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Into the Unknown
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November 27th, 1889 — Forbidden Forest
"I don't care who went in there. It's against the rules—and not to mention that we'll die."

Whether by a centaur stampede, vampire bite, or just the plain ol' cold, Flora knew that death awaited them past the first trees of the Forbidden Forest. Every single year they were reminded why they shouldn't enter, and every year there was at least one person—one stupid, daft person—who decided to try their luck.

This time was a little different. This time someone was dragged in.

Or so she'd been told.

"I vote that we stay here to see if they come out on their own. I have no intention to get expelled before I get my OWLs, and neither should you! You know how much trouble we'll be getting into!" she preached, her arms crossed stiffly across her chest as she stared at the small group of students who had gathered near the forest's edge.
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She shifted uneasily on her feet, brown leather boots scuffing against the floor, easily seen beneath her now longer but still not floor length dress. Hands fiddle with the edge of her school robe, wrapping it around her and loosening it in a quickening pace.

"But Miss Mulciber, they could die if we leave them out there alone. And if we're let them die we'll get in more trouble. That that that is basically murder!"

She didn't wasnt to be expelled but if someone could die and she didn't act she didn't think she'd ever forgive herself. And surely she wasn't thre only one who wanted to see what the forest was like? Surely it couldn't be that scary!

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Now that Jasper had come to terms with the fact he absolutely was not hallucinating, he was really starting to enjoy being at Hogwarts. He had even started to branch out by making friends and exploring the grounds in an attempt to better understand his new surroundings.

It was more than curiosity that sent Jasper wandering down to the edge of the Forbidden Forest. From the stories he had heard, it was a place like those mentioned in cautionary fairy tales adults recited before bedtime. He was concerned. What if the student who had been dragged in was hurt?

"We can't stand by and allow someone to die," he agreed, glancing at Calla. However, he wasn't sure what they could do. He at least had some knowledge in muggle first aid, but, what if the person dragged was faced with something more magical in nature?

"Should we at least tell someone who might be able to help?"

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