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Her niece's humility was an admirable thing and had the added advantage of leaving Temperance feeling as though she was constantly rendering Blythe dumb with her words of wisdom and encouragement.Temperance Fairchild in Messiah
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Little Birds
November 2nd, 1889 — The Aviary
Josiah had rarely been to the zoo, not really having the money for such frivolous things. He had gotten a little extra money this week though so had decided to treat himself. Something that he did quite rarely. He was clueless as to the magical part of the zoo which was fine since the muggle creatures were more thna enough to dazzle him. He slipped into the aviary, his eyes taking in the various birds. "What kind of bird is that?" He asked someone nearby curiously, pointing out birds that had vibrantly colorful wings. He had never seen anything like it.

“I would take a whisper if that's all you had to give”

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