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Teenage Tradgedy
November 9th, 1889 - Third Year Girls' Dorm
@Sisse Thompsett

Sloane was face down on her four-poster after a long, exhausting quidditch practice and a the necessary post-practice warm bath. (She hadn't dared hang around after practice after last time.) The bitter November air was a bitch to play in, but the practices at least prepared her for the matches in that respect as well. She was tiny, she didn't have a lot of natural insulation. If she played her cards right maybe she could get somebody to at least charm her gloves to heat themselves for matches. That was a though.

With her hair damp hanging around her face, Sloane hid her face in the crook of her arm, torn between falling asleep and putting on something more than her a chemise and her housecoat to go find something to eat. The pure fatigue was winning out, plus she was kind of grumpy and probably shouldn't be around people at the moment. Well, people aside from her roommates, who were conspicuously absent for this time of night, but maybe they had been in the common room and she hadn't noticed on her way through. The petite brunette had stalked her way through the common room without so much as a cursory glance sideways, too frustrated, too annoyed to make eye contact with another living being. The bath had been first and foremost on her mind, to help relax the restlessness she never used to feel after practice.

Turning thirteen was awful.

Sloane had never been this moody before, never been quite so wrapped up in other people and what they did to her emotions. She refused to really acknowledge that there was something currently off in her friendship with Cam. However it was getting harder and harder to ignore with each practice and each class they had together- which were a lot! The frequent ignoring of something blatantly wrong was like trying to ignore an erumpet in the room and it was driving her crazy.

Groaning into the mattress, Sloane rolled over to stare at the canopy of her bed. It was bad when she was considering doing her homework early to distract herself. Fortunately that wasn't necessary as she heard the door of the room creak open. "Sisse thank Merlin, it was too quiet." She sighed softly as her roommate and friend entered their dorm.

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Today had been less than wonderful, Sisse had decided on her way back to her dormitory. It was cold and gray outside, there was more schoolwork than ever, and everyone in their group of friends had been moody during lessons. She wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, just that something felt off. Likely it was just because she herself felt off.

She’d attempted to get some schoolwork done in the library, working ahead on a History of Magic essay, instead all she’d done was alternate staring out the window and sketching leaves on her notes. Giving up, Sisse had decided to simply head back to the tower. Surely someone would be around to help her get out of her funk.

Entering into her dorm, Sisse noticed Sloane sprawled across her bed, looking the picture of what Sisse felt. Sisse dumped her books on her bed and flopped down next to her friend. “Today sucks.” She declared, crossing her legs under her and looking at her friend as if those two words could encompass the entirety of her ennui.

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Oooo, Sisse was in a bad mood too.


Well not excellent but Sloane didn't have to pretend to be chipper if her dorm mate was also feeling a little surly. It was highly unusual for Sisse to even be annoyed with anything, but perhaps tonight was Sloane's lucky night. Sitting up, she re-positioned to face her friend, hugging her pillow close as she eyed the other Gryffindor carefully. "I ah-greeeee." Sloane nodded in sympathy, emphasizing each syllable as they left her lips. "Bad day, everything alright?"

The question was nonchalant enough and frankly Sloane would much rather focus on anything her friend was dealing with than whatever it was she was dealing with- for exactly that reason; she still didn't know what she was attempting to deal with here. There were far too many thoughts and emotions running around her little teenage body that Sloane hardly knew what to do with it all except escape to the pitch and fly until her face was numb, then crash into the sweet oblivion of sleep. That worked.

Stretching, Sloane moved to reach a snack for Barnabas from her bedside table, giving her rat a little bit of dried apple she had hidden in the drawer for just such occasions. Typically she fed him while she was eating dinner herself, but the metamorphmagus highly doubted she'd be venturing far from her current spot for the rest of the evening.

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