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December 14, 1889

Why was Christmas shopping so difficult? Percy wondered as he made his way down High Street. Likely because he had waited until last minute this year. His niece and nephew were easy, so was Cat and Lissy. But his father? There was little love there and as such Percy was always downtrodden at finding a gift for him.

He had just decided to settle for a new coin purse when distracted by a shop window he ran right into someone. "Oh! I do apoligize!" He was quick to right himself and back away a respectable distance.

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Lily was trying to get her Christmas shopping done early for once. At the very least, before all the big crowds descended upon High Street. And of course, she ended up running right into someone anyway. Or had he run into her? Lily didn't know but as she was about to apologize, she recognized him as the man who had saved her from gingerbread men that one time. "Oh! It's quite all right, Mister Adlard," she assured with a smile. She very much had admiration for him ever since that aforementioned incident so would hardly fault him for a little run in.

It took Percy a moment to recognize the lady, but it clicked as she stated his name. The lady from last year's gingerbread incident. "Miss Huddleson! What a pleasant surprise." Well other than the fact that he had run into her, but at least he could try to make it up to her by being polite. "Shopping for Christmas presents?" He asked, figuring most out shopping today likely had the same mission as himself.

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"Why yes I am. I thought I would try beating the last minute crowds." And though technically, she could probably have someone doing this for her, she liked the method of personally picking out which gift suited which friend or family member best. "And are you doing the same?"

You’ve caught me.” Percy held up his hands with a chuckle. “I can’t seem to find a gift suitable for my father.” He added with a shrug.

Have you had much luck yet?” Percy never really knew what to get when he went last minute. Typically things began to look better than they had originally and he’d find himself with lots of ideas that likely weren’t all that great to begin with.

Wonderful set is a work of art from Lynn!
Lily couldn't help but smile at his answer. "Does he already have a fine chess set?" Lily asked curiously, mainly going off of what her own father would probably like.

"I found a lovely stationary set for my mother who is usually the hardest to shop for," Lily said. It had been a lucky find, there weren't many stationary sets that she felt suited her mothers interests.

"Sadly yes." Percy gave her a smile to show his appreciation of the idea, his mind thinking of the antique family set his father took great pride in. Passed down from the Pureblooded side of the family, he valued it a great deal more than some of the gifts Percy's grandmother had left him.

"I should think she'd like that. One of my sisters might as well. Perhaps I shall have to go with that idea. I had been considering a muff, but I always fear they've bought something of the same type they like better." Percy shrugged at his concerns as if to make light of his own indecision.

Wonderful set is a work of art from Lynn!

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