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Winter is Coming
December 2nd, 1889 — Sweet Delights Exterior
Philip was excited that it was now December. He had Christmas treats all planned and would be releasing them for purchase soon. For the moment, he was focused on getting the sweet shop bakery's decorations up. Standing on a ladder since he couldn't use magic for this, Philip was hanging some garlands on the edges of the large front facing window. He didn't account for the bits of snow that would land on his ladder though so a slight misstep soon found the baker hitting the ground on his back.

With the holidays just around the corner Asha had been sent to Irvingly to cover the preparations for the season. He still was a bit antsy about apperation but hadnt splinched himself today. He'd take that small bit of luck - even if that left him with a man almost falling into him.

The man, Asha noted as he landed a mere step in front of Asha, had apparently been working on a ladder before his untimely fall. "Alright there sir, need a hand up?" Asha offered to help with a kind smile.

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Philip somewhat recognized the other man from school, they had both been Hufflepuffs in the same year once though the other had not come back after third year. So he knew the other man was at least magical like him even if his name was escaping him at the moment. Something like Bolton? "Yes, thank you. This work would be a lot easier if I could use magic but oh well. The law is law," Philip chuckled, referring to the fact that magic was not permitted out on the streets in Irvingly.

To be honest Asha h is rely used magic himself, between his luck and his education he had found he often made things worse than better. Over the years he had gotten better but still it was simple spells that he utilized. Still, living without magic altogether seemed a life he would not want. Why so many others in the magical community had though... well that was their business.

"A hazard of location." Asha agreed with a nod.

"I'm with the Prophet, mind if I get a photo of you at work for an upcoming article?" He asked hiding his camera up.

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"A photo?" Philip asked as he raked a hand through his dark hair. "I don't see why not?" It would be good for his business, he supposed. "So just me doing what I'm currently doing?"

At least the man seemed amiable toward the idea. “Yes. ” Asha started to line up the shot, before adding, “Although perhaps without the falling.” He joked gesturing to where the man had been on the ground only moments before.

Once he’d snapped the shot he stood back. “Business rather busy this time of year?” Asha suspected it was, but in Irvingly things always seemed just a bit backwards that the question seemed warranted.

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Philip watched - a bit awkwardly - as the man lined up the shot and chuckled as he joked about the earlier mishap. "I quite agree on that."

He only relaxed once the photo had been shot. "Very much so - muggles and wizarding alike wanting treats to send to loved ones or to have on their dinner tables," he said. "Would you like to come in and sample of our product? Magical treats are kept in the back as per the rule of the place."

"Certainly, that sounds wonderful." Asha agreed, putting the camera away. His sister had always teased him for his sweet tooth, but he had always chalked it up to the fact that they had so rarely been able to buy treats. Then with his son he had tried to indulge the boy in a way he'd never had the chance to, but those years were long gone now.

"What are the most popular treats?" Asha found himself asking as they started inside.

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"Around this time of year, my sugar cookies tend to fly off the shelves." Literally when it came to the wizarding ones but those were safely hidden in the back so that some muggle wouldn't faint at the sight of a flying reindeer sugar cookie.

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