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December 4th, 1889 — Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom

"Now, now, Miss Proudfoot poses a reasonable question," Nikolai hushed his pupils. The young badger—who scarcely spoke at all—had simply asked why they had focused so little on defensive magic in the course thus far, a fair question—but one which had earned some groans from her jinx-happy compatriots.

"It is, indeed, true that we have focused much of our theory upon defence, but much of our practice on the very spells we might wish to defend ourselves from," the wizard explained. "But for me to answer that question would deprive you all of the opportunity to think for yourselves and so—can anyone hazard a guess and solve Miss Proudfoot's conundrum?"

First hand will be called on!

Open to all Intro-level Defence kids.
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Practical lesson incoming!  

set by soph!
Not one to really get involved in schoolwork, Saxon had found himself particularly interested in Defense Against the Dark Arts. It kind of excited him; the possibility of being able to fend of bad people and help protect the good! It was wonderful.

As soon as Professor Sleptov had opened the question up to the class, Saxon's hand shot up waiting to be called upon. In truth, Saxon didn't particularly want to answer so if someone else answered first, he was happy to remain quiet.
Flora had no complaints about the way professor Sleptov taught Defence Against the Dark Arts. It was nice to both learn about and practice their magic in a safe environment with a teacher who was scary-looking enough to instill fear into potential troublemakers. She was not the top of her class, nor did she imagine she ever would be—but she did well enough with the curriculum.

"Well, to practice defensive magic I suppose we'd have to have spells hurled at us. That doesn't sound like much fun," she answered. She gulped and looked around at her peers, hoping for any hums or nods in agreement.

— set by MJ! —
Sybille nodded at Miss Muliber's comment, adding (rather more to move things along than because she wanted to actually answer), "And we have to know something in order to defend from it." Or well if they were practicing with one another of course.

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