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<--It's Dante Yo! -->

Well Hello!
These are my currently plotting characters

Easiest way to plot with me is to throw something down here, and/or PM me.  I have whatsap that I'm happy to share that and plot that way because I can't be trusted to check skype etc. 

I can almost always be pimped someone because I am hella weak!  I am actively looking to create a student...so pimp me!

1891 Term Goals
* Get Ginny to 75 posts here
* Move Maddie's plot along
* Make a Student (1st Year)
*Marry off Bevolence, Maddie, or Ginny - to get rid of 1 debutante AT LEAST
* Post 300+ times

I don't mind plotted relationships in specific circumstances but prefer organic. 

I don't like writing smut - I can -  I just awkward turtle about it and so prefer fade to black.

Current Characters
@Adrestia Dantés
@Benevolence Montague
@Cadawalader Selwyn
@Elizabeth Cardew
@Emma Binns
@Ginevra Blackwood
@Gwendolyn Vane-Tempest
@Jack Cardew
@Isis Silverthorne
@Madeleine Backus
@Meserimus Valenduris
@Murdock Greyback
@Natsuko Mountbatton
@Rose Hart
@Samuel St.John-Black
@Sparrow Umbernauld
@Yuri Podsnapper
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MCHBSenior Librarian at the Crowdy Memorial Library.  He has an interest in the history of magical geneolgy.  Circa 35, no other family, sister deceased

Adrestia Dantés @Adrestia Dantés

<--Adrestia Dantés – Digging 2 Graves and looking hot while doing it!-->
21 - UCPB - Rep 7 - London - Mandira
Avenging Angel
Adrestia is a beautiful, charismatic and very angry.  She is pureblood but presents as a half blood like her adopted father figure.  Her father was framed for a crime he didn’t commit, knowingly or unknowingly by a noted pureblood family.  As such she dislikes upper class purebloods, but is an excellent actress.  She is determined to get into the social circles of those she hates so she is in the position to destroy them.  She is incredibly wealthy, rumours of diamond mines, and extreme extravagance afforded by her inheritance afford her the best of everything. 
Friends: UCPB girls.  She doesn’t think she is open to making friends  but I’d love for someone to get through her skin.  This person would likely be as damaged as she is, or someone she could interpret as having been victimised by the same people as she views as having upset her. 
Enemies: she is trying hard to not have any obvious enemies, after all you get more flies with honey, but if someone was suspicious of her, or frenemies. 
Hurls: Officially she isn’t open to hurling, but she is bisexual metamorph, so a doomed romance maybe or if something was to organically evolve. 
Other: If someone wanted to create the family that she blames for destroying her life then please lets do that! She has a half sister she doesn’t yet know about – I’d love for her to be played. 

Cadawalader Selwyn @Cadawalader Selwyn

<--Caldawalader Selwyn - Gods gift, at least he thinks so!-->
16 - UCPB - Rep 8 - Hogwarts - Gryffindor
Transfiguration Club Head
Selwyn is a confident and, at least as far as he is concerned, charming.  He can be friendly and open as long as he believes the person to be his equal.  He isn't rude to those of other classes, but he has a particular contempt for bastards (given how many his father has).  He has that jock popular kid vibe. 
Friends: House mates - other UCPBs from other houses, probably others who consider themselves jocks. 
Enemies: There are plenty of reasons to dislike him.  He is pretty old fashioned in his views on women and will likely pick on known bastards. 
Hurls: He is of a sort that he sort of thinks someone should arrange a pb marriage for him (the girl would be a 1st-2nd year of lower) so nothing will happen while at school.  He will also have flirtations and encounters with other girls more age approp.   

Other: Play a Selwyn -they are cool

Gwendolyn Vane-Tempest @Gwendolyn Vane-Tempest

<--Gwendolyn Vane-Tempest - Just here for the tea-->
25 - UCHB - Rep 7 - Elsewhere- Gryffindor
Countess of Addinbury
Gwen is a typical socialite with more than a little bit of a penchant for drama! She loves gossip, as long as its not about her, and is VERY aware of perception and appearance.  She is very touchy about children and at the moment only considers her husband as far as their relationship makes good social sense.  She considers being from the nobility to be an incredibly important 'job' and takes it desperately seriously.  Society, and ones place in it are not matters to be taken lightly - 'dont speak ill of society, only those who can't get into it do that.'

Friends: Other UC ladies of good standing, the socially important or otherwise influential would be her close group.  She is a member of ladies clubs
Enemies: Anyone she views as socially unimportant, or GASP - are not suitably deferential to her position as a noble - magic or not...you're still british...god save the queen and all that. 
Hurls: She is married- but in the market for an affair (emotional or just physical)
Other: N/a right now

Murdock Greyback @Murdock Greyback

<--Murdock Greyback - A bit on the fluffy side, and the werewolf side is hairy too!-->
39 - UCHB - Rep 9 - Ministry - Gryffindor
Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Murdock is gregarious, outspoken, and jovial.  He has strong opinions and gives them freely.  You may either love him or hate him for that.  He has a very strong sense of loyalty and a rigid moral code.  He is good with keeping secrets and is generally trust worthy.  He does believe that women have different roles in society to men - and while he isn't dismissive or rude, he just thinks they are suited to being home makers and nurturers rather than more traditionally masculine roles. 

Friends: People from work - Ministry buds, people he either worked with or who have worked for him.  ACAB will find him generally polite and kind, but his main friend cohort will be ministry men with reputations >5/6. 
The men in his family are werewolves so if someone found themselves newly turned, he would offer friendship and help them keep it on the DL but would keep his status to himself. 
Enemies: If you openly disdain werewolves he will hate you but he probably wont tell you why.  Purists generally are probably not going to go down well but paradoxically he doesnt especially like vampires - not a werewolf thing they just give him the heebie jeebies. 
Hurls: He is widowed with 2 young children.  So while he is not looking for anything he is technically on the market and lets just say I'm not opposed to something organic happening. 

Other: His extended family, as well as his children are up for grabs!

Natsuko Mountbatton @Natsuko Mountbatton

<--Natsuko Mountbatton - More eye rolling than an optometrists surgery-->
21 - UCHB - Rep 8 - Heiress - Mahoutokoro
Debutante and Heiress
Natsuko is dryly witty, quiet and quite sardonic.  Her humour will not be to everyone's tastes.  She is incredibly smart graduating Mahoutokoro with gold robes, but she rather hides her light under a bushel because it's not 'fashionable' for a woman.  If she had been a man she would either have been Slytherin or Ravenclaw because of her brains and ambition  - as it stands she is socially active, and treads a fine line between english society and utalising her 'exotic flower' aesthetic to help her image. 

Friends: UCHB/PB girls of her own age and station.    I would love her to have a tight little circle of equally ambitious girls who bolster each others reputations (long form of this plot can be discussed in PM).  I could see her ingratiating herself into the life of an older, respectable society woman. 

Enemies: She would be polite but dismissive of MC girls, or those who's status is anyway unclear. The poor, or WC would be completely ignored.  She wouldn't be the most pleasant person to work for.  Uncouth behaviour, loud behaviour, or anything that is not perfect decorum would be made with scathing words. 
Hurls: She is actively searching for a husband -so if you have a single man hurl - if you have a single man who is talking to her she is out for blood. 

Other: A social frenemy - a UC HB/MB girl  - they HATE each other but somehow society has gotten the idea that they are besties and expect them to be seen together socially.  Ideally the other person would be another social novelty. 

Ginevra Blackwood @Ginevra Blackwood

<--Ginevra Blackwood - Party or YA BASIC-->
22 - UCPB - Rep 9 - Quiditch Sponsor- Gryffindor
Social Butterfly
Ginevra is vivacious, social and fairly easy going - the sort of comfort in ones skin that comes with being truly comfortable with ones place in society.  She is beautiful, wealthy and her comfort is assured.  Her mothers family were extreme blood purists and so Ginny is to expect a considerable additional inheritance if she marries a pureblood because the entire estate was entailed away from her uncle when he married a Halfblood. 

Friends: UCHB/PB girls with whom she would socialise, or UC girls in her year at school.  She has a generally social and kind nature and would be inclined to take unfortunates under her wing and give outrageous, and inappropriately expensive gifts to those around her.  Former staff in her fathers would probably still be on good terms with her.  I would love for to have a little clique of 'Gibson girls-esq' of good reputation.  She is a social butterfly if your character is MC or UC chances are they have attended a party she hosted. 

Enemies: There are bound to be people who dislike her.  She wouldn't be outright cruel but she doesn't understand why people don't like being social and if you've expressed this too her she may have made fun of the sentiment, or you, in ways that were a bit offensive because 'ya boring'.  Lots of eye rolling and hair tossing.  MJaybe an old school rival?  She is close with her brother so if you broke his heart, or maybe went after him a bit hard she might be a bit iffy on you. 
Hurls: She is bi but knows that she will be expected to marry.  Maybe a beard marriage with someone who is also gay? or marriage and a lover.  If it was modern day she'd be for sure in a male/female/female thruple. 

Other: Her brother is up for grabs - hurlable type

Meserimus Valenduris @Meserimus Valenduris

<--Meserimus Valenduris- Tall Old Man -->
141 - UCPB - Rep 9 - Potions Master - Slytherin
Slytherin Head of House
Meserimus is an intelligent and caring man, with a puckish sense of humour.  Despite his age he seems and acts a lot younger than he is.  He is a deeply caring father and husband who is fiercely loyal to his family.  His best friends are his brothers Rasmus and Archimedes, even if the latter would really rather it not be the case.   

Friends: Other teachers? Anyone interested in potions or otherwise intelligent.  He values intellect in others and would encourage it in anyone he finds it in.  I would love for him to have a standing appointment to play chess with someone on a regular basis, this could be someone of equal standing/age, or a younger person, of a different class that just happens to be good at chess and that Meserimus could sort of take under his wing

Enemies: He has not time for snobbery, he's too old, and seen too many social changes to get hung up on the current 'trends' of propriety and so doesnt have time for them in other people.  He also cannot abide anyone who disdains intelligence and probably doesnt have much time for the church of magical jesus crowd seeing blind faith as the opposite of reason. 
Hurls: Very happily married, but would love someone to play his wifey.  and if someone feels so inclined to crush on him....have at it - the heart wants what the heart wants!

Other: A potions apprentice would be great! He/She would officially be Meserimus apprentice and would deal directly with Meserimus during the times when he is home for holidays, and on Hogsmeade weekends, while taking the time in between to do tasks that don't require direct supervision

Samuel St.John-Black @' Samuel St.John-Black'

<--Samuel St.John-Black – Ameri-can do attitude-->
32 - UCPB - Rep 8 – American Liasion- Ilvermorny
American Ambassador, member of the magical congress of the United States
Samuel is loyal, dedicated, reliable, stoic and often inmovable.  When he makes a decision on something he becomes pretty set on it and his opinions are very hard to change.  He has a tendency to romanticise people and events much to his detriment.  He believes that men should be brooding  which he very much isn’t.  When he is offended or hurt, he can lash out and will hold it against the person for an incredibly long time. 
Friends: UC ministry types who might have reason to work with an international.  He is distantly related to the Blacks so UCPB types but UC types generally who he might meet out and about.  Gentlemen of leisure and the well heeled political classes would be his group of buds.  He is politically ambitious and keen to advance himself. 

Enemies: He hates Rueben Crouch, so being too close, or too friendly with him would probably make him think you were a bit of a dick, or at the very least have really poor judgement.  He also kinda of hates Melody Crouch right now. 
Hurls: A onesided romance would be interesting - He is an Upper class pureblood, and he is engaged to a halfblood - a cynical, pureblood debutante - possibly MC who thinks the rich pureblood man should be with a pureblood girl would be welcome. 

Other: Someone trying to undermine Aldous or Roman Crouch might be able to butter up Samuel to have him ask for them to be his point of contact.  He doesn’t want to undermine them, but he also doesn’t want to work with either of them so if offered an alternative he would probably take it. 

Benevolence Montague @Benevolence Montague

<--Benevolence Montague - Flower pots, or just potty?-->
22 - MCPB - Rep 9 - Herbologist and Florist- Ravenclaw
Owner of Montagues House of Flowers and Herbologist
Her family were very upper middle class, and under other circumstances she would have been a proper debutante, but her father died so first she was in mourning and then no one ever forced to do the season.  Her family own a chain of florists which do domestic arrangements, but her father was more known for plant breeding and specialist plant importing.  It is this passion he shared with Benevolence.  She is also a keen herbologist.  Benevolence is quiet, bookish and oblivious to anything that isn't growing in a plant pot.  She debuted but never spent any times as a debutante and now has to be forced by friends to attend outings or where there is a specific reason for her to be there. 
Friends: Id love a mixed gender group of herbology chums, ideally people equally as nerdy and involved in flowers as she is, or a generally bookish group of friends, either people she went to school with or has met since.  She ideally needs someone to drag her out to things, a bestie mate who is the opposite of her- someone who is as out going and fun as Benevolence is quiet and antisocial - otherwise girl is going to end up a spinster. 

Enemies: A rival plant breeder? I'm not sure who exactly would hate her, but maybe you think she's weird for not wanting to be in society? Or you're a man who thinks women shouldn't run businesses.  She has a Capulet/Montague plot, so if someone fancied making some Capulets that would be spiffy
  Hurls: She is technically on the market and is not looking for a mate in her own way, because she is so quiet she has turned to the lonely hearts.  Because her nose is so deep in her books and plants she might not notice if someone was into her.  But if you're bookish or into plants/potions/herbology @ me for an organic tester.

Elizabeth Cardew @'Elizabeth Cardew’

<--Elizabeth Cardew – Historically awkward-->
24 - MCHB - Rep 8 – Hogsmeade- Ravenclaw
Curator at the Museum of Magical Miscellany
Elizabeth is the oldest of 13 siblings, she is witty, intelligent and very responsible.  Although she is proper and forthright she is also creative and in some instances insecure. 
Friends: Other nerdy lady types! Women she can appreciate for being smart and wouldn’t give her a hard time for being academic either.  The girls would have to be proper, probably not hard core debutants 
Enemies: Antagonistic, intellectual snobs would not be received well by Eliza.  She is very candid  and might have been a bit too honest with you and inadvertently hurt your feelings.   
Hurls: Hurl at her. 
Emily Binns @'Emily Binns’

<--Emma Binns - Books, books, and more books-->
13 - MCHB - Rep 10 - Ravenclaw Student- [color=##002366]Ravenclaw[/color]
Emma is fanciful, imaginative and obsessed with books.  Her auncle Zach and her aunt Juliana are her favourite people! She loves magical creatures so if you have them, work with them, or are otherwise involved with them she would find you absolutely fascinating! She is a chatty Kathy and keeps a running commentary, or stream of consciousness of her thoughts.
Friends: Other students a little Ravenclaw friend group, ideally some nerds who have ZERO interest in quidditch.  I would love if the Care of Magical Creatures teacher was played so she could pester them and always be volunteering for lame things!
Enemies: Some quidditch jocks, or very feminine girls who could pick on her, or rub in the fact that she isn’t especially good at being a girl. 
Hurls: She's 13...so no.  Maybe an older smart boy for her to crush on?
Jack Cardew @'Jack Cardew’

<--Jack Cardew - pretty fly for a white guy-->
27 - MCHB - Rep 8 - Quidditch Type- Gryffindor
Captain and Chaser for the Chudley Cannons
Jack is a ‘nice guy’ that’s probably the way most people would describe him.  He is easy going, hard to get worked up and genuinely kind.  He won’t take any accidental slight or offense too seriously.  His ego is in the content of his character not his work etc.  He is a hardworker, and a good quidditch player, but he is good by virtue of hard work rather than as someone who is preternaturally gifted. 

Friends: He could be converted to the likes of the church of magical Jesus because of his focus on character and kindness.  Quidditch buddies for sure.  He has been a chudley player and is ride or die for the canons!
Enemies: He’s not a nasty guy, but if someone did insult his character, or prove themselves to be cruel or cowardly he would take offense to that and could definitely develop a dislike.   
Hurls: Very open! HURLS!

Madeleine Backus @Madeleine Backus

<--Madeleine Backus - From Russia with Love-->
20 - WCHB - Rep 7 - Angry Preten-dutante - Hufflepuff
Heiress and Aspiring Writer
Maddie is sweet, stoic and everything one would expect from a member of her house.  She wants rather desperately to be liked and accepted by her new middle class peers.  She is in line to inherit enough to make her solidly upper middle class, and currently lives with a Russian Middle class family in Hogsmeade.  She has recently discovered that Ana and Georgi, the people she lives with, have been screening her mail and she is ANGRY and in a current mood to burn the world down.   
Friends: A group of friends from school would be a dream - girls she came up with and who know/knew her before her inheritance.  Artsy friends, writers, painters, or people with a philosophical bent would all be perfect for her right.  Someone to help encourage her to be a little more brave in her self expression - she is still clinging to her working class church mouse persona a little too much. 
Enemies: A girl who either dislikes her for her new station, is also WC and is jealous, or  generally thinks Maddie is a nasty little upstart.  Maddie is currently ITCHING to call someone out for being a snob. 
Hurls: She needs to marry to get the full amount of her inheritance but would prefer to marry for affection. She is looking to marry to get her freedom, so she is fully open to a marriage of convenience or to be married for her money.   
Other: Bad influences! She is angry and spiralling she could just about do something REALLY stupid.

'Long' Rose Hart @Rose Hart

<--Rose Hart - When You're Good to Mama, Mama's Good to You-->
32 - WCHB - Rep 3 - Cathouse Madam - Ilvermorny
Brothel Madam and Business Woman
An American transplant known as 'Long' Rose by almost everyone, she runs a music hall which is a cover for a brothel.    She is a true surivivor willing to make deals with the devil if is saves her own skin or that of her girls.  She is a fiercely loyal mother hen. 

Friends: Lower classes, or those with poor reputations.  She is protective and loyal and has a vague philanthropic streak for those in worse condition than herself (a hold over from her comfortable upper class up bringing). If you are WC and not abusive to her girls chances are she will give you the time of day.  And if you are making her money - well she will protect you to the ends of the earth then!
Enemies: The wife of someone led astray by her or her girls, maybe someone who lost a fortune gambling at her establishment.  She makes a comfortable living from her cathouse, and so while WC by virtue of her profession she has a good deal of disposable income for her age. 

Hurls: Not sure here -she's been once bitten by a man and so will probably be reticent to open herself up again, but affairs and 'romantic' entanglements not meant to end in marriage are probably fine by her.  She is open to a physical arrangement if nothing else. 
Other: She has a number of girls, and some boys who work in her music hall - they are her defacto family - but she is the undeniable queen bee. 
The man she calls her 'husband' may be alive. 

Sparrow Umbernauld @Sparrow Umbernauld

<--Sparrow Umbernauld – Greenfinch and linnet bird tell me how you sing-->
29 - WCHB - Rep 3 – Elsewhere - Freebird
Magical portrait Painter and Forger
Sparrow is a member of a large and odd family who used to be criminals but have now ‘reformed.’  She gave up the life because she had to, because the rest of the family decided to, and because the Umbernaulds flock together.  She has 2 illegitimate children that she adores and would very literally kill for.  She isn’t a criminal anymore, having ostensibly reformed but if asked she would 100% create forgeries, but her own paintings are actually very good. 
Friends: I would sort of like for her to have a few other mothers of illegitimate kids to sort of be palls with – like a single mothers group. 
Enemies: Cops, aurors, church of magical jesus sorts.  Would prefer some organic haterships
Hurls: She is open for hurls past and present.  She has 2 kids who had to have been fathered by someone presumably (unless the CMJ is in need of a new Messiah?)  So I am open to her past relationships (levels of seriousness is very open) Her sexual morality is pretty loose.
Other: Clients – legit (excellent magical portraits) and forgeries (also excellent)

Dantes Adoptables
❧ Please contact me before you start a character
❧ It is not FCFS
❧ If a character goes inactive without you letting me know I’ll consider the character dropped and available for re-pimping
❧ Only information in bold is a must have
❧ Faces are all suggestions

For @’Madeleine Backus’
@" Cane Backus" | @" Magdalena Byrne" | @Madeleine Backus


b. 1843 | WCPB | Huffle/Dor | Baker – Hogsmeade | Suggested PB: Viggo Mortenson (Blonde/light haired)

He was from a good honest working class pureblood family.  As a second son he moved to St. Petersburg to make his fortune and got a job working in the factory of a prominent Upper middle class family in the city.  He was a steady worker, and eventually eloped with the families only child Katerina in 1864.
The Kozlova's provided money to start a bakery in England as a way of avoiding scandal but on the proviso that Barton would never be received into their home again, and they havn’t seen Katerina since.  He and Katrina were clear that the children, other than Rye should get a full education, and the girls were expected to maintain scholarships to stay in school.

When the muggleborns were excluded from Hogwarts Maddie got in touch with her grandparents to secure the papers she needed to get back to school, and the Backus parents were aware that she kept in touch with them through letters.  It was not until the death of Katerina's father that it became clear how much they had hated him, with the entirety of the family estate being left to Maddie and Maggie to vest on their marriage on the basis that they would no longer be 'Backus'.

The parents stopped talking to Maggie when she eloped to receive her fortune, and allowed Maddie to take social help from a friend of their grandmothers in the hopes of discouraging her from jumping into a hasty marriage as well.  Maddie sided with her father


b. 1846 | MCHB > WCHB | N/A  | Family Baker | Suggested PB: Michelle Phifer (blonde)

She is demure, quiet, loving, great business/organizational sense.  She has all the airs and graces that would be expected from someone given every advantage in life and a solid middle class up bringing. She has ambitions for her children to do better in life than she did.  And despite her own elopement to Barton, she was disapproving of her daughters decision to elope. 
For Samuel St.John-Black
@Samuel St.John-Black | @"-" | @"-"



An intelligent and debonair young man, considered generally to be swarthy and handsome.  He handles the family’s business ventures.  After school he attended a muggle university.  He and Samuel are as close as true brothers, they are a few months apart in age and were raised together.  He will/has inherited his fathers estate, so the two were never in competition.  His mother was Puerto Rican
He thinks Samuel is too quick to fall in love and does think he is smarter than Samuel but in a nice way – in short Samuel is naïve. 


b. 1873 | UCPB | ILVERMORNY  | Debuntate  | Suggested PB: Maia Mitchell (PLEASE!)

A beautiful and sweet young lady – possibly going into the Roses or making her debut.  She loves English society and begged to be allowed to make her eventual debut in England.  She is the apple of Samuel’s eye.  Sam treats her almost like a daughter, they are very close.  She is a romantic and believes all English gentlemen are like they are depicted in the novels of Jane Austen. 
She wants Samuel to be married to an English woman because having an English sister in law feels like getting her own version of Elizabeth Bennet.  She hates Melody Crouch for, as she sees it, breaking her brothers heart. 

b. 1867 | UCPB | ILVERMORNY | OPEN| Suggested PB: Timothée Chalamet

The youngest son of the family, and he is keen to prove himself.  He is ambitious and an entrepreneur.  He is a lads lad – and very into quidditch.  He wanted to be a professional quidditch player but his mother forbid it and while he went along he isn’t happy about it.  He probably sponsors a team. 
Murdock Greyback
@Murdock Greyback | @"-" | @"-"



Can't wait to be a debutante, she is prime, proper and very girly and is enjoying being away at school.  She isnt exactly stuck up but she takes the social duties of an UC girl too seriously and her dad is always trying to get her to lighten up.  She probably isnt a Ravenclaw, but could theoretically be in any other house.  She is into everything girly and is probably already subscribed to witch weekly.  Because she is the oldest she is looking forward to turning 14 and being given the keys to her Papa's house, as she fancies herself effectively the mistress Greyback Reach because her mother is deceased.  The idea that her father may re-marry has never entered her pretty head.


b. 1882 | UCHB | TBC | TOMBOY| Suggested PB: RED HEAD

A distinct tomboy, she thinks its very unfair that only the boys get to become wolves and is determined to become an animagus so she can run with the pack, or see if she can convince one of her cousins to bite her when she turns 18 as well.  She idolizes her father and shares his sense of humor.  She can't wait to get to school but doesnt want to be in the same house as her sister.  Her nannys and governesses are constantly trying to get her to behave in a 'lady like' manner and looking to her father to impose upon her but he just wont.  She has free reign in her fathers house, and the idea of her father getting married again scares the living heck out of her.  Her aunt (_______ Greyback -Spinster sister - 30) is her second favourite person after her father.

b. 18-- | UCHB | OPEN | WEREWOLVES| Suggested PB: OPEN

_______ Greyback - Brother - 37 
_______ Greyback - Brother - 35
_______________ Nee Greyback - 32
_______ Greyback -Spinster sister - 30
_______ Greyback - Brother - 27
______________ Nee Greyback -25
_______ Greyback -Sister - 23
_______ Greyback -Sister - 22
@Natsuko Mountbatton | @"-" | @"-"



She is the sister of Natsukos father.  She is a spinster, or widow of a second son, and has no children.  She has been Natsukos guardian since she was a child and took her into her home when they realised that her brother didn’t give a hoot about his child.  She is genuinely fond of Natsuko and enjoyed having her in her ho - ishme because she had no children of her own.  Now that Natsuko has access to her fortune, she relies on Natsuko for money but they are close and there is no risk that Natsuko will cut her off.



Megumi is the second child of Natsuko's mother.  The girls do not have the same father and Megumi was raised in abject poverty and did not know who Natsuko was in school, other than being a wealthy English girl.  Megumi left school in 5th year, her father had died when she was younger and her mother became increasingly sick, revealing the existence of Natsuko before dieing herself.  For the sake of reputations Megumi and Natsuko are presenting as full siblings.  Natsuko's aunt dislikes Megumi intensely, but Natsuko is happy for now to keep bank rolling her.
For Meserimus Valenduris
@Meserimus Valenduris | @"-" | @"-"


b. 1862 | ACAB | House | Occupation| Suggested PB: JULIA GARNER

once upon a time Katerina was a student of Meserimus when he was teaching at Durmstrang, they would regularly play chess together when she was still at school.  She is exceptionally bright and vivacious and when they danced at the coming out ball, it was clear to Meserimus at least that he cared for her more than just student - teacher.  They began to court, and developed a genuine love for each other.  When she was 20 they married with the blessing of her parents.  They genuinely love each other, and is fiercely loyal.
Katerina was born into an upper middle class family, and raised with all due care and attention and is the consummate lady.  However, she is incredibly intelligent and loves the fact that her husband encourages her not to hide her light under a bushel.  She has much more freedom than many women, and is secure in the knowledge of her husbands doting affections.  She may have her own academic interest and could be a writer or researcher of some sort.


b. 1756 | UCPB | RAVEN/CLAW | CHARMS RELATED| Suggested PB: Patrick Stewart

Remigius Valenduris is Meserimus brother, he is youngest Valenduris brother, and 5 years younger than Meserimus. He is a high ranking Wizengemot member, and an expert in Charms and like his brother is upper class. He too has a large family and has been married multiple times, his current marriage is also to a much younger woman. Meserimus still treats him as though he is 15 and not a man in his mid hundreds! He is very family orientated and despite their ages both men still have a very puckish relationship, they believe and behave as though they are much younger than they are. The pair play chess once a month, overlooked by Archimedes
His suggested playby is Patrick Stewart. 
If Patrick Stewart is available – I would prefer him to be the face

b. 1758 | UCPB | SLYTHER/DOR | OWL| Suggested PB: HE’S AN OWL

The consummate middle child he always felt like the odd man out in his family and keen to prove himself.  He had a talent for transfiguration and was determined to develop a method of undertaking the animagus transformation while retaining the ability to speak.  He succeeded - sort of.  He managed to turn himself into an owl - and he can speak....but now he's stuck and has spent the past 20 years as a goddamn owl.  He also won't allow his brothers to help him change back.  He currently lives with Meserimus (owls can't sign leases) and doesnt know if he hates living at the school (lots of kids) or Meserimus home (still too many kids) more.  He is cantankerous, grouchy and a curmudgeon.


1.SON ____ Valenduris // 54 // from 1st Marraige  - UCPB
2.SON ____ Valenduris // 46 // from 1st Marraige  - UCPB
3. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 37 // from 1st Marraige  - UCPB
4. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 27 // from 2nd Marraige – UCAB - biracial
5. SON ____ Valenduris // 24 // from 2nd Marraige - UCAB- biracial
6. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 21 // from 2nd Marraige – UCAB - biracial
7. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 19 // from 2nd Marraige – UCAB - biracial
8. SON ____ Valenduris // 8 // from 3rd Marraige – UCAB – Racially Open
9. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 6 // from 3rd Marraige - UCAB – Racially Open
10. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 3 // from 3rd Marraige - UCAB – Racially Open

Lots of inlaws, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren – Blood status and ethnicity are open for all.
Son 1 - Wife, Children between the aged 15-20
Son 2 - Wife, Children between the ages of 5-16
Daughter 3 - husband, Children between the ages of 5-17
Daughter 4 - husband, Children between the ages of 1-7
Daughter 6 - Possibly - husband Child aged 1-3
Daughter 7 -Possible husband child aged 0-1
@Ginevra Blackwood | @"Played Family Member" | @"Other Played Family Member"



The man loves Quidditch and is richer than god.  He could sponsor ‘good’ teams but instead he choses to sponsor the worst team each year in order to help them improve.  He buys a private box for each quidditch match and is very supportive of all of the teams.  He lives for the world cup!



A consummate socialite.  She is the picture of propriety and mixes in all the ‘right’ pureblood circles.  She would love her son and daughter to give her more control over their love lives, and possibly allow her to arrange marriages for them.  Her family were pretty purist and her father was a second son.  When her cousin, married a muggleborn, the estate was entailed away from him and entailed to Eugenia’s daughter providing she marries a pureblood.  She is inclined towards gossip and is vicious in he judgements of people. 

b. 1860 | UCPB | SLYTHERIN | OPEN| Suggested PB: Sam Heughan

He is a mans man, he is into quidditch, probably does some underground boxing, part of a mens club.  He goes along with his sisters socialising quiet a bit and the pair are in society together rather a lot – although he sees it as a social duty rather than something he enjoys he would rather be in a mens club than at a ball or garden party.  He may have another profession, or interest.  While he is not a purist, he is proud of his particular blood status and so would probably not consider a woman who is not pureblood. 

Code by the amazing Lynn!
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Kit made a lovely gift! <3
Heya, Dante!

I keep meaning to poke you. Would you like to thread Yuri and Billie? I feel like that might be an interesting pairing that could either end up in disaster or a weird friendship. rofl

Also, I think we chatted (a long while ago, I think) about Ben/Billie and potentially Ben/Zach threads. Let me know if you're interested!
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(February 20, 2020 – 3:22 PM)Billie Farrow Wrote: Heya, Dante!

I keep meaning to poke you. Would you like to thread Yuri and Billie? I feel like that might be an interesting pairing that could either end up in disaster or a weird friendship. rofl

Also, I think we chatted (a long while ago, I think) about Ben/Billie and potentially Ben/Zach threads. Let me know if you're interested!

PM sent!

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Kit made a lovely gift! <3
UPDATED - goals for 1891 amd some character details finessed!

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We should Cane/Emma!

magical set by mj!

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YES! If I get some time this afternoon I'll see if can throw her into the open thread - I can't remember if Rosie sent the Binns kids home or kept them at school.

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The thread is set the night BEFORE all the kiddies went home if that helps. Cane also went home as said in the first lines of his post :)
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