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October 31st, 1889 — Great Hall
Halloween feat was always a grand affair at Hogwarts, and Cameron grew to appreciate it more as every year passed. The food was as good as ever, and he wasn't lacking for friends, but only one thing made this year different: he didn't look exactly human.

Yes, he still looked like himself. His dark brown hair was still noticeable against his fair skin, and dark eyes still scanned the table in search of his next snack. He still had two hands and two legs, a still-hairless face, and he still wore his regular robes. It was not his features that made him look inhuman, but rather the state of those features.

Cameron was opaque—or at least that's what he'd been telling everyone. He assumed he'd wandered in on one of Peeves' many Halloween evening pranks, and was now left looking like he'd died and resumed his daily life. Cameron had immediately worried that he'd been killed without his knowledge and was left confused and unable to pass through to the afterlife after catching sight of himself in a mirror, but was far less worried about that when he tried and failed to walk through the wall.

The bloody nose helped explain to his friends what had happened, and his ability to actually consume his evening meal had everyone convinced. Or mostly everyone.

"For the last time, I'm not dead. This is all an illusion," he said, demonstrating his aliveness by picking up a wrapped candy and tossing it across the table at a friend's head.

Open to another Gryffindor or a non-Gryffindor who would have a reason to sit with the Gryffindors.

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Post Log
It was nice to not have too much drama happening at school. So far Holly had not gotten herself killed from studying advanced magic, so Camille decided to look on the bright side this year and consider that. The Slytherin had refused to listen to her reasoning all summer anyway.

No one had told her to wear a costume, and she didn't remember anything of the sort last year during the feast. So Mr. Gillenwater's features came as rather a shock when she came to join for this lovely meal, a little late from the library.

So when she had asked, she squeaked in shock when a candy was thrown. Blushing from embarrassment, she realized that she should probably have kept her mouth shut. "Well, when do you think it will wear off?"

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As functional as he remained, the idea of looking like a ghost for the rest of his life was not an idea he was very fond of. It wasn't the sort of attention he was looking for, and he hardly thought having to build a career out of being a ghastly quidditch player was a desirable fate. His displeasure was unknowingly evident on his face, as his straight-lipped expression has shifted into an outright scowl.

"Hopefully it will wear off my midnight. I don't see the point to continue this—" He gestured vaguely at his entire body. "—past Halloween." At the very worst, he'd have to see the nurse or the transfiguration professor (or maybe the Charms? Defence Against the Dark Arts? God forbid Ghoul Studies...) to have the spell undone.

"Maybe something good will come out of it tonight," he offered though, letting out a breath. His expression relaxed, but his brows remained firmly knitted. "I've been looking for a way to scare those stupid Slytherins. Urquart's been on my nerves since term began." Not that that was difficult; Urquart's existence bothered him.

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Post Log
Goodness knows that Camille wouldn't want to look like that at all, let alone forever. Holly would never let her forget it, to state the obvious. But it was more than that. On an off day, she might give herself a fright at the very sight!

"I don't know about the rest of the house, but you wouldn't really be giving my sister a scare at all. I think the only thing Holly fears is a bad grade." Or perhaps father passing and them being stuck with the step-monster as their soul guardian. Oh, what a fright!

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Cameron had few opinions on each individual Slytherin, instead choosing to generalize them all as "assholes" and "horrible human beings". There were a few who were okay—the ones who were sorted based on their overwhelming ambition instead of their traditional values—but he'd written off the rest.

He definitely wouldn't comment on Miss Scrimgeour's sister, who on all accounts was a hothead and a bully. The Gryffindor Miss Scrimgeour seemed much gentler in demeanor, but he didn't know how she was around other snobby purebloods.

"Luckily I don't take pleasure in scaring younger girls. It's the boys who I'd rather scare. They think they're all tough, but they have to be scared of something." Maybe he could convince them that they'd accidentally killed him and he'd be ratting them out to Professor Carmichael.

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Post Log
Camille wasn't nearly as 'anti-Slytherin' as Mr. Gillenwater sometimes seemed. But the house of snakes did have their moments. Not that she could judge. She had her own moments, in her own way.

"Everyone is scared of something. What would someone's boggart be if they were genuinely fearful of nothing?" Everyone wanted to feel fearless. But true bravery was working past one's fears.

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Cameron gave Miss Scrimgeour a look that suggested she'd suddenly grown another head. He hadn't expected this conversation to turn into a philosophical one, but he supposed it was better than focusing on his ghastly appearance.

"Maybe they'd fear fear itself? I mean, I doubt anyone can have no fears, but if I had no fears I would worry about waking up one day and being scared of something," he said with a shrug.

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Post Log
The look he gave was rather offensive. She hadn't said anything ridiculous. Insightful perhaps, but not stupid.

"Perhaps. We could ask Professor Sleptov of the matter in class." She mused. He might know, as someone who taught the subject.

Magic by MJ
Cameron stifled a laugh.

"Hopefully I won't have to be seeing Professor Sleptov about this," he said, referring to his current state of being."I still haven't figured out what type of magic it is. A charm? A curse? Have I been transfigured into a ghost? Is that even possible?" he asked, not expecting her to have the answers to those questions. He hoped it was just a silly charm that would wear off with time, but with every passing minute he grew more worried that it wasn't.

"Do you have any thoughts?" He doubted she did. She didn't look like the brainy type.

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Post Log
What. An. Idiot. "I was talking about asking him about the boggarts. You know, what we had just been discussing." She said in a 'you really are stupid' tone.

She took a breath, and decided to move forward. "Anyway, I believe it is only a charm. I doubt any student is advanced enough for a curse like that, and I don't think Peeves would bother with the effort. And transfiguration into an actual ghost is simply ridiculous. If you wished to see a professor about this matter, I would suggest Professor Ruskin." OK, so maybe she didn't move on completely.

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If this had been 2019, Cameron might have said something along the lines of "Okay, crazy", but this was 1889 so he settled for a more eloquent, more polite, "I only meant that I hope this wears off before I have to see Professor Sleptov," he said, his nose scrunched and brows knitted together in annoyance. As hard as he tried, he found it difficult to keep his attitude in check considering what a know-it-all she was acting like. "It doesn't really matter what people would fear if they feared nothing. Everyone fears something. I, frankly, don't care enough to ask, but feel free to."

He'd considered going to Professor Ruskin, but now that she'd gotten preachy about it, he doubted he would. "Well I'm glad you've got it all worked out in your head. I don't suppose you can undo it, hm?"

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Post Log
It wasn't her fault that he wished to jump from subject to subject like a toad. But she supposed that was how boys simply were in life. Not that she knew much about such mysterious creatures. "For the sake of learning, which is what we are supposed to be doing in school, perhaps I shall ask such a question. I'm sure an inquisitive question as such will be a welcome topic to our professor."

It would be foolish to not seek help, but she didn't even know that she would need to state the obvious to the boy before her. "You must be quite desperate if you are asking a person of a younger year than you for assistance. A professor or healer are the two people that I would refer you to, as they have far more educations and experience than either of us." Unlike Holly, Camille was not a fool and knew better than to mess with magic beyond her year.

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It was times like this when Cameron wondered why he spent most of his time with a group of girls. They were so opinionated and bossy and—as he suspected by now—easily offended. Had he said something in particular to send her on a tirade, or was she just... like that? From spending so much time with Sloane and Maddy and even Calla at times, he knew that this was one of the times he ought to back off.

"Go ahead and ask it then. Do whatever pleases you," he grumbled dismissively. She was set on showing him that she was an intelligent person, wasn't she? Unluckily for her, he didn't care how smart a person was if they were annoying.

"I only meant that it seemed like you knew what this was, and therefore might know how to solve it," he said coolly. He wasn't desperate, and even if he had been he wouldn't go running off to a third year for a solution. "But obviously you don't," he added, rolling his eyes as he redirected his attention to the feast.

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Post Log
Ugh! It was times like these that Camille was glad that father had not bothered to find her a betrothed yet. How could Holly stand her own betrothed when boys were so annoying?!

"I was giving an educated speculation. Even if I did know what it was, knowing something and being able to fix it are two very different things Mr. Gillenwater." She stated with a sigh before turning to another Gryffindor and beginning a far more civilized conversation with them.

Magic by MJ

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