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We Need A Miracle
October 23, 1889 - The Golden Hearth

Felicity sighed as she watched the dress rehearsal turn into an absolute disaster. The lead actress tripped over the "bush" twisting her ankle, ripping her dress, and worse the bumbling idiots around her somehow managed to destroy half the set. To make matters worse her words of, "STOP! STOP!" Seemed to fall on deaf ears all around. She groaned and rubbed the bridge of her nose.

She had vision, she had dreams, she had idiots to direct who didn't know stage right from north, then again it was expected for people who were illiterate. Slip Hook her fast companion and assistant manager took a breath. "Well, how exactly is the show to go on Felicity?"

"I don't know, replace the fools with puppets..." She sounded partially defeated. "You know I named this place the Golden Hearth because it was suppose to be-" The half goblin finished her words, "Spectacular." He patted her hand. "Well just think it's spectacular that you got a half hag to look like a fitting Juliet and a goblin to play a convincing Romeo."

"Yeah but apparently I still need a miracle, or patrons will be demanding refunds." She said with a sigh arms crossed. The theatre was vacant save for the workers, not opening til the afternoon and it was still early morn. William, a half giant, sat in his chair by the door eating his third loaf of bread with butter. Nanna, a half hag restocked the bar. The place teamed with life of some kind, but it was the odd type most of the staff were beings or half or part.

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