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Death by Dragon
October 9, 1889 - Diagon Alley

It was odd, not being home. Sure, Lucille had done it when she lived at Hogwarts. But it was an entirely altogether different experience when one was living with their in-laws rather than their schoolmates. Lucille supposed she was lucky that the Lukesons had even taken her in after the scandal her marriage had created, she was grateful for their kindness. But there was a lingering awkwardness with Mrs. Lukeson that hadn’t resolved itself in the past few weeks. It had been easier to handle when Ace had still been home, but now that he had returned to work Lucille often found herself rather at odds with herself about how she should be occupying her time. The social invites she had always been accustomed to had ceased to arrive, a fact that she was trying not to let both her, the freedom of a home she could surely call her own was gone replaced by the knowledge that she really was more of a guest at the Lukeson home than anything else. In short there was little to take her mind from her own grief.

With few other ideas forthcoming Lucille had decided to go shopping. While her wedding trousseau had been rather full at the time of her marriage, it had not supplied her with anything for a mourning period. She hadn’t anticipated that - at least not so soon. It, therefore, seemed prudent to go shopping for a few items to supplement the next few months of her mourning period. Of course she had ordered a dress or two to be rushed when she and Ace returned to London, but it didn’t encompass the whole range of what she had needed. A trip to the House of Lytton ought to do the trick, Lucille thought. Or at least it would distract her from her current discomforts.

Wandering down Diagon Alley, Lucille was taking her time. Stopping in the windows and looking at items, no reason to rush. Ace would be home in a few hours, but that was a few hours more than Lucille wanted to sit at home. Perhaps she’d even stop for some cookies on the way home, she thought as she passed by Magdelina’s Bakery.

All thoughts of further shopping stopped only a few moments later when Lucille’s eyes landed on a large brown dragon hidden in the shadows of the alley. She stopped in her tracks, her eyes glued to the scales of the large creature as it took a predatory step forward. Its golden eyes watched her and steam blew out its nose. Lucille shook, stuck in place, all she could do was take in the monster as it stalked toward her, ready to eat her. “Ahhhhhh!” Someone’s shrill scream pierced the air near them but the monster’s gaze never wavered, it took Lucille a moment to realize the scream had been her own. The dragon stepped forward and she stumbled back, almost losing her balance. This was it. She was going to die.

For October’s Stamp. Boggarts invade Diagon Alley

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There were few mundane things that frightened Bella since she began her position with the MacFusty family. No longer did physical objects manifest in her nightmares; there were no more spiders, no more demons in the night sauntering past her cracked bedroom door, and no more ghosts haunting her attic. Her fears were deeper, now—and much scarier.

Bella had not seen her own boggart in years, but shuddered at the thought of seeing it when she stumbled across the word in a book. It would be her father, she was sure—only she wasn't sure how he'd look, what he'd be saying, or what he'd be doing. Did she even fear him now that he was gone? She couldn't decide.

What was very obvious was that someone had stumbled across a boggart, because Bella knew from the first sight that it was not a living dragon. Obviously the person had no idea how real dragons moved and acted, because on top of knowing that there was no way a live dragon would find its way to Diagon Alley, the form moved so... oddly. Almost like a giant balloon rather than a heavy, living creature.

At the sound of the scream, Bella realized that the very person she was mentally judging was her own cousin, someone who she had very different reasons to be judging at the moment. Bella approached with caution, not just out of fear that the boggart might shift its form, but because Bella had not seen Lucy—now Mrs. Lukeson—in over a year!

"Don't worry, Lucy!" she called from a good distance, rather unhelpfully. "I don't think it's real. Dragons don't move like that!"

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While Lucille loved fairy tales, and insisted on them being told to her repetitively from her nanny at a young age, and still cherished the heart of those stories as the basis of her romanticism, the dragons in them had always scared her. Her mind had been held captive as a small girl on the dragon who took tribute in virgin maidens. Or the one who terrorized villages. She had taken heart in the fact that a hero would step forward to vanquish such a creature if one were to ever appear. But this was real life, not a story. The dragon before her was much much real than the one she had cowarded from beneath her sheets as a child as her imagination summoned it.

She could almost feel the hot steamy breath on her cheek, the smoke curling from the nostrils whiffting toward her. Lucille knew, quite certainly, that she would die here at the deathly claws of a dragon.

It was only the sound of a familiar voice, almost more made believe after the last year than the dragon before her, that pulled her attention from the creature. That reminded her to move. She wasn’t sure what Bella said, but only that Bella was there. Lifting the skirts from her ankles, Lucy bolted (at least as fast as she could in the constricting layers of clothing required to be worn by ladies such as herself) toward Bella. “Run!” She screamed at Bella, panic tearing through her voice. She could not be the reason that Bella would die too.

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Thank you MJ for an amazingly Lucy set!

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