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Cheerful Christmas Cards
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December 11, 1889 - Gryffindor Common Room

Christmas was one of Sisse’s most favorite times of years. She loved the caroling ghosts at Hogwarts, the decorations that were hung not only around the castle but also at home, and of course the good cheer that seemed to surround everyone. Miss McClary had even had a tree placed in the Gryffindor common room that the students had helped decorate, a tree by which Sisse had settled herself for the evening.

Spread on the table before her were supplies to make Christmas cards. She loved making them each year and sending them to her friends, family, and even some of her more distant relatives. She had papers and illustrations from publications, even her own sketches sat upon the decorations. Hopefully she’d be able to do all of them this evening. She’d finished her essay for potions early just so she might have the chance to get them done. Then she planned on using a school owl to mail off the cards tomorrow and she’d distribute them among her friends in the morning. Hopefully they would be so caught up in their own schoolwork they wouldn’t note that their’s sat on the table finished before Sisse.

All she had left were the ones for her family and she was feeling pretty proud of this fact when one of her friends came into the common room. She quickly covered the stack she’d already created with a few copies of Witch Weekly that had ended up in her collection and waved them over, “Want to make Christmas cards with me?” Sisse asked brightly as she pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear, she often left it down, but her mother had warned her soon she’d need to start braiding it and then in the next few years it’d need to go up. But at Christmas such critiques seemed such a small thing.

Open to anyone Sisse would reasonably call a friend and who would be in the Gryffindor Common Room

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The holidays were not the easiest time for Hestia. Loosing her big brother during break had been hard. But it had also been two years ago, almost. Slowly her family was recovering from the loss, but her birthday would never be the same again.

But that yearly reminder did not let her bring down the spirits of her peers. Putting on a good smile and trying hard to be cheerful was all she could hope for.

Entering the common room, she noticed Sisse and gave a small smile. "Sure! I have been meaning to make some." Her mother would certainly be glad to have one. Perhaps it might even cheer up Artie a bit.

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Sisse grinned as Hestia joined her and spread out her supplies between the two of them. “How are you?” She asked as she continued to work on her own card, pasting a couple of ribbons to the front where she had drawn snitches and cast a small charm on them to appear as if their wings were animated - a handy trick she had learned in Art class.

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Supplies before her, Hestia picked and choosed which to use as she thought of how to answer this question. "Eager to see mother again." She answered honestly. While Artie might have detached herself from them when it came to her feelings, Hestia and their mother tried to heal and be there for each other.

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