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November 20th, 1889 — Hogwarts Grounds
@Sunday Fudge

It was not unusual for grounds to be covered in snow in the afternoon now that the cold weather had moved in, but luckily for Archie, it was not present when he made his trek to the greenhouses for Herbology class. Professor Skeeter had enchanted the greenhouses to stay warm even when the outside air was crisp and cold, giving Archie just enough time to warm up before the class of first years was, once again, ejected into the cold.

"I wish he gave harder work. I'm done reciting the properties of the same five plants. It's too easy," he complained as his hands fiddled with the knot on his blue and bronze scarf. "I can't imagine how anyone could fail. It's just memorization!"

He shot an exasperated look at her; surely she felt the same!

Besides her own home at the resort, Sunday had decided Hogwarts had come up second. The crisp sea breeze constantly bufetting across the castle grounds had instantly reminded her of home, and quickly she found herself in her element. Perhaps not as in her element with classes as one had hoped, but that wasn't something she'd decided to focus on anyhow.

With her hair done up in two buns on either side of her head, Sunday had found room to wrap her extra-long red and gold scarf around her head thrice with some still trailing behind her figure like an odd red cape. Thankfully they had Herbology with the Ravenclaws, which had seen Sunday give a little skip towards someone who'd she'd grown to know as one of her best friends ever since he'd pulled her (well, she'd helped him if she was being honest) out of the Black Lake that first night.

The Gryffindor glanced at him over the rim of her scarf and shrugged. "It is rather easy," she said, "But it isn't easy for some people I imagine - memorization may come easy to some, but to others, it might be considered difficult!" Not her, certainly. She and Archie were on the same page when it came to wanting more work. "I imagine that once exams roll around you're going to be wishing it was just memorization, Archie!" Sunday raised an eyebrow at him.

[Image: r63eeP.jpg]
Archie didn't know how their exams would be anything other than memorization at this point! Maybe they'd have to match some properties and draw and label a picture or two, but he didn't imagine Professor Skeeter would see how long they would withstand the scream of a Mandrake or anything. He brushed off her comments with a little pfft and continued down the pathway, suddenly regretful that he knew no spell to make his gloves any warmer than they already were.

"I'm sure I'll be wishing a lot of things during examinations. One of the second years tole me Transfiguration is almost entirely practical. They could just be scaring me, but why would they?" It wasn't as if he was an easy-to-taunt coward—or at least he didn't like to think so. "You've never told which classes you're awful in. You've got to have at least one," he teased.
Sunday remembered the first night at Hogwarts and her talk with Irene. She remembered how her sister had said exams would be hard but the next year they would seem easy compared to the workload. According to Irene, that's how an education worked. Things started out easy, then built on what you already knew. Which mean they'd have to retain the information from years previous. In the grand scheme of things it all seemed very arduous.

Practical lessons were frankly Sunday's favorite. It helped with the memorization to put actions together with the spells they were learning. "Because it's easy to scare a first year, perhaps?" she mused, before pondering over Archie's question before smirking. "What if I'm not awful in any of the classes?" She taunted, sticking her nose up in the air in an overly pompous fashion.

[Image: r63eeP.jpg]
Archie could not nothing but huff in defense of his bravery. "I am not easy to scare," he declared, sticking his nose up in what could only be described as a dramatic-for-Archie move. He was many things, but a coward he was not; still, he knew deep in his chest that failing academically was one of his greatest fears. His mom and dad were so smart! If he were to fail, what would they think of him? "But," he added quietly, "Do you think they're right?" He still needed to know.

Even if she wasn't scared of her examinations (which was fine, because he wasn't either!), he found it hard to believe that there wasn't one single class she struggled in. "I'm not saying your dumb, but you can't be perfect. I know you've got to be bad at something. History of Magic? Magical Theory?" A smirk. "Flying class?"
Were Sunday a mature, accomplished young witch, she would perhaps answer with a more humorous response worthy of a middle class young Victorian Era woman. However, she was still an 11 year old sproutling of a witch who liked digging her bare feet in the sand. And so she exhaled shortly, her breath a poof that she walked into as they made their way back up to the castle.

"I guess it makes sense that Transfiguration would be practical." Sunday began thoughtfully, shifting her book bag. Merlin these books were not easy for her to carry. "But we should be able to manage, shouldn't we?"

She resisted the urge to stick her tongue out at him. "Of course I'm not perfect, Archie!" she laughed, still avoiding the question, unintentionally quickening their pace as they went.

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