that her needs were being met) were occasions that Immie cherished, and were often the highlight of her early days.

    YEAR OF 1863 | During the year that Immie turned three, her mother was safely delivered of a baby boy, her brother, named Augustus. With the Vow in place -- and the fact that Marit had not dropped dead yet -- there was no question of the child's paternity, and the boy was named as Theodorus' heir.

    An energetic child and sorely lacking in playmates, Immie had been very curious about this new addition to her nursery, and always attempted to play with August whenever she could -- often with mixed results, as her Nanny often claimed that she was being "too rough" with him.

    YEAR OF 1866 | A few months after she turned six and her younger sister had been born, Immie's "father" had died as a result of a vampire hunt gone awry. Having never been as close to the man as she was to her mother -- for obvious reasons that were unknown to her at the time -- Immie hadn't been too fazed by his death, though had felt enough to be saddened by the event. Because even though he had never been a large influence in her life, he had at least been kind enough to remember to give her small gifts for her birthday and at Christmas with the occasional surprise Chocolate Frog thrown in between.

    The event of Theodorus' death also released Marit from her Vow, though the price to pay for her freedom had been the loss of Augustus and Brigitta -- Theodorus' legitimate off-spring -- to be placed under the custody of her brother-in-law and his wife. Distraught by the (unfair, in her opinion) loss of her children, Marit had used the small inheritance left to her by her late husband to relocate she and Immie to Britain to be nearer her brother and his family.

    YEAR OF 1867 | Although the move to Britain had been a bit staggering at first, especially with having to become accustomed to an entirely new language, with the help of her cousins -- Sophronia, in particular, whom she was closest to in age -- Immie managed to settle in well into her new home. The language barrier being easily fixed once she was given a governess and a tutor, though given her short attention span and often restless nature, getting her to focus on the remainder of her studies proved to be somewhat of a challenge.

    YEAR OF 1868 | Two years later saw Marit become acquainted with a one Mr. Cornelius Trengove, a well-known Potioneer who was widowed with two grown children. Immie, who was by now eight-years-old, hadn't been entirely sure what to make of him at first. Her mother usually had her eye on some man or other, but it wasn't until Mr. Trengove's appearance that Immie had even considered the possibility of her mother remarrying again, and it had left her a little uncertain. But regardless of her feelings on that matter, Immie had learned later in the year that Mr. Trengove was to become her new stepfather in the spring.

    YEAR OF 1869 | In the winter of that year, Immie gets a younger sibling in the form of a brother, a baby boy named Christian. She absolutely adores him, even if he does often make her miss Augustus, whom she was on very infrequent terms with.

    SUMMER OF 1871 | Finally, after four years of anticipation, Imogen along with her cousin Roni, received their Hogwarts acceptance letters in July. Though the occasion hadn't been as happy as it should have been as the Trengoves had received word of Mina's -- her uncle Abraham's wife's -- death not long after. Immie had done everything she could to comfort her cousins -- especially Roni -- during this trying time.

    SEPTEMBER 1871 - MAY 1872 | Despite Auntie Mina's death, life had gone on for the Van Helsing/Trengove families, and Immie and Roni were sent off to Hogwarts where they were sorted into Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, respectively. Initially disappointed by the separation, as Roni was her best friend and they'd rarely been apart since she and mother had moved to Britain, Immie had eventually adpated to the new situation, and found her first year to be a rather fun experience. Social and fairly inclusive, Immie had had very little trouble making friends -- especially with those within her own house -- and had tried to ensure that nobody felt left out or excluded, but perhaps she had come across as just a little pushy while doing so...

    In regards to academics, however, Immie could hardly be considered as the most studious of students, though that was not to say that she was a terrible one. She just simply had no interest in subjects that could not hold her attention, though fortunately, she scraped by with passing grades in Astronomy and History of Magic in order to pass to the next year.

    SPRING OF 1872 | Immie had learned via a letter from home that her mother had given birth to twins, little girls girls named Theresa and Theodora Trengove.

    SEPTEMBER 1872 - MAY 1873 | After a summer in which the Van Helsing and Trengove families had spent three months in Bavaria at the family headquarters, Immie had returned to Hogwarts with a new objective: learn how to play Quidditch. Although she’d never been encouraged to play -- and had initially been forbidden to until she had pointed out that her cousins were learning how to Vampire Hunt (an equally unsuitable pastime for a lady of good breeding) -- she’d always had a fanatical interest in the sport, and had finally decided to pursue it. A decision she would never regret as it would come to shape her life and introduce her to many amazing people along the way.

    SEPTEMBER 1873 - MAY 1874 | After spending the summer with her grandparents in Amsterdam, Immie had returned to Hogwarts in jovial spirits, quite eager to be with her friends again and thoroughly anticipating Gryffindor Chaser tryouts early in the school year. A position that she, sadly, did not get, though it had only made her more determined to make the team next year.

    Immie had also chosen Ghoul Studies and Care of Magical Creatures as her OWL electives at the end of her second year, both of which she had enjoyed, though the latter more so as there was a particular Mr. MacFusty whose company she couldn’t help but find pleasure in. He was fun, had a great sense of humor, and was just as much of a Quidditch fanatic as she was-- what was not to like?

    SPRING OF 1874 | Marit and Cornelius’ fourth child and second son, Nicholas, is born.

    SUMMER OF 1874 | Flying into a thunderstorm on a dare hadn’t been one of the best ideas she’d ever had, and Immie had paid for her actions when a particularly strong gust of wind had sent her flying into a tree, breaking both her arm and her wand in the process. Thus, rendering her both injured and wandless, though a trip into Diagon Alley towards the end of summer saw her purchase a whippy 12” Dogwood wand with a Dragon Heartstring core that she had come to love even more than her old one.

    SEPTEMBER 1874 - MAY 1875 | Immie had returned for her fourth year once again determined to earn a place on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Since their previous player had graduated earlier that year, there had been a vacant Seeker position up for grabs, and although she hadn’t found it nearly as exciting as the others, it was still a chance to become part of the team and she had grasped at it. And she’d been fortunate enough to have been given the position, thus meeting her goal, and she couldn’t have been more happier.

    SUMMER OF 1875 | Tragedy struck the Trengove family when Cornelius had died as a result of a potions experiment gone wrong. This leaves Marit already twice widowed at the age of thirty-one, and with her late husband having already had a son from his previous marriage, everything barring dowries for his daughters and small sums of money for his remaining sons, had gone to him. Which had left she and her children with very little in the way of security, though fortunately, her step-son had been kind enough to allow them to stay on.

    SEPTEMBER 1875 - MAY 1876 | Along with her fifth year came the inevitable (and dreaded) OWL exams at the end of the year. While not a terrible student per se, studying had quickly become the bane of her existence, and she most likely would have scored a lot worse if it hadn’t been for her cousin -- who was clearly the more academically-inclined of the two.

    Astronomy - P
    Care of Magical Creatures - O
    Charms - E
    DADA - E
    Ghoul Studies - A
    Herbology - E
    History of Magic - T
    Potions - D
    Transfiguration - A

    SEPTEMBER 1876 - MAY 1877 | Having scored better on her examinations that she had expected to, Immie had continued her NEWT studies with Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Ghoul Studies, and Herbology. She had also began receiving quite a bit of attention from a fellow Gryffindor this year, and although she knew that Edmond Crewe had a reputation for being something of a heartbreaker, she had relished in his attentions, loving the way he had elicited new emotions within her.

    SUMMER OF 1877 | Immie was shocked when her mother marries again, this time to an old business associate of her father’s. While thirty years her senior, Baldemar Van Houten had always been rather sweet on Marit, even as a young girl, and Immie had soon come to realize that her mother had used his infatuation to her advantage in order to cover up her latest unexpected pregnancy.

    SEPTEMBER 1877 - MAY 1878 | Although she’d still not been entirely sure what to make of her mother’s new marriage -- though she couldn’t blame her new stepfather, whom had proved himself to be a kindly and accepting old wizard in her eyes -- Immie had returned for her seventh year with the determination to enjoy her final year and make it worthwhile. And worthwhile it most certainly was because Edmond had often sought her company, and like any infatuated girl of her age would, she did not refuse him. Along with Quidditch (which she had decided early on that she’d wanted to make a career out of) and preparations for her impending NEWTs, Edmond had claimed a large part of her time -- and her thoughts -- and it had gotten to the point that, if she wasn’t at practice or studying with Roni, she was almost always with him. Flirting, mostly, though it had steadily progressed to stolen kisses in dark, empty corridors not long after.

    Charms - E
    Care of Magical Creatures - O
    DADA - E
    Ghoul Studies - A
    Herbology - E

    (LATE) WINTER OF 1878 | Immie’s fourth youngest sister, Helena Van Houten, is born.

    SUMMER OF 1878 | Swiftly after graduation and making her debut, Immie is recruited onto the Holyhead Harpies as their second-string Seeker.

    WINTER OF 1878 | Immie was surprised, though no less pleased (or ecstatic), when Edmond had proposed to her on Christmas Eve, and much to nobody’s surprise, she had accepted.

    (LATE) WINTER OF 1879 | Immie’s heart was shattered when, a day before their wedding was supposed to take place, Edmond never shows up and all of his belongings were missing from the apartment. And if being jilted at the alter wasn’t bad enough, she found out that she was pregnant a few weeks later.  

    AUTUMN OF 1879 | Heartbroken, pregnant, unmarried, and now jobless -- as she’d been forced to hand in her resignation from the Holyhead Harpies -- Immie had been whisked away to Bavaria where she waited out the remainder of her pregnancy. It had certainly been an interesting -- and at times uncomfortable -- experience, and September saw her give birth to not one, but two sons. Twin boys who had captured her heart just seconds after she’d first laid eyes on them, and she’d ruined all of their carefully made plans of sending the babies to live with far-off relatives in Amsterdam, by staunchly refusing to give them up. Those were her babies, her responsibility, and she’d be damned if she allowed anyone else to raise them.

    YEARS 1880 - 1882 | Unwilling to part from her babies, Immie opts to remain in Bavaria, and it's there that she stays for two years before her mother -- who was missing her eldest -- persuaded her to move to Hogsmeade with them. The cover story is that the boys were the orphaned “nephews” of Baldemar, who had only been too kind to take them in.

    It's during these two years that Immie becomes acquainted with a one Shawn MacArthur, a wizard from America who constantly traveled for work. Immie met him while he was in Germany, and the two began a tentative friendship. While it was nice to have someone to talk to, Immie had still kept him at arm's length, both because she was worried of he'd think of her and because she was scared of getting hurt again.

    YEAR OF 1881 | Shawn accidentally learns the truth about her "cousins” parentage when he unexpectedly comes to call on Immie one day. He, thankfully, doesn't reveal her secret "out of friendship" -- though Immie suspects that it was something more.

    Baastian Van Houten is born in the summer. Immie really wishes her mother would stop popping out kids at this point.

    WINTER OF 1882 | Immie’s hunch was proven correct when, a few months after the move to Hogsmeade -- and Immie had acquired herself a job as a photograher for the Daily Prophet -- Shawn had proposed marriage to her. Thinking that she finally got it right this time around, especially since Shawn was so greatly accepting of her boys and had already painted him as a father-figure of sorts, Immie had readily accepted and had felt more relieved than she’d had in a very long time.

    YEAR OF 1883 | While the wedding was set for June, Shawn had been given a traveling opportunity that he just could not give up, and he left for America in February. Having never been given any reason to doubt him, Immie had waited patiently for his return, though became worried when nothing had been heard from him by April.

    During the same month that Immie suspected that Shawn might’ve been in some kind of trouble -- or worse, that either he was dead or that he’d had second thoughts, and quickly made his escape before it was too late -- Immie became reacquainted with Mac MacFusty on evening at The Three Broomsticks, and the two had proceeded to bond over “missing significant others” over the next couple of months.

    AUTUMN OF 1883 | Shawn was officially declared M.I.A when nobody, not even his grandmother, had heard from him in over six months.

    WINTER OF 1883 | Immie had felt incredibly guilty when, during a Christmas party that her family had thrown, she had kissed Mac MacFusty. Neither had been very sure how to feel about it, though both had agreed not to mention it and remain good friends.

    SUMMER OF 1884 | When the Ministry had declared an epidemic, the Van Helsings had relocated from their Wellingtonshire homes to the Headquarters to wait it out. Even though he hadn't been in the danger zone of becoming sick, Immie had invited Mac to join them, and not long into their stay Mac had proposed that they elope, and Immie became Mrs. MacFusty in early July.

    And although it had been extremely difficult to, Immie had given up claim to her boys. All she had ever wanted was to give them the best possible life that she knew they deserved, but the stain of illegitimacy would forever taint their lives if she never did something to fix it, and so she had allowed Leo and Roy to be adopted by a childless couple with the family. Something that she knew she should've done a long time ago.

    SUMMER OF 1885 | In June, Immie had given birth to her second set of twins, a boy and a girl that her and Mac named -- rather belatedly -- Findlay Aidan and Finella Ailsa. A good family friend, a one Cecily MacFusty, was named as their godmother.

    SUMMER OF 1886 | Having felt in her gut that her and Mac's next child -- and thankfully, just the one! -- would be a boy, Immie had been very pleased when Brendan James MacFusty was born on a blistering day in August. One of Immie's best friends, Amelia Evans, was named as his godmother -- a position that she had all too deserved as she had been there at the time of his birth and was now probably scarred for life because of it.

    ESFP. Protective. Playful. Maternal. Loves to laugh. (Slightly) selfish. Affectionate. (Can be) impulsive. Easily restless. Family-oriented. Honest. Open. Enthusiastic. Social. Friendly. (Can have) a hot temper. (Can be) oversensitive. Courageous. Encouraging. Inclusive. Enjoys the simple things in life. Naturally curious. Stands up for what she believes in. Creative. Empathetic. Likes a good challenge. Not a long-term planner. Has an eye for photography. (A surprising) green-thumb. Short attention span (an extension of her form of ADHD). A tendency to talk with her hands. Refuses to allow society's expectations to dictate how she should live her life.
    Sample Roleplay Post:
    It's been over two years since I found this gifset on Tumblr, and Immie is still so in love with this puppy.

    [Image: tumblr_mlcpj44xUi1snc7wxo1_250.gif]
    Out of Character
    Name: Miri
    Age: 20
    Contact: PM @Imogen MacFusty, plz!
    Other Characters: Imogen MacFusty, Marianne Hatchitt, Persephone Van Helsing, Garrett Wallingford, Eliza Tremlett, Drusilla Travers, Abigale Abbott, Hortensia Moody, Louella Kaylock, Georgia Gibbons, & Archibald Maxwell
    How did you hear about us?: I've been here for over five years now...
    Scarce, but still around! <3
    Please send all alerts to @Imogen MacFusty, thank you!
    [Image: 6ipiXdu.jpg]
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