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October 2019
MORNING ALL a rare Lauren update for you all today, let's go for it and hope I don't mess up somehow

The AC is underway—lists and deactivations are in progress! Remember that if you lost a character you did not wish to lose, you may post in maintenance to take their soul back from the reaper starting Wednesday, 9th October. If you currently have no active characters, you may post immediately to reactivate one!

Posting Wizard has rolled over! I don't know who won yet so don't get too excited - hopefully the results will be totalled up later today :P That did not take as long as I thought it would - BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Eve with 56 posts and Fallin with 92!

This months entrants promises a battle between Kayte, Olive, Lady, Kit, Finn and Kelly - good luck all!

What else... Oh yeah, there's still time to Smash some pumpkins and earn this delicious stamp:

Also, if you signed up for the Pumpkin Regatta and haven't posted your character yet you should totally do that today because boating action is far too much fun to miss out on!

And last but not least you should check out the Hogsmeade Harvest Festival or else a gourd will cry.

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