Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Thom Pettigrew

    Full Name: Thomas Arthur Pettigrew
    Nicknames: Thom (Pronounced 'Tom' but always spelled with an H)
    Birthdate: 19 July 1855
    Current Age: 32 Years
    Occupation: Owner of Quality Quaffle & Snitch; Sponsor of Puddlemere United
    Reputation: 5.
    Residence: Primary: a small but lavish home on Ruby Road in Wellingtonshire
    Secondary: the Pettigrew family mansion in Lancashire, near the sea.
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin
    Wand: 13 inches, alder and phoenix feather, stiff.
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Upper class
    Henrich Pettigrew [1831-1884] Father
    @Lucy Pettigrew née Carrow [1838] Mother
    Jane Prewett née Pettigrew [1856 – 1883] Sister
    - Faustus Prewett [1850] Brother-in-law
    - Edelweiss Prewett [1877] Niece
    - Iris Prewett [1882] Niece
    - Mezereon Prewett [1883] Nephew
    @Albert Pettigrew [1858] Brother
    @Percy Pettigrew [1859] Brother

    Chastity Pettigrew née Browne [1860-1884] First Wife
    - @Odessa Pettigrew [1881] Daughter
    - Alexander Pettigrew [1883] Son
    @Hannah Pettigrew née Echelon [1864] Wife
    - "Name" [1888] Daughter

    @Ursula Black née Flint [1857] Former Mistress
    - "Leo" [1883-1883] Lovechild
    - Belvina Black [1886] Lovechild

    Appearance: Thom, much to his dismay, was never built for Quidditch. He hasn't grown much since the middle of his school years (a fact that used to bother him when he was in school, but he's since moved past), with a slim build and not much in the way of muscle. He has thick, dark brown hair that he wears short. He has a reputation for being charismatic and is most frequently found smiling. He has very intelligent dark eyes and a quick tongue. He is not traditionally handsome, but is suave and confident enough to make people treat him as though he is. He is left-handed and currently stands at 5 foot, 3 inches.
    1855, the Pettigrews have their first child, a boy named Thomas, after Lucy politely negotiated around naming the boy Henrich Pettigrew II.

    1856, late into Thomas' first year of life, he is joined by the arrival of his younger sister, Jane, whom he sees very little of until the next year.    

    1857, Thom "meets" his younger sister, and the two toddlers immediately hit it off. They get along well, and Thom is often seen playing make-believe games with her in which is it his job to protect her from dragons, evil wizards, manticores, etc.  

    1858 - 1859, Thom's two younger brothers, Albert and Percy, join the family, but Thom takes very little interest in them, a trend which would continue for most of his life.  

    1861, Thom shows his first sign of magic by turning a branch in the yard into a broomstick of sorts. Later, he always says that his first act of magic was designing a broomstick; in reality he made the stick hover for a few moments when he tried to tell it up, but it wouldn't support his weight. He tries to recreate this feat, and is able to do it once or twice, but never with much more success.  

    1865, Thom's father sits down and has a "how to be a man" chat with Thomas, which basically involves thinking less about fantastical imaginary scenarios and more about a future in the Ministry, which fails to appeal to Thom just on principle, since it is what his father wants.  

    1866, Thom receives his Hogwarts letter and is sent away to school. The Sorting Hat declares that he is rather ambitious and sorts him into Slytherin, where he is delighted to find several pureblood play-mates of his have already been sorted.  

    1867, Although an incredibly bright boy, Thom's grades are rather poor, because of his propensity for doodling and daydreaming during class. He is also quite impressionable, which leads to being very distracted by his friends.  

    1868, Thom attempts to add every elective class, but is dissuaded by his teachers who are fearful of his grades. He still persists in adding four of them simply for curiosity's sake (the maximum number his professor would allow). He also becomes fascinated by Quidditch, and tries to try out for the team, but is too small, weak, and sickly to be much use on a broom. His sister also joins school this year and is sorted into Gryffindor.  

    1869, After another failed attempt to join the Quidditch team, Thom is made the announcer for the Quidditch games, which placates him somewhat.  

    1870, Thom takes and receives most of his OWLs, which surprises all of his teachers, since his grades throughout the semesters have been so abysmal. Despite this, he decides to take NEWTs only in Charms, Potions, Arithmancy, and Earth Magic. When asked what he is planning on doing with such subjects, he only shrugs and says he'll figure it out later.  
    Ancient Studies
    ArithmancyExceeds Expectations
    Care of Magical CreaturesAcceptable
    Defense Against the Dark Arts
    Earth MagicExceeds Expectations
    History of MagicPoor

    1871, Thom makes another--his final--attempt at joining the Quidditch team, and fails again. His sister is betrothed, and he goes out of his way to try and find out what he can about her match, but finds no particular reason to either dislike or distrust Mr. Prewett.

    1872, Thom graduates in May and proceeds to use some of his father's money to start his own Quidditch business. His father thinks he should grow up and get a "real job" in the Ministry, but the enterprise soon takes off. When the business begins making money, his father concedes that perhaps Quidditch is a decent sort of occupation, so long as he isn't playing it.  

    1874, Thom decides to move out of the house and into his own apartment in London, following a 'Why weren't you ever made a prefect?' conversation with his father. The conversation was spurred by Jane's PosterChild Seventh Year, but he doesn't begrudge her that.  

    1875, his sister is married, and Thom dutifully attends the wedding, though he had absolutely no intention of trying to settle down himself, at least not just yet. He still has career moves to be making.  

    1876, the announcement of Jane expecting makes Thomas pause and reconsider marriage. He attempts to court someone briefly but soon loses interest again.  

    1877, Hogsmeade is founded, but the Pettigrews hang back, ever a cautious lot, waiting to see whether the city is a success before they forsake their familial home. Thomas moves first, arriving very late in 1877 and staying the winter before informing his father it is safe to move. Henrich, however, distrusts change and decides to stay entrenched in his country home for the time being.    

    1878, Business is even better within a magical community, and Thom begins to think, once more, of finding a wife to share his over-large house with. He attends the Coming Out Ball that year, dances with a few ladies, but pursues none of them.  

    1879, Thom decides he needs a hobby (since he has had little luck with a wife), and, always a Quidditch enthusiast, begins sponsoring Puddlemere United.  

    1880, Having attended a Coming Out Ball for three years in a row, Thom finally finds a girl who catches his eye, one Miss Chastity Browne. He calls on her after the Coming Out Ball and by the end of the season the two have begun courting – despite the eyebrows this raises in his family due to her origins as a member of the middle class. He suspects that she enjoys his gifts and money more than, say, his looks, but cannot help but be enchanted with the girl.  

    1881, After proposing on St. Valentine's Day and having his offer accepted, Thom marries Chastity in the summer and proceeds to set up house with her in Wellingtonshire. She is very soon expecting, which sends Thomas into frequent bouts of excitement and nervous energy. The announcement follows on the heels of his sister's second pregnancy, and Thom jokes with her that she has gotten the girl and now he will get the boy. Either way, he wants the children to play together as he and Jane once did. Their first baby is due in October, and turns out to be a girl, christened Odessa Minevra.

    1882, Although at first enthusiastic about the birth of his daughter, Thom soon tires of having children. While still rather doting by most standards—he does purchase a baby hippogriff for the infant!--he contrives to spend as much time away from home as possible. This results in both a minor expansion of business, and, in time, an extramarital affair with someone Thom knew from Hogwarts, Ursula Black née Flint.

    1883, Thom's affair with Ursula expands into a friendship with her husband, as well; while at first more for appearance's sake, Thom finds he and Phineas Black have similar opinions on politics, and the two continue to be friends. In Spring, Thom receives news that his wife Chastity is once again expecting, and also the unwelcome news that his affair with Ursula Black has also produced a pregnancy. He assists her in obtaining a potion which will abort the baby, an action which grieves them both sorely. Afterwards, the two stop seeing each other, though Thom still mourns what he will always think of as his first son. Also that spring, Jane's health fails her while she is delivering another baby. The dual mourning drives Thom away from his wife and his friends for some time. The arrival of his first living son occurs in October of 1883. While glad to finally have an heir, Thom was secretly convinced that, like his sister, pregnancy would prove the death of his fragile young wife. Although from the beginning Alexander is not a particularly healthy child, the couple do not immediately attempt more children.

    1884, The summer brings with it the arrival of a plague, which at first Thom thinks himself and his family immune to; he is too concerned with business to pay the sickness much mind until one of their servants catches the virus and dies. Completely reversing direction, Thom now insists on relocating himself and his family to the home of his parents in the country, doing so just before the quarantine takes effect. This serves only to bring the sickness to them; although he was unaware of it, Chastity had already been exposed, and falls ill shortly after their arrival. Not long after, both Henrich and Lucy Pettigrew fall ill as well. Thom's father is the first to die, followed by his wife, Chastity, in July. His mother eventually makes a recovery, though her nerves and her wit are never what they were before the illness. Whether her frequent bouts of hysteria are symptoms of her past illness or the result of the loss of her husband is anyone's guess, but in either case Thom feels responsible, for bringing the illness into their home. As such, he insists on his mother coming to live with him when he returns to Hogsmeade. He shuts up the old house entirely and leaves it with nothing but a skeleton staff, after removing both of his brothers from their childhood rooms (not maliciously, but because they really ought to be established enough to support themselves at this stage, and if they aren't, they probably won't ever learn to!)

    Four months after the death of his wife, Thom was still technically in mourning, but began to attend limited social events and to closely follow the Quidditch season. Without really meaning to, Thom met and subsequently fell for Miss Hannah Echelon, a cousin of his dear friend August's. Also of note is the departure of his assistant that fall prior to her marriage, which Thom is a little bitter about even though he knows that obviously makes no sense.

    1885, After several months of flirtation and while still in half-mourning, Thom attempted to ask Hannah's father for permission to court her. Mr. Echelon attempted to negotiate a sale price for his daughter, which offended Thom so greatly that he lashed out and threw a paperweight at the man's head, resulting in his untimely death. Thom fled, and in a fit of emotion confessed what he'd done to Ursula Black, with whom he had recently rekindled his previous affair. Following his death, a whole myriad of illegal activities Hannah's father had been engaged in come to light, and the suspicion for his murder falls primarily in that direction. Although Hannah feels incredibly conflicted over his death, her family dutifully enters the required mourning period.

    1886, A sudden opportunity overseas takes Thom to America for most of the first half of the year. He purchases a Quodpot manufacturer in Virginia called Ravenhurst Industries, and then returns to England in June—shortly after the birth of his daughter with Ursula Black. Hannah has exited her mourning period whilst he was abroad, and Thom loses no time in proposing. The engagement is brief and the two are married in November. Following their honeymoon when the two actually have time to breathe for the first time since the earliest days of their flirtation, things begin to grow strained and Thom begins to regret having rushed through their engagement and entirely skipped their courtship, though keeps these feelings to himself.

    1887, Things continue to grow cooler between him and Hannah, and people outside his marriage begin to notice that he's drinking more than he perhaps should be. An accident in the spring results in his memories of the last several months growing fuzzy, which adds further strain. The two manage to reconcile long enough to conceive a child, but after the disaster at the World Market sees Thom with a temporary crutch and Hannah feeling fragile, things once again grow difficult for the pair. Following the announcement that Hannah is pregnant in mid-summer, he and Ursula Black end their affair for the second time.

    1888, Hannah is expecting in January.

    Out of Character
    Name: Lynn

    Gorgeous set by MJ!
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