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Alice Wright
Full Name: Alice Cordelia Wright
Nicknames: Ally
Birthdate: January 11, 1835
Current Age: 54
Race: Vampire
Occupation: Beautiful Beast Boutique Owner (Reserved)
Reputation: 5, for being a known vampire.
Residence: Hogsmeade
Social Class: Working
Family: Henry Wright (Husband), Ottilie Wright (Daughter)
Appearance: Pale skin, red eyes, silver hair with black roots, and fangs
History: Born in 1835 as a Muggle in the Middle Class, met a half-blood named Henry in 1855, started courting Henry in 1856, became engaged to Henry in 1857, and married Henry in 1858. In 1859, the two started to try having children and the day Alice conceived, would be a day the two would never forget. Alice went out for some fresh air that night and was attacked by a vampire. She was left to die and went through the agonizing process of transformation. When she didn't come home, Henry went looking for her and was immediately attacked by Alice, whose bloodthirst was uncontrollable. She managed to stop herself from draining him dry and thus he ended up becoming a vampire too. The two decided to fake their deaths for Alice's family since they were Muggles who shouldn't find out about the Wizarding World. Due to their new race, they were forced into the Working Class and had to leave their Middle Class stature behind. Two weeks later they discovered that they were expecting a child, which both scared them and worried them. Months went by and they had a baby girl named Ottilie, who ended up being half-vampire. Ottilie then showed signs of magic when she reached the age of 10 and so her parents sent her to Hogwarts, even though they worried about her being accepted by others. Alice now owns a shop in Hogsmeade called Beautiful Beast Boutique and her husband works in magical maintenance.
Personality: Dual-natured, passionate, organized, charismatic, energetic, driven, optimistic, and ambitious.
Other: N/A
Sample Roleplay Post: The life of a vampire was a tough one... Humans and even other Non-Humans hardly ever wanted anything to do with them. Though, could Alice really blame them? No... She lived off of drinking the blood of others. She never asked for this life, but she learned to accept it. The only thing she ever regretted was hurting her own husband. Alice was just blessed that he didn't turn her away or blame her for what happened, he just continued to love her. Henry and Ottilie were the only family she had or could have, for now anyways. She had to watch family and friends from a distance, so it was indeed a bittersweet life.
Name: Aeri
Age: 24
Contact: PM
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