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I Live.
Hello. Hi! I do live!

I won't lie though... I did consider not returning. Honestly, I considered vacating the world of writing entirely. It's been hard. I thought I had this whole mothering thing down, that the jump from three to four would be no biggie. Holy shit balls batman. I was wrong. Oh so freaking wrong.

And yeah, I know it was my choice. I love my children. But I'm exhausted and my health {physical and mental) has taken a major toll. As it is, I know that I need something that is mine. For me. I need something that can be solely for me to do that I don't have to share. And that's writing. So I'm here and I want to be here. Also, for my sanity. But I gotta do it slowly and build back up.

So...I have nine potentials on my list. I'm thinking it needs to start out far less.

@Felicity Adlard
@Fletcher Langley
@Fortuna Bixby
@Gideon Ollivander
@Magdalena Byrne
@Una Walsh

Are on my short list... They're the ones that I have strongest muse and the most direction for.

@Clinton Podmore
@Emmeline Woodcroft
@Shawn Delaney
@Tansy Tatting

Would all need something more specific but still likely need to come back later on anyways after I've gotten more settled. (If at all.)

That said, even the short list may need to come back in spurts. So... what does that mean? Who do you want to see back first? Tuni is the only one for sure mostly for lazy reasons cause I don't want to switch up a main. Otherwise I'm a bit undecided..

Also, I'm sorry everyone for how much of a slacker I've been. I really do love Charming. I love writing and I love the community and friendships I've built here but depression and anxiety are an awful thing that make you think awful things.
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Another Glorious MJ Set!
[Image: xy6Q4W.png]
My personal vote is for Maggie! She has played family and Maddie's back around. <3
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Lilypie Maternity tickers
Hawke! Glad to hear things are a little brighter. Missed you over here and am glad you decided to come back.

I'd love to get a plot running for Tuni and Rufus. And Percy and Lissy are long overdue for a thread (but I think Quin is on vacation). I always vote for Shawn too. That being said, I dont ean to be selfish and so my vote of who to being back is for whoever is the loudest muse and who you miss the most. Just let me know if any of my characters can help you out.
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[Image: x5VH1p.png]
An amazing signature from Bee <3
I'd love for Maggie to come back but you need to look after yourself, so come back with those that you absolutely love and don't bring back anyone for someone else.

Having you back playing with us is more important than any one character! <3
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[Image: W6YlfUx.png]
Bee is a wonder
Just here to say parenting is hard and I only have 1. Do what you gotta do for you :)
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Beautiful set credit goes to MJ
[Image: rVeL1F.png]
Hi Hawke darling, glad to see you again and hope things lighten up for you soon!

I would also second (or third) Maggie and offer you all the Lorcanthings you desire, but I'm happy to throw people at whoever you decide to start with. Hope getting back to writing helps your sanity a little <3
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