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Winter is Coming
December 2nd, 1889 — Sweet Delights Exterior
Philip was excited that it was now December. He had Christmas treats all planned and would be releasing them for purchase soon. For the moment, he was focused on getting the sweet shop bakery's decorations up. Standing on a ladder since he couldn't use magic for this, Philip was hanging some garlands on the edges of the large front facing window. He didn't account for the bits of snow that would land on his ladder though so a slight misstep soon found the baker hitting the ground on his back.

With the holidays just around the corner Asha had been sent to Irvingly to cover the preparations for the season. He still was a bit antsy about apperation but hadnt splinched himself today. He'd take that small bit of luck - even if that left him with a man almost falling into him.

The man, Asha noted as he landed a mere step in front of Asha, had apparently been working on a ladder before his untimely fall. "Alright there sir, need a hand up?" Asha offered to help with a kind smile.

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