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The Mysterious Ticking Noise
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December 2nd, 1889 — Potions Classroom

Missing lunch time was hardly top on Abraxas Crabbe's list of Fun Things To Do, but needs must. Though typically a studious lad (he had his stepfather's expectations to exceed, after all, not to mention his own thirst for knowledge) he had, admittedly, let himself spend a bit too much time focused on quidditch (was such a thing possible?) and not quite enough on his potions work. It was this unfortunate happening that saw the Hufflepuff lingering behind at the end of class, in an effort to get some extra work done on his essay due by week's end.

The only mercy was that he was not alone: whether out of necessity, genuine interest, or general oddity, some of his classmates had likewise remained behind, and the last of the potions class settled into a quiet rhythm—one occasionally punctuated by the opening of a new bottle of ink or, in Rex's case, the rumbling of a stomach.

But soon, another sound began to join the soft chorus. A slow, rhythmic tick, like that of a clock without its tock, found its way into the second year's ears, and Rex looked up and around in confusion.
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Essays were not among Sybille's favorite thing to do. She didn't mind practical lessons, nor the patience required for baking or potions, but the actual act of writing out an essay was positively torture. She had learned in the year and a half that she had attended Hogwarts that she would only wait to the last minute to do them if possible, and as such had followed suit when several of her classmates remained behind in their potions class to work on their essays. She wouldn't do it if she were left to her own devices in the common room.

As she sat there, attempting to stay focused on the scroll beside her, a continuous noise grated to her ability to keep working on her essay. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Every time she tried to focus on her thought she'd hear it grow louder and louder as if it were mocking her. Finally Sybille set down her quill. "Does anyone hear that?" She asked, hoping someone might at very least stop the noise if they were the one making it.

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