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Too Distracted For Your Own Good
November 2, 1889 - Ministry of Magic
Over than a month had past since he and Lucy had married. Adjustment was hard. Lucy seemed to feel out of place, which wasn't what he wanted. She deserved to feel at home, settled and happy. But it all felt too tense. He debated asking if she wished to move to the country to get some distance for the two of them, but he didn't want her to feel unwelcome. She was certainly welcome in the Lukeson home. Of course she was, she was a Lukeson.

It consumed his thoughts, but it didn't stop him from going about his day. Work was a bit tense, but livable. Still, he felt something was still missing with his work. Not that he mentioned anything. Hard work was better than sitting at home and taking his inheritance for granted. He had more than enough to not need a job for the rest of his life and then some, but a job made him feel productive.

Deep thoughts, of course, made one distracted. Walking toward the exit for the end of the day, he accidentally bumped into one of his fellow Ministry employees. "My apologies." He said quickly, ready to make for a quick exit unless they felt a need to say more.

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Magic by Elaine!
It was unusual to find Ernest roaming the halls of the Ministry. He preferred to stay within the confines of the Department of Mysteries for the entire workday (and often beyond; depending on how his research was going, he often didn't leave until well after the rest of the Ministry had gone home). The role of Assistant Head, however, had its share of responsibilities to outweigh the perks, and one of the most important responsibilities that he (or Balthazar Urquart, or even the secretary, for that matter) had was to keep the things that should have been inside the Department of Mysteries from spreading out and infecting any of the people, items, or offices of the Ministry. The last time they'd made a major slip, all of Britain had ended up with an extra day, and Ernest had ended up on some very long out-of-country assignments.

So, when a particular item had been reported missing from the Department that morning, Ernest had gone off on a quest to find it. It really shouldn't have been very dangerous, based on Ernest's understanding of what it was and what it did, but it also shouldn't have gotten up and walked away on it's own — and it either had, unexpectedly, or they had a thief in their midst. The former, while certainly potentially problematic (even in the Department of Mysteries, items did not tend to animate themselves very often), was decidedly less problematic than the latter, so for the moment, he was working under the pretense that it had gone rogue and started exploring the Ministry.

He would have brushed by the young man (really nothing more than a child) without a second glance, except that he caught a glimpse of something as he turned away that didn't seem as though it should have been there.

"Stop!" he ordered. "Don't move — there's something on your back."

Only, curiously, it didn't look like the thing that Ernest had been seeking. Had he stumbled across someone else's mystery by mistake? How intriguing.

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