Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Jeremy Rohlwing
    In Character
    Full Name: Jeremy Richard Rohlwing

    Nicknames: Jer. Known as Jem during childhood.

    Birthdate: 30th June, 1855

    Current Age: 27

    Occupation: Casino Security

    Blood Status: Muggle

    Social Class: Lower Class

    • Henry Rohlwing, father, 1832-1875

      Agnes Rohlwing nÚe White, mother, 1838-1878

      _______ Rohlwing, twin sister, 30th June 1855

      Josiah Rohlwing, brother, 1860

      Tuesday Rohlwing, sister, 1866

      Jason Rohlwing, brother, 1872

    Appearance: His hair is nearly more black than brown, his eyes a cold blue. Prominent cheekbones and a thin mouth leave his face generally set in a impassive expression, for smiles do not come easily or naturally. Laughter comes even less, but honest sadness or anger is just as rare, for Jeremy is a master at concealing emotions. Despite not having a healthy upbringing, working long hours in a textile factory for most of his life has left him strong and with stamina, though years of working machines have given him calloused hands and a few bumps and scars from small injuries that haven't quite ever healed. He may have grown taller if he had ever been well-fed, but instead he remains at an average 5'8, though he is rather broad shouldered.

    • 30th June, 1855 - Jeremy and his twin sister are born to Henry and Agnes, as their first two children. Their mother is only seventeen, their father a few years older but with not much to his name but a poorly paid factory job. The couple married - with nothing at all to waste on ceremony or celebration - while Agnes was already pregnant with the twins. They live in the slums of an industrial town, and there is nothing that can done to improve their situation.

      1860 - Five years later, another brother is born. This year Jeremy begins working properly, whatever laws against it by this time not affecting their area in the slightest. No one cares, though his father declares anything and anywhere is better than the textile factory. No time for school, save Sunday school, and yet Jeremy finds himself trying to imagine what it might be like as he struggles in the employ of a butcher for a few years.

      1866 - Another sibling turns up, a little girl whom Jeremy feels simultaneously protective over and wary of, for what little the family owns is being stretched as it is. He doesn't wish such an unforgiving life upon anyone, though he doesn't know any other way of life in any case.

      1872 - Another brother, Jason, joins the family, which means another mouth to feed, and by now the butcher's shop is out of business so Jeremy has succumbed to factory work. He begins in the lowest rankings of the textile workers, with the other children, carrying out the most basic - and most dangerous - jobs with machinery. After all, he is still young, unskilled, very replaceable. However, he is as efficient as possible, and more careful than most, so is not one of many other working teenagers and children who lose their fingers, their jobs, or worse.

      1875 - Henry dies in a factory accident. Fatherless, Jeremy is in lower spirits than he ever has been.

      1878 - Agnes dies of pneumonia. As the oldest in the household, it takes every ounce of Jeremy's resolve to help the Rohlwing family carry on as they always have, though it is undeniably a struggle and Jeremy is now burdened by being the main provider. Luckily, his younger brothers help, as do his sisters, and by now, he has progressed in the factory to a better position with marginally more pay. The work is still horrendous, but he refuses to complain.

      1881 - The accident at the textile factory sends their lives into turmoil. His twin sister tries - and fails miserably - to cope with the loss of her fiancÚ, and despite not having been much in each other's company over the years, Jeremy always felt they had some kind of bond until she completely shut off in grief. He was used to being the silent, solemn one, and doesn't know what to do to ever comfort her. Mr. Ingrahm's death rallies the Rohlwings to the cause - or chiefly Jeremy and his twin sister - to fight for better conditions in the textile plant. They can't conceivably risk another accident like this, can they?

      Apparently very few people feel the same and would rather keep their jobs and risk their lives, which Jeremy can see is sort of sensible but also loathes because his inner idealist has seemingly not be extinguished by continued hardship.

      1882 - Blackmailed and shunned, the group of families wander across the country for months, until in April, they find a place to settle. It has not long been there before their fragile little community is shaken by the trespassing of wizards and witches. Jeremy remains suspicious even as the two communities come to a compromising agreement, allowing wizards and muggles alike to reside in the same place and mingle at a new casino. Jeremy gets a job there, all his reluctance about being in the presence of so many unfamiliar people and wizards, for one, forgotten in his quiet hopes that the work will be easier, the pay better, and his life somehow more fulfilling.

    Personality: Strong, stoic, silent. Jeremy was not always so; years of hard, relentless work and loss after loss, hardship after hardship, have made him fortify his shell, which is really the best thing he owns. He was - once - a chirpy child, almost a cheerful, energetic soul, and perhaps a little effeminate. He was an intelligent boy, though he feels that all his intelligence has gone to waste with no real education and no energy to spare for it. The years of his childhood were also the years that his naivety was subjected to a beating, as he was subjected to the policy of work, work, work and no play. Earn his living, and if he was lucky, he and his family would just about survive. Watch as life was unkind to those who deserved it least. See people fall ill, get injured in the factory, and regularly die before their time. He doesn't complain, but the world has rendered him slightly cynical. He knows better than to trust people, knows better than to think they will share his opinions or care about the same things he does. Though he plans to get a job in the new casino, the whole establishment and the idea that it could be coupled with 'fun' isn't particularly to his tastes, for 'fun' is something rather foreign to him. Still, he is allowing himself to be vaguely hopeful that life will improve in Irvingly.

    Sample Roleplay Post:
    Quote:He hadn't expected to see anything out of the ordinary when he had stepped outside. Instead, he saw an odd group of people - a few men, two young women - standing looking back.
    One of the men opened his mouth to speak, and Jeremy watched suspiciously, thinking that it was better than being met with weapons, at least. Of course, even on the defensive rather than offensive, Jeremy wished he had a weapon handy, but he didn't run to get one. Instead he listened, mouth firmly set in an impassive frown. The blond man referred to them as 'friends', explained they were only 'passing through'. He ignored the question about whether they lived here, however, and appraised them silently until the redheaded woman piped up.

    "Seeing as you're the trespassers, I think it's better that you answer first. Who are you? How did you find us? And why are you 'passing through'?" Jeremy shifted on his feet, though did not take his stare off the strangers for a second, wary of what they might say or do. In his twenty-seven years, one thing he had learnt was not to trust people he didn't know. Sometimes even the people he did know.

    Out of Character
    Name: MJ

    Age: 17

    Contact: PM is lovely, otherwise ask for my AIM!

    Other Characters: On the CML

    How did you hear about us?: A little bird told me. A little imaginary bird.
    Jeremy has been blind since February 1885.
    [Image: ItRa65.png]
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