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OWL-Level HoM Assignment
For students in years 3-5

Looking back on the historical events about which we have learned, select which you most wish to have attended and explain why. This is to be done as a brief, oral presentation during next week's classes. Please do try to be creative—last year there were a frightful number of students yearning to be present at the birth of Merlin!

Leave as a reply to this thread. 50-100 words. 5-15HP per.
IC Due: November 19th to 21st
OOC Due: December 7th

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November 20th, 1889 — History of Magic Classroom

"I should have loved very much to be in the workshop of Linfred of Stinchcombe," Idunn declared. "The more astute of you, of course, shall take note that this is not an event, per se, but I would argue that his efforts were a continued process of making history. To be in the presence of—and to study under—such a pioneering potioneer would have been a blessing to any potion enthusiast—nay, any witch or wizard—and so is far more admirable a desire than wishing merely to watch the Goblin Rebellion."

Three of her classmates had extolled the virtues of the rebellion (namely, the excitement) the day before.

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November 20th, 1889 — History of Magic Classroom
"Many things," Madeline Bell declared grandly, "took place in in the eleventh century, but none so momentous as that fateful day where, in Queerditch Marsh, Quidditch was first played, changing the very fabric of our society—for the better, and for all time."

Perhaps she was laying it on a bit thick, but who could blame her? As far as Maddy was concerned, life began and ended with quidditch, and everything in between could—if one tried hard enough—be linked back to the sport.

"As a quidditch enthusiast, I can think of no better match to have ever played in, and I defy anyone who thinks differently!"

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Oral presentations. Hm. If Nelson hadn’t liked this subject, he might’ve presented the class with two minutes of snarky silence and been done with it. As it was, he didn’t want to risk a detention. And he was enough of a Ravenclaw that, admittedly, he'd had a great idea of what to say. “Say.” The best he could do was present a written paragraph and let someone read it out on his behalf, his tongue firmly in his cheek.

I’d have liked to be at the meeting of the Wizards’ Council when Elfrida Clagg, then chieftainess, decided to reclassify Beasts and Beings. She decided “Beings” were any creatures who could speak the human tongue. And why would I want to be there? Well, between the fact that she offended centaurs, merpeople and ghosts all at once, the meeting chamber was trampled by trolls, and the council attacked by Jarveys - both “beings” now - I’d have quite liked to see the look on her face when she realised just how wrong she was.
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I should liked to have been at the founding of Hogwarts.” Sybille started, trying to look as confident as possible. “When the four founders decided to start a school, it changed the way that witches and wizards taught their young forever, and I would argue, that it also was the first step in changing how our society as a whole works.” Sisse rather felt her topic was very mature and thought out, but she didn’t want that to show lest it seemed that she was trying to be teacher’s pet for her very topic - she wasn’t, was she? She plunged on, “If not for creating a safe place for all students to learn and to be taught the same basic skills, who knows if our knowledge would have had a basis to expand on and what magic and skills might never have been discovered.” That sounded alright she thoughts, she took one last deep breathe before hastily spilling out the last of her reasoning, “And I should like to have asked the founders why they thought houses should be segregated. Thank you.” With that Sisse blushed and scurried back to her seat.

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"If at all possible I would enjoy witnessing the Goblin Rebellion of 1612," Gretchen began, pausing for a short dramatic moment. "Such a bloody and viscous conflict, especially one that occurred in a village that for many amongst us was a sanctuary, deserves to be seen by living eyes; as do the efforts of my ancestor Falco Lestrange in putting down the incendiary rebellion."
"If I were to witness any historical event, I would have attended the execution of Nearly-Headless Nick so I might help his executioner find a proper blade to give him a clean, proper beheading," he said with a deep breath. "I have too long heard him tell his story to disturbed first year, and just wish they'd allow him to join the Headless Hunt by now. I know its historical impact is less so than the Goblin Rebellion or the establishment of the Ministry of Magic, but it'd be nice to help a poor soul out."
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"I would visit Minister Artemisia Lufkin's office on the day she was elected, and ask how she managed such success in a time where women's opinions were often disregarded entirely, let alone in politics," she declared after a moment of thought. There was no use in visiting violent, gory places if they had no impact on her future, and Minister Artemisia would likely have a few words of wisdom to pass.

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November 19th, 1889 — History of Magic Classroom

"I will be speaking to you today about the Goblin Rebellion of 17...50," George began uncomfortably. Though the prefect was a bright student and had no problem being in the limelight on the quidditch pitch, the scrutiny here was far more intense. "No, 1752. This was a momentous occasion in our history as it saw one of the clearest inter-species alliance that Britain has ever seen, making it interesting from both social and historical perspectives."

"Thank you," the Ravenclaw added before gratefully returning rear to chair.

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Though George is publicly presented as male and should be addressed as He/Him/His, privately she considers herself as female and will use She/Her/Hers pronouns.

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